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post image The Use of Online Databases for Legal Scholarship from

By Jason Rantanen

Many empirical studies of Federal Circuit jurisprudence rely on searches of one of the leading legal databases such as Westlaw or Lexis.1 Relying on a search of a single database is ...

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post image The Meaning of “Open Source”: Patented by Microsoft from

It is impossible to search for technology related news online anymore without being inundated with the days wave of open source news stories that are seemingly proliferating faster than a human engineered bacterium, which by ...

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CBS Sunday Morning on January 9, 2011 from

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for January 9, 2011. Initial comments were about the shooting in Tuscon, followed by mention of the cover story by Tracey Smith on "Life Lessons," about bullying in schools. Second ...

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Does the BPAI follow the law? from

Last week I posted my list of "Top 10 Mistakes in Arguing on Appeal to the BPAI," and followed up with posts to elaborate on the first 3 of those mistakes.

This topic has drawn ...

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Mobile Patent Rumble: Sony Sets Sights on LG from

By Scott Nyman Sony, not content to be on the sidelines for the massively interconnected web of mobile patent litigation, has recently filed a patent infringement complaint with the International Trade Commission against one of ...

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Microsoft v. i4i - Is the Sky Really Falling? from

By Paul F. Morgan

The forthcoming Supreme Court decision in Microsoft v. i4i, case number 10-290, seems likely to eliminate the Federal Circuit's judicially imposed "clear & convincing evidence" requirement for invalidating patents, and thus ...

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