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post image Clients of Can Save Money and Get Better Patents if Their Attorneys Adopt an Inexpensive Software Solution from

Increased efficiency is provided by Patent Claim Master software.

As a “recovering patent lawyer,” I now realize that I wasted a whole lot of my clients’ money over the years because of the inherent inefficiencies ...

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Social Media Risks: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, OH MY! from

Lately I have been asked a lot of questions about social media risks and legal implications. I have spoken to audiences on the subject several times in the last year. The risks are significant, but ...

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Knowledge for policy in the knowledge age from

One of the ironic dilemmas of the knowledge economy is that we are having trouble creating the knowledge needed to craft effective policies. Take for example our education policy. It is accepted wisdom that we ...

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Another Patent Blog? from

There are already many patent law blogs reporting and analyzing the latest patent news, so there is little need for another blog about recent Federal Circuit cases or announcements from the USPTO. But it seems ...

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Buccafusco & Sprigman: Valuing IP from

Are there problems with the way IP is priced? Professors Christopher Buccafusco (Chicago-Kent) and Christopher Sprigman (Virginia) provide a novel experimental insight on this question in Valuing Intellectual Property: An Experiment, which was published in ...

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Peter Lee: Patent Law and the Two Cultures from

I'll start my patent scholarship blog with an article I helped edit for the Yale Law Journal this past fall: Patent Law and the Two Cultures by Professor Peter Lee (at U.C. Davis ...

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Abramowicz & Duffy: Inducement Standard from

While reading patent article submissions for the Yale Law Journal, I was delighted to come across The Inducement Standard of Patentability by Professors Michael Abramowicz and John Duffy (both at GW Law). This article will ...

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