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post image PCC Page 16: How big are the patent attorney’s boots? from

In this, the 16th in the series of Patents County Court (PCC) Pages, we continue the saga of the litigation between Cautious Co and its arch foe IPOff Ltd, which Cautious accuses of infringing various ...

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post image Iowa Chain Sues Subway, Wants Its Own “Footlong” from

Last May I wrote a post about Subway sending out cease and desist letters. The letters alleged “Footlong,” as used in association with sandwiches, was owned exclusively by Doctor’s Associates, Inc. (DHI), Subway’s ...

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Oskar Liivak: Cult of the Claim from

Does the often-used term "invention" have "zero substantive impact" in patent law? This is Professor Oskar Liivak's claim in his draft paper, Rescuing Invention from the Cult of the ClaimLiivak is an Assistant ...

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Obtaining Patent Protection Internationally from

Obtaining Patent Protection Internationally (Foreign Filing License, PCT vs. Paris Convention filing) As patent rights are granted by national governments, a single “Global Patent” which provides coverage worldwide does not exist. Accordingly, a patent granted ...

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A new defense to overzealous trademark enforcement? from

A woman seeking to re-sell on eBay a legit handbag she purchased received a cease and desist letter and had her eBay listing taken down. According to an Associate Press article in Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the ...

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Induced Patent Infringement Standard to be Considered by Supreme Court from

To be liable for inducement of patent infringement, should an accused infringer be aware of the patent in question and encourage an act that it knows would infringe the patent? Or is mere "deliberate indifference ...

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New Patent Reform Counterattack – Don’t Be Like The French from

Generalizing (perhaps a bit), but as Americans, I have learned that we don’t like the French.  We found out in the last decade that our lawmakers don’t like the French a whole lot ...

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Government procurement and user-driven innovation from

A couple of days ago, I posted a piece on user-driven innovation. In that piece, and other postings, I've been asking this question: what are the government policies to support user-driven innovation. Well, here ...

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Lawmakers Approve Plans for "EU Patent" from

Since about 2000, lawmakers have made numerous attempts at creating an "EU patent" that is more streamlined and efficient than the existing regime.  Currently, the EPO is not part of the EU, and includes 38 ...

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Discovery of Coca-Cola’s Secret Formula? from

Coca-Cola® soda has been a favorite of ours for quite some time . . . and not just from a taste standpoint.  The registered Coca-Cola® mark with respect to soda products provides a great example in discussing trademark ...

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Tax allowance for cost of acquiring right to use software from

Via this blogger's friends on the UKSC Blog comes this link to the news of a forthcoming hearing by the United Kingdom's Supreme Court. The case is Commissioners for Her Majesty’s Revenue ...

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