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post image Article One Announces $25,000 Bonus for 2010 from

We are delighted to announce that we are paying a total of $25,000 in bonus as profit-sharing compensation from Article One for 2010.  The bonus will be shared among our active Researchers.   By ...

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Patentable subject matter in Australia from

The Minister has released ACIP’s report into what should be patentable subject matter under Australian law. At the moment, s 18 defines a ‘patentable invention’ and the Dictionary in Sch. 1 defines and “invention ...

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My favourite patent and invention blogs from

There are huge number of blogs on the Internet, and many are on patents -- mostly American, and mostly on the legal aspects. Here are my favourite five blogs in the subject area, in no particular ...

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Undermining a Preliminary Injunction Via Patent Reexamination from

A preliminary injunction is almost never appropriate in view of a parallel patent reexamination proceeding. However, like most issues related to such concurrent proceedings, timing is everything.

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Intangible transfer tax proposals again in President's budget from

Just like his last budget, President Obama's FY 2012 contains provision on taxation of intangible transfers. As I describe last year, the proposals go to the issue of companies transferring their intellectual property to ...

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Why the Best Law Review Articles Deserve Patents from

As new articles editors begin screening the current wave of law review submissions, I have been thinking about when I was in their position a year ago, reading articles during every waking hour and trying ...

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Americans borrowing less, but investing more in personal intangibles? from

Americans are working their way out of debt. But they are continuing to invest in the personal intangible of education. According to a story in today's Washington Post, Climbing out of debt, Americans are ...

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Is proof of knowledge necessary in induced infringement claims? from

Stephen Richer (Washington Legal Foundation) has emailed with an item for PatLit -- this analysis was published last Friday by Washington Legal Foundation.  Titled "Supreme Court To Address Standard For Induced Patent Infringement – An examination of ...

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When Is A Billion Dollar Patent Not Worth A Billion Dollars? from

After several months, still no deal reached in the Nortel patent auction, which reported a flurry of activity back in September of last year.  This comes despite the fact that the portfolio was reportedly worth ...

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Market exclusivity, data exclusivity and S. 3921 from

There has been some confusion lately regarding the distinction between “data exclusivity" and "market exclusivity.” For most newly approved drugs, US law only provides "data exclusivity," five years for small molecule drugs and 12 years ...

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Free Teleconference on Friday (12PM EST): Common Trademark Application Mistakes from

Join us Friday to learn about common trademark application mistakes and how to avoid them. Errors in an application can void or stall the application.  Just ask Sarah Palin! Mistakes can also cost you the ...

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Super Bowl commercials demonstrate the power of brands from

Now that this year’s Super Bowl® is in the books (and my prediction of a Packer’s jinx due to their recent trademark filings for TITLETOWN failed miserably), we can focus on the best ...

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Profiling the US National Technical Information Service (NTIS) from

The US Department of Commerce just released their monthly National Technical Information Service (NTIS) newsletter (PDF) and I was immediately reminded of how valuable this resource is. NTIS is a database of bibliographic information containing ...

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Trademark lawyer groups weigh in on “litigation tactics” study from

As detailed here before, the USPTO recently sought comments about ‘trademark litigation’ tactics (a.k.a trademark bullies or small business study) as part of a report due to Congress next month. The comment period ...

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