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All Things Pros from

Takeaway: In Ex parte Khayrallah, one of the claims at issue included "wherein selectively varying the gain of the secondary receiver comprises disabling one or more components of an analog-to-digital converter." The BPAI reversed an ...

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Social media patents from

Last night I attended our The Power of Social Media event, and it made me think about social media patents. Many companies involved in the area do patent their software. Terms like "social media" or ...

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Patent Office Solicits Comments on Patent Claim Clarity from

In a Press Release today, the Patent Office released new examination guidelines related to interpretation of 35 USC 112, addressing clarity and general requirements of patent applications.  From the release: These new guidelines, which address ...

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Changing business models: JV evolves into non-exclusive licence from

UK automotive licensing plc Torotrak have recently stepped out of their “Infinitrak” joint venture with US lawn mower manufacturer MTD. According to a January press release:

“Infinitrak’s exclusivity rights in the 0-45 kW power ...

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This Blog States The Obvious from

Obviously, things that are obvious shouldn’t be patentable. Obvious improvements aren’t worthy of patents, instead being reserved for inventors who possess extra-ordinary skill, not merely every Tom, Dick and Harry to come up ...

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Mike Schuster: Claim Construction and Technical Training from

Are judges with a technical background better at construing patent claims? Practitioner W. Michael Schuster (@Patent_Nerd on Twitter) addresses this question in his working paper, Claim Construction and Technical Training: An Empirical Study of the ...

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Important traits for Patent Searchers from

When I introduce myself to people and mention my job as a patent professional, it almost always raises an eyebrow. They have good reason to be curious; it’s not a job that people learn ...

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Does disclosure of laundry list of protein variants provide adequate written description for later claim to specific protein? from

The traditional written description requirement prevents patent applicants from amending their claims during patent prosecution to encompass subject matter not disclosed in the patent specification as filed. Clearly, a patent specification that specifically discloses (without ...

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