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post image Trademark Blog of the Trademark Lawyer's Mind from

Happy Birthday! To Thomas Alva Edison that is. Who knew his middle name was Alva? His is 164 year old this year today, so Google has celebrated his B-Day with a doodle encapsulating his best ...

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post image Guest Post: Philip Totaro on Wind Patents and Future Trends in Wind Technology from

We at Totaro & Associates have published a new study of the U.S. patent landscape of wind turbines to determine which technological trends have emerged so far and what we might be able to infer ...

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Car platooning on the highways from

The concept of car platooning -- convoys of cars that automatically obey a designated lead car -- on highways has become better known in recent years. An article in the Daily Telegraph on the 19...

(From Steve ...

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Implications of Nokia's new strategy for the smartphone patent wars from

This morning Nokia announced its new strategy, a wide-ranging alliance with Microsoft, and the adoption of Windows Phone as its principal smartphone operating system.

I'm not going to comment on what this may or ...

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What are the benefits of a U.S. trademark registration? from

A trademark registration issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on the principal register of trademarks has many benefits. These benefits include: use of the circle-R ® symbol which helps ward off potential infringers ...

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December trade in intangibles - and 2010 from

This morning's BEA's trade data for December showed a slight increase in the trade deficit, up $2.3 billion to $40.6 billion. However, as Chart 3 below shows, most of the worsening ...

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Nanowire patent applications by Harvard from

The BBC has just published a story called Nanowire processor signals route to ever-smaller chips , based on an article in Nature. A team at Harvard led by Charles Lieber have developed a...

(From Steve van ...

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MPEG LA puts Google's WebM video format VP8 under patent scrutiny from

A call for submissions issued by MPEG LA, the leading licensing entity for multimedia codecs, may provide a definitive negative answer to Google's claims that the VP8 video codec, which is part of its ...

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