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Due Diligence for Licensing Outside Technologies from

Open innovation often leads to licensing external technologies. In-licensing is fraught with pitfalls, many of which can be avoided without too much pain if good diligence is done up front. How do you know if ...

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Obama Innovation Strategy - and doing more from

Last week, the White House released their updated Strategy for American Innovation. This is part of the Administration's new push on innovation, jobs and competitiveness. As the Fact Sheet and the White House blog ...

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Two Minute Drill from

A lot of stuff happening lately, but I am the only one who’s noticed that the PriorSmart litigation alerts have been dipping into the single digits lately? Is the winter weather keeping lawyers away ...

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Oracle says 'Google now wants to throw its licensees and users under the bus' from

In a memorandum filed with the US District Court for the District of Northern California on Monday (February 7, 2011), Oracle accuses Google not only of stalling the legal process (without using the term "stalling ...

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To Protect in China – or not to Protect from

We’re always being asked whether it is now “worthwhile” filing for patent protection in China or not. “They’ll only just copy our ideas” is the standard response, “and we can’t enforce our ...

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Michael Risch: Reinventing Usefulness from

Few academics have recently been able to offer a novel (or useful?) take on the utility requirement, but I enjoyed Reinventing Usefulness by Michael Risch (Villanova Law), which has just been posted in its edited ...

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They Invented What? (No. 195) from

U.S. Pat. No. 5,500,234: Crispy chip sandwich and process of producing a sandwich product. What is claimed is: 1. A process of producing an improved multilayered crispy chip type sandwich food product ...

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5 Reasons Why I’m Passionate About Patent Classification from

Yesterday, while having a conversation about a related subject and without much prompting, I went on a several minute filibuster about the future of unified patent classification. The main prompt for this tangent was the ...

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Dangers of "First to File" in Proposed Patent Reform Legislation: Kudos to Dr. Ron D. Katznelson from

In "Will first-to-invent always frustrate patent reform?," Dr. Ron D. Katznelson offers an important perspective about the dangers of proposed first-to-file systems in pending US patent reform legislation. He argues that the real agenda of ...

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Video: Ten Essential Trademark Tips from

Ten Essential Trademark Tips video below in four parts, including discussions of the following subjects: Strong versus Weak Trademarks Proper Trademark Use How to Monitor Trademarks What Do When a Possible Infringement is Discovered The ...

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PCC: new Wikipedia draft available for comment from

The UK's Intellectual Property Office has drafted an update to the Wikipedia entry for the Patents County Court, England and Wales, and welcomes comments from interested parties. You can inspect the draft here and ...

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Tell the White House (Directly!) How "Obstacles to Innovation" Can Be Removed from

The White House has started a great new program called "Advise the Advisor", where a member of the President’s senior staff posts a short video on issues being considered by the White House.  In ...

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