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post image Return of the Leech from

Sen. Patrick "the Leech" Leahy plans to place his sucker on the wallets of the suckers who dread and drool over patent reform. The 2011 Patent Reform Act will be introduced Tuesday. "Patent reform is ...

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post image Combating Copyright Infringement: DMCA Take Down Notices from

The theft of intellectual property rights enabled by the Internet is growing to alarming rates. The primary concerns are digital piracy and the sale of counterfeit goods, and even medicines. For example, see Counterfeiting Costs ...

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post image Licensable Products: The Patent, Marketability & Feasibility Test from

Many independent inventors longingly search for an invention that they can dream up and then license for great riches.  Unfortunately for those folks, inventing isn’t quite so easy.  If it were as simple as ...

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ACI FDA Boot Camp from

American Conference Institute (ACI) will be holding the next session of its FDA Boot Camp conference on March 16-17, 2011 in New York, NY. ACI faculty will help attendees: • Master the basics of the application ...

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Patent Sellers can learn from Apple’s Marketing Strategy from

Maybe we could learn from Apple how to use the “market hype” tool effectively in the sales process of patents. Take the auction of Nortel’s patents. Nortel Networks, the Canadian maker of switches, wireless ...

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Trademarkville – Who Owns the Mark? from

By Scott Nyman I have a Facebook account, although I use it primarily for networking and deleting picture tags posted my old college friends. Aside from a brief addiction to Bejeweled Blitz, I never got ...

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Innovation, regulation and the courts from

In an earlier posting, I was supportive of the new Executive Order on regulatory review and the requirement to promote innovation. However, there is a danger of elevating innovation to a goal of the regulatory ...

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WHO R&D Financing Committee Approved With Swiss Expert As Both Suspect and Jury from

World Health Organization members yesterday struck a compromise allowing a Swiss industry representative to sit on a committee selecting proposals for research and developing financing for neglected diseases, disregarding the fact that he is author ...

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Gevo's response to Butamax infringement assertion re: US 7851188 US from

From ethanolproducer, concerning the infringement complaint of Butamax (DuPont/BP) filed in D. Delaware over US 7851188 :

Gevo issued a rebuttal statement regarding Butamax’s patent infringement complaint. “Gevo believes it does not infringe on ...

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Roger Martin of Qualcomm disses new patent reform bill from

Grant Gross at PCWorld notes that Roger Martin of Qualcomm criticized the new patent reform bill, and focused on a provision in the bill that would limit damage awards in patent infringement cases. "Limitations on ...

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Patent Reform Act of 2011 from

The latest patent reform bill entitled “The Patent Reform Act of 2011" (PDF) , will be introduced by Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT), chairman of the Judiciary Committee, on Jan. 25, 2011. Could this be the year ...

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Google/Android has copyright problems? from

On Jan. 21, 2011, zdnet reported:

Today, in a bombshell post on his FOSS Patents blog, Florian Mueller, an expert on intellectual property law and open source code, reports that “evidence is mounting that different ...

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The chimera of originality? from

Within the Edmonton Journal:

By insisting on the chimera of originality, we seek to enscribe in pedagogy what we despair of in our own scholarship and creativity. We do so with the best intentions, hoping ...

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