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post image A Copyright Battle of Epic Proportions? from

A Japanese company, Sotsu Co., is assessing whether Floraland, a Chinese amusement park has infringed copyrights it manages by displaying a huge representation of a Gundam robot, which features in the Japanese anime series "Mobile ...

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Motorola Xoom tablet hit with trademark lawsuit right before launch from

Well-funded online payment company Xoom Corporation doesn't want Motorola to use its name for the Android-based tablet computer slated to launch today.

Yesterday the law firm of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius filed a trademark suit ...

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Virtual reality starts changing the design process - with government help from

Earlier this week, I posted an item about how technology could change the production process (The rise of the machines). In that posting I specifically highlighted a new technology that allowed for the "printing" of ...

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Worried About Infringing A “Tax Strategy” Patent? Humble Yourself And It May All Go Away from

Greg Aharonian refers to the Patent Reform Act of 2011‘s attempt to ban tax patents as a “folly” on equitable and “due process” grounds. While these may be compelling arguments in themselves, the simple ...

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Appointments made to White House Jobs and Competitiveness Council from

Yesterday, the White House announced the list of members of the new President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Here is the annotated list (courtesy of the Wall Street Journal): Steve Case, co-founder of America ...

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New Appeals, 2011-02-15 from

Tuesday, February 15 was a light day for new infringement filings with only 2 new cases: 2011-1211 Joao Bock v Sleepy Hollow SD/NY 03-cv-10199 Judge Warren Eginton Plaintiff appeals from the jury verdict that ...

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Summit 6 sues RIM, Samsung, Facebook and others over digital uploading patents from

Yesterday a Texas-based patent holder named Summit 6 filed a patent infringement suit with the US District Court for the Northern District of Texas against Research In Motion, Samsung, Facebook, Photobucket and Multiply. Actually, that ...

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Are public-sector workers overpaid or underpaid? from

Following on my earlier posting about Wisconsin and valuing employees, here is a comment from the Schumpeter blog over at the Economist that raises the broader issue (The government as an employer):THE American blogosphere ...

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Advanced IP Forum for Advertising Counsel scheduled for April 2011 from

The American Conference Institute is hosting new seminar that is tailored to help companies learn how to avoid advertising-related pitfalls that can weaken a company’s brand and expose the company to intellectual property litigation ...

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