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post image Argonne Battery Tech is a Governmental Green Patent Licensing Success Story from

I recently learned of a compelling instance of U.S. government-funded clean tech research translating into widely commercialized technology through green patent licensing. Argonne National Laboratory announced last month that LG Chem and General Motors ...

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post image Whitserve Aces CPi for $8 Million from

2011-1206 Whitserve LLC v Computer Packages, Inc. D/Ct 3:06-cv-1935 Judge Alfred Covello Defendant Computer Packages, Inc. appeal from the judgment following a jury verdict finding willful infringement and rejecting CPi’s invalidity claims ...

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DGTEK v Digiteck I from

Lander J has upheld the Registrar’s decision to allow Bitech to register DIGITEK for “TV installation accessories including external TV antennas, none of the foregoing being set-top boxes” in class 9 in the face ...

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Batman and design patents from

There are six American design patents (registered designs) by DC Comics relating to the Batman movies, applied for between 1989 and 1995. I was interested to see that some are by Anton Furst of...

(From ...

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U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator fails to represent majority of businesses from

The U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator, Victoria Espinel, recently released her first annual report (large PDF). Ms. Espinel has accomplished a lot in just one year on the job. She has brought energy and ...

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Article One Researcher Ananta wins MVR from

Hailing from Texas, Researcher Ananta was named a Most Valuable Researcher (MVR) for Study ADM-650 (Production of Deoiled Phosphates). Ananta, a researcher with a Doctorate in Chemistry, discovered Article One while browsing for local jobs ...

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World’s most famous trade secret revealed? from

This week’s episode of This American Life included an interesting story about a 1979 newspaper article that appeared to reveal one of the most closely guarded trade secrets in the world:  the formula for ...

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Return of the digital divide from

A new report is out on the Internet which raises the concern over a digital divide. As the Washington Post story ("Survey of online access finds digital divide") sums it up: A first-of-its-kind federal survey ...

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Patent Reform Supported By Small Entities? from

Current PTO Secretary, and former IBM IP Counsel Dave Kappos reportedly told Senate aides “that S. 23 [Patent Reform Act of 2011] has broad support of inventors and small entity business.” A bill that makes ...

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Ron Hickman, inventor of the Black & Decker Workmate® from

I was sorry to see a Daily Mail obituary of Ron Hickman, who created the great DIY tool: the Black & Decker Workmate® workbench. He is often cited as an example of a great British inventor ...

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Real financial innovation from

From Alex Pollack at AEI -- Dupes of False Innovation: I propose to distinguish between illusory and real financial innovations. Real innovations turn ideas into institutions that endure. Real innovations occur much less frequent than cyclical ...

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Skyhook vs. Google: a defense of open source principles? from

The usual justification put forward by companies enforcing patents against others is that they have to protect their rights as innovators. At a formal level that's true, but often it's really about money ...

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