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post image Shadow boxing the LTE Patents from

There's a tremendous amount of shadow boxing going on in the telecommunications patent space relating to ownership of patents essential to the operation of the LTE standard. The :Rethink Wireless website reports that "chinese ...

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post image Brandeaux stars in Last Tango with Chadwick from

In general, since breach of confidence is an equitable tort, disputes involving the protection of trade secrets are heard in England and Wales in the Chancery Division of the High Court -- the old "home" of ...

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post image Patent Reform in the 112th Congress from

Last month, the 111th Congress concluded its work and ended its existence in a lame duck session and with it S. 515, the so-called Manager’s Amendment on patent reform.  Last week, the 112th Congress ...

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post image Global Forum on IP: Report 1 from

After a harrowing 20 hours of flight time from New York absent any cat naps, this IPKat made it to Singapore for the IP Academy's 3rd Global Forum on Intellectual Property last week ...

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post image Patent Office Launches Online Forum to Discuss the MPEP from

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has recently launched an online forum titled Discuss the MPEP, which as the title suggests will allow interested individuals to discuss sections of the MPEP, otherwise known as ...

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post image Valuation of Emerging Technologies Seminar comes to town from

IP Finance understands that the Business Development Academy (BDA)'s Valuation of Emerging Technologies Seminar, developed in the United States, is on its way to Europe.  This is an unusual seminar in that it explains ...

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post image Article One Researcher Sachin Agrawal Wins $3,360 from

Sachin Agrawal is the Winner of AOP Study VTI 268 relating to Real-time Call Tracking and Management Resolution of a Claim for which he was rewarded $3,360 USD!  Sachin holds a Master's degree ...

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post image SpicyIP Tidbit: TM search free; application fees up from

The Trademarks Registry is acting on its promises this 2011, with the trademark search engine officially going free.

At the same time, the application fees to register a trade mark in one class has gone ...

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post image Transparency Move Sounds the Death Knell of a Paternalistic Section 45 from

The IPTO (Indian Patent and Trademark Office) hit another nail in the coffin of several of us who made money off clients by performing perfunctory TM searches. However, the "half full" cup suggests that this ...

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post image After Google France: OLG Braunschweig decides in AdWord case from

Keyword advertising (in particular Google AdWords) and trade marks is an ‘evergreen’ topic and one of this Kat’s guilty trade mark pleasures. While we are still awaiting the ECJ decision in the Interflora case ...

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AMP v. USPTO: Appellees' Brief from

By Donald Zuhn -- In a brief filed on November 30, Plaintiffs-Appellees in Association for Molecular Pathology v. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office argue that they have standing; that Myriad's BRCA1/2 isolated DNA ...

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Double patenting from

Amgen v Teva has just been ruled in the US District Court of Delaware (copy of the ruling, dated January 7, 2011, here). Now it may be clear: cancellation action can’t be based on ...

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The KeepCup™ from

The British Library's caterers, Peyton & Byrne, have recently introduced a "KeepCup" to prevent wastage with disposable cups that are taken away by staff wanting hot drinks. The idea is that you...

(From Steve van ...

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Microsoft, with all its patents, afflicted by "innovator's dilemma"? from

In talking about the recent IFI report on patent numbers in the US, a ComputerWorld post essentially gets to the disconnect between "counting patents" and measuring innovation:

Microsoft spends an estimated $9 billion annually in ...

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Europe’s Outlook For 2011: EU Patent, Digital Content, Innovation And Free Trade from

The Digital Agenda's hoped-for role as a key growth driver for Europe’s flagging economy has pushed intellectual property issues into a high-priority spot on the EU’s policy agenda for 2011. In an ...

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Warrior Wounded, But The Fight Rages On from

The latest chapter in the ongoing saga that is Warrior Sports v Dickinson Wright was written this week, as the Court of Appeals sent the case back down to the Eastern District of Michigan. As ...

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November trade in intangibles from

November's trade data from BEA showed little change in the deficit: a decline of $0.1 billion to $38.3 billion. According to the Wall Street Journal, economist had expected the deficit to grow ...

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Will the State of the Union focus on competitiveness? from

A recent speech by Treasury Secretary Geithner has been getting press coverage as it focused on his views on our economic relations with China. Those comments were an important statement that the relationship needs to ...

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Bad Tactics: Staples’ Stapler from

by Aaron Thalwitzer Ah, the noble stapler, an object of affection, an object of frustration, and now, an object of infringement. A lawsuit filed in 2007 against office supply mogul Staples accused Staples of infringing ...

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False Marking Claim Preserves Jurisdiction to Award Attorneys' Fees and Declare Patent Unenforceable from

Following defendant's multiple covenants not to sue, the court dismissed plaintiff's declaratory judgment claims of invalidity and unenforceability, but retained jurisdiction to declare defendant's patents invalid in connection with plaintiff's request ...

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Apple's US 7,868,582 on solar powered devices from

The first claim of Apple's US 7,868,582 states:

A solar power package for use with an electronic device, the package comprising:
at least one solar cell operable to derive solar power from ...

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Thomson Reuters Releases "2010 State of Innovation Report" from

Thomson Reuters released their annual "State of Innovation Report," where 12 technology areas were reviewed for patent activity, including:
  1. Computers & Peripherals
  2. Automotive
  3. Telecommunications
  4. Semiconductors
  5. Pharmaceuticals
  6. Medical Devices
  7. Petroleum & Chemical Engineering
  8. Domestic Appliances
  9. Food Tobacco & Fermentation ...

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Bayer's CIPRO and pay-to-delay from

A story titled Calif AG calls for better access to generic drugs begins:

California's top prosecutor is calling on the U.S. Supreme Court to bar drug companies from making agreements with competitors to ...

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CAFC disposes of pro se litigant Pupols from

The beginning of applicant Pupols problems is seen in the "background" section of the CAFC decision:

Pupols filed U.S. Patent Application 10/336,582 (the
“’582 Application”) in the United States Patent and
Trademark ...

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CAFC deals with patent law malpractice in Warrior Sports v. Dickinson Wright from

Warrior Sports had filed a malpractice claim.

The Eastern District of
Michigan regarded Warrior’s claims as
raising only state law issues and therefore dismissed the
action for lack of subject-matter jurisdiction.

This dismissal was ...

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Lawmakers Backing Comcast-NBC Merger Were Paid By Comcast from

Comcast gave money to the vast majority of the 97 members of the US House of Representatives that signed a letter to the Federal Communications Commission urging approval of a merger between cable company Comcast ...

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USPTO Launches Websites To Discuss Patent And Trademark Procedures from

The USPTO recently introduced two websites where visitors can provide feedback on the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP) and the Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (TMEP).

“The objective is to ensure that the MPEP ...

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David Kris joins Intellectual Ventures as GC from

Of Kris joing IV, TechFlash includes the following:

In a blog post, Intellectual Ventures' President and COO Adriane Brown said that Kris brings nearly 20 years of legal experience to the company. Here's more ...

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