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post image CSIR Tempers Patent Aggression from

This piece is slightly dated, but an interesting one nonetheless. Soma Das of the FE highlights CSIR's changing patent culture from that of an aggressive patent filer to a more temperate and selective one ...

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post image IP litigation, insurance and game theory: an opinion from

IP Finance is hosting this little opinion piece from Bob Knock (Consultant, FirstAssist Legal Protection).  Do please feel free to comment on it.  For the record, Bob is an enthusiastic believer in litigation as an ...

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post image At Root from

6,000,024 claims a binary tree parallel computing system. A root node distributes problem portions to tree nodes, each with their own processing elements (PE). Results are passed back up the tree. '024 owner ...

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post image Report Reveals Surprise Patent Champ for Hybrid Cars from

Last month the Griffith Hack law firm and patent analytics firm Ambercite published a joint report on hybrid car patents. 

The report analyzed 58,000 hybrid car patents and their interrelationships using Ambercite’s network ...

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U.S. Patients Petition FDA to Regulate Genzyme Export of Fabrazyme from

By James DeGiulio -- In December 2009, the Department of Health and Human Services denied a petition filed by U.S. Fabry patients to secure higher quantities of drug Fabrazyme, exercise Bayh-Dole march-in rights against Genzyme ...

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Patent Reexamination After an Adverse Jury Verdict from

Timing of Post Filing Conduct Deemed Crucial

As discussed previously, one purpose for seeking patent reexamination parallel to litigation is to avoid a post filing (i.e., complaint) willfulness determination. The existence of an ongoing ...

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Patent Connections – Licensors vs Implementers: Who’s Really Promoting Innovation? from

This week’s Patent Connections column offers another look at the role of licensing in the overall quid pro quo of the patent system.  Specifically, licensing is examined in the context of litigation over past ...

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Obama plans government re-organization from

There was a sleeper issue in last night's State of the Union. As expected, President Obama spoke of the need to confront our competitiveness challenges through greater investment in innovation (aka R&D;), education ...

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Permanent Injunction May Include "Safeguards To Prevent U.S. Importation Of End Products Containing The Accused Products" from

The court granted in part plaintiff's request to include a provision in a permanent injunction that precluded defendants from selling their products outside the U.S. to customers without adequate safeguards to prevent U ...

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Daniel Bell from

Sad news has come that Professor Daniel Bell has passed away. Bell was an early and profound influence on my thinking through his seminal book, The Coming of the Post-Industrial Society. That book shaped the ...

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Another Argument That the False Marking Statute is Unconstitutional from

While patent owners wait for Congress to amend the false marking statute, plaintiffs continue to file cases seeking damages for falsely marked products, such as with patent numbers that do not cover the product or ...

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EPO Filings Up 10% in 2010 from

In this short-but-sweet news release, the EPO has announced:
The EPO received 232,000 European patent filings in 2010, 10% up on the 2009 figure (211,000). 39% of these filings originated from the 38 ...

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Patents (and the State of the Union Address) from

There has been a lot of bandwidth wasted (my update of the old "ink wasted") in reaction to the State of the Union. But here is an interesting side comment worth highlighting. Over at the ...

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Damages for infringing invalid patents: a question of symmetry? from

Earlier today a short comment on the IPKat weblog mentioned an article on the awarding of infringement damages where the infringed patent was subsequently held invalid.  This sparked off an exchange of views which has ...

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Rejection of Abbott Laboratories’ HIV Drug Patent in India from

Dan Whalen is a JD Candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School. The Indian Patent Office recently denied exclusive rights to Abbott Laboratories for a premier HIV-fighting drug – effectively opening up the market to lower-cost generic ...

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