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Examiner long felt need admissions rationale combining from

Takeaway: During an ex parte reexamination, the Examiner used statements in a secondary considerations declaration as a rationale for combining references. "The admissions by the applicant in his declaration and remarks show that a one ...

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LG wants the PlayStation 3 banned from entry into the US market, files ITC complaint against Sony over Blu-ray patents from

Yesterday LG Electronics announced that it lodged a patent infringement complaint against Sony with the US International Trade Commission on Friday (February 4, 2011). LG asks the ITC, a US government agency with quasi-judicial authority ...

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Intelligent textiles from

When asked about likely new fields of inventions in this century I often suggest clothes that for example adapt themselves to changing weather -- smart textiles. There is an interesting story about a...

(From Steve van ...

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Palin trademark story goes viral from

Last week news broke about Sarah and Bristol Palin attempting to register their names as trademarks with the USPTO. This news, to me, was not extraordinary. Many celebrities and entertainers protect their name. And they ...

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Reverse innovation from

This insightful comment caught my eye - from a recent article in BusinessWeek Reverse Innovation at Davos:The conventional wisdom is that innovations originate in rich countries and the resulting products are sold horizontally in other ...

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How Dumb Does The Patent Office Think We Are? Just End Fee Diversion Now! from

If Congress gets one thing right this year, let it be Sen. Tom Coburn’s proposed amendment to S.23 to put an end to fee diversion–the practice of diverting patent examination fees into ...

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Competition for Ideal Home Inventor of the Year 2011 from

I have just heard about the competition in the Ideal Home Show at London for Inventor of the Year 2011. Applications have to be in by the 25 February so there isn't much time ...

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New Patent and IP News Pages from

Article One Partners is rolling out a new feature for our website.  To keep the Research Community informed about current IP and patent news, we developed a series of news pages which are automatically updated ...

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A Smaller, Quieter, and Greener British Invasion from

International cooperation in clean tech innovation and diffusion is increasingly common.  One of the trends in this regard is a country’s trade officials organizing an international tour of home grown clean tech companies, in ...

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Alien Dalvik and IcedRobot: can they run Android apps on other platforms without infringing Oracle patents? from

Within days of each other there have been two different announcements related to the idea of making Android applications run on alternative platforms:

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Sean Seymore on Novelty and Disclosure from

Coming to patent law from physics, I have been interested in patent doctrines that seem crazy when I try to explain them to my physics friends. So I was intrigued to discover the work of ...

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US Patent Counts, 2010 from

The USPTO issued 244,421 patents and published 333,210 applications in 2010, an all-time high of 577,631 patent documents. The number of patents issued in Q4 dropped to 61,037, a slight decrease ...

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One Classification to Rule Them All? from

The USPTO and EPO have agreed to create a new Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) based on the IPC. You can read the press releases here and here. The new system will be based largely on ...

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