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post image Thomas Edison’s Predictions for the Year 2011. from

JW  Note:  Hat tip to the folks at the Paleofuture blog, where we first read this story.  Originally published on June 23, 1911 by the Miami Metropolis Newspaper.

What will the world be a hundred ...

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post image 2010 False Marking Year in Review, Looking Forward from

In 2010, we saw a total of at least 674 new cases involving claims of false patent marking, with over half the cases filed by just eight different plaintiffs, and half the cases filed in ...

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post image New article in Intellectual Property Magazine: The Value of Efficiency and Transparency in IP Licensing: Let the Market Decide from

I recently published a new article in Intellectual Property Magazine titled “The Value of Efficiency and Transparency in IP Licensing: Let the Market Decide”.  The piece discusses the need for a more efficient licensing model ...

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post image Specification Disavowal Limits Claim Scope in Patent Reexamination from

Unreasonable to Extend Claim Scope to Described Prior Art

Perhaps mindful of the last patent reexamination appeal that related to flooring technology, yesterday the BPAI reversed an Examiner claim construction as unreasonable. As a reminder ...

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Technology agreement is "intellectual property litigation" for PALs, rules court from

"High Court Clarifies Scope of Patent Attorney Litigators' Rights" is the title of an item posted earlier this week on the website of Hogarth Chambers.  Hogarth is well placed to comment on the case in ...

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Damages for infringing invalid patents: a question of symmetry?" A comment from

The following comment has been received in response to Wednesday's thoughtful and provocative piece on the availability of damages for the infringement of a patent which is subsequently held invalid.   Blogger's Comments only ...

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Two Minute Drill from

No original content today, but check out my update to the Samy Garb’s pro se attempt to enforce an expired patent.  It seems Mr. Gharb has been at this for awhile.

Also, here are ...

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GDP up in 4Q 2010 from

GDP estimates from BEA for the 4th quarter of 2010 shows that the economy grew by 3.2%. This compares with a 2.6% growth rate in the 3rd quarter. For the entire year, GDP ...

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Inside Intellectual Ventures’ kitchen from

What do patent attorneys and foodies have in common?  Both will enjoy the latest episode of Freakonomics Radio: “Waiter, There’s a Physicist in My Soup.“  The hosts interview Nathan Myhrvold, founder of Intellectual Ventures ...

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Within a University Community, Who Owns any Newly-Created IP? from

I was recently contacted by a world-renowned professor who was seeking advice about a piece of intellectually property (IP) he created, and that his university was profitably exploiting.  Who owned the IP?  Can he exploit ...

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Canada gets it on manufacturing in the knowledge age. from

Canada gets it. Or at least Tony Clement, Canadian Minister of Industry, gets it when it come to understanding that the manufacturing and knowledge economy are one.

Here is a quote fro a recent article ...

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Energy Recovery Spins Out Energy Savings for Desalination from

Energy Recovery Inc. (ERI), a company based in San Leandro, California, has developed technology that reduces the amount of energy required for desalination. 

The technology does not directly relate to filtering water, but instead harnesses ...

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