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post image IPWatchdog 2010: ABA Blawg Tops + Over 2 Million Visits from

It has been an interesting year for us at, from getting sued in January 2010, to exclusive interviews with the likes of Chief Judge Randall Rader, Chief Judge Paul Michel, Former U.S ...

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post image The Princess and the Personal Name: a reader comments from

"Here comes that
Landeshauptmann :
now where shall
I hide my title?"
In "A tale for our time: Princess Ilonka and the Landeshauptmann" (here), the IPKat reviewed in fairly critical terms the litigation in which the ...

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post image Trash from

Reader of minds Sigmund Freud once observed, "most people are trash." So it is with litigators, sworn officers of the Court, that practice character assassination, and judges, the Court incarnate, that buy into it. Fortunately ...

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post image When Rodney Dangerfield Meets the Naked Trade Mark Licence from

The late American comedian Rodney Dangerfield was closely identified with his tagline -- "I don't get no respect." He would then go on to offer one of his famous monologues that would recount his recent ...

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post image 2010-at-the-IPO-An analysis of the controller's decisions from

The Controller's Office provided 115 decisions on its website decided between 1/1/2010 and 31/12/2010.  A large number of these decisions were not linked to the relevant file and therefore could ...

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post image Licensee buys Licensor in advance of IPO from

New Year’s Day finally saw the acquisition of Smith Electric Vehicles UK by its US counterpart and licensee, Smith Electric Vehicles US (SEVUS). Founded in the 1920’s, Smith UK is the world’s ...

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post image Monday miscellany from

Paul the Octopus: great
at predicting, but not much use
as a lobbyist for big business
Can you predict the future? SOLO IP arch-blogger Filemot has posted her IP Predictions for 2011 here; she challenges ...

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post image Court Grants Summary Judgment Of Copyright Non-Infringement In Flushed Away Movie Lawsuit from

Los Angeles, CA – Yolanda Buggs accused Dreamworks’ animated movie “Flushed Away” of infringing her copyrighted screen play “Critter Island.” Details blogged here. At summary judgment, the Court applied only the “extrinsic test,” an objective comparison ...

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Conference & CLE Calendar from

January 5, 2011 - Patent Infringement Claims, Opinions of Counsel and Attorney-Client Privilege (Technology Transfer Tactics and Strafford) - 1:00 - 2:30 PM (EST) January 12, 2011 - New USPTO Guidelines and the Obviousness Standard for Patents ...

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Court Report from

By Sherri Oslick -- About Court Report: Each week we will report briefly on recently filed biotech and pharma cases. Main Hastings LLC v. Pfizer, Inc. 2:10-cv-00599; filed December 29, 2010 in the Eastern District ...

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Patent Docs Top Stories of 2010: #12 to #9 from

By Donald Zuhn -- Reflecting upon the events of the past twelve months, Patent Docs presents its fourth annual list of top biotech/pharma patent stories. For 2010, we identified a dozen stories that were covered ...

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Interview with Model Maker Fred Landers from

Recently I met with Fred Landers with Paragon Model Makers Inc. and we had a nice conversation about how he can help inventors build working prototypes and models. Having a prototype is important in ...

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Words of the Year (Wall St Journal) and corresponding trademarks from

While a picture may be worth a thousand words, words are quite powerful. A few short words can capture major ideas, like these words from the list of the Words of Year from the Wall ...

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Religious Questions and Comments Create "Us v. Them" Mentality Warranting New Trial from

Plaintiff's motion for a new trial on indirect infringement and damages was granted based on statements made by defense counsel during trial regarding the Jewish faith of one of plaintiff's owners and its ...

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Mistake #1 when arguing at the BPAI: Conclusory assertion rather than argument with explanation from

In a previous post I listed my Top 10 Mistakes in Arguing on Appeal to the BPAI. Now I'll provide some explanation about Mistake #1: Conclusory assertion rather than argument with explanation.

Perhaps the ...

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Structural or cyclical -- yes from

Let us begin this New Year with an old debate. One of the ongoing debates in economics right now concerns the nature (and causes) of the persistently high rate of unemployment. The question is whether ...

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New Leadership At INTA from

The International Trademark Association today announced the appointment of its 2011 president, the first INTA president from a non-English speaking country. Related Articles:

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Happy New Year! from

By Jason Rantanen

The coming year is certain to bring a host of interesting and important changes to patent law that we will continue to write about, and I wish all of Patently-O's readers ...

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Improving Key Patent Processes and Sub-processes from

As the Patents organization moves toward its goal of reducing the average total pendency of patent applications to 20 months by 2015, it is important to streamline all components of the examination process.  Everyone plays ...

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Patent Law Final Exam - Part 1 from

Question 1.

On May 1, 2005, Mr. Suresh received an e-mail from a friend warning against eating with disposable bamboo chopsticks. The problem, according to the e-mail, was that bamboo chopsticks were saturated with cariogenic ...

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Court: “Agreement to assign” a patent is not, by itself, actual assignment from

In the past year, several court decisions have highlighted the risks associated with using “boilerplate” intellectual property assignment clauses in employment and independent contractor agreements.   The latest case is Gellman v Telular Corporation, a December ...

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Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen and Others Continue the War on Patent Infringement from

By Scott Nyman Back in August, Interval Licensing LLC (“Interval”) initiated patent infringement litigation against tech giants Apple, Google, Facebook, Netflix, YouTube, Yahoo, eBay, AOL, and others in the U.S. District Court for the ...

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Mboya Named Kenya Ambassador To UN Geneva from

An official who is has been an active voice in access to medicines policymaking in Geneva has taken over as the new permanent representative of Kenya to the United Nations Office at Geneva. Related Articles ...

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Constructing and Deconstructing Patents from

See the press release on the book Constructing and Deconstructing Patents by Irah H. Donner.

The book is $255.00 plus tax, shipping, and handling) from BNA Books, PO Box 7814, Edison, NJ 08818-7814.

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Broadest Possible Interpretation Versus Broadest Reasonable Interpretation from

In a non-precedential decision dated December 3, 2010 in U.S. patent application no. 10/286,314, the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences (BPAI, or “the Board”) reversed the findings of the examiner on ...

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Net Censorship Fears As Hungary Takes EU Presidency from

An internet civil liberties group in Hungary has warned that the country's new media law gives the government censorship authority, threatening freedom of speech and independent journalism. The law took effect on 1 January ...

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2010: A Year of Whirlwind Developments for Intellectual Property and Technology from

2010 was a year filled with many noteworthy legal developments in the realm of intellectual property and technology.  Out of the hundreds of stories that we featured through our events and online at IPilogue this ...

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