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post image Aah, Bistro! McDonald's set to disguise themselves as Europeans when invading China from

McDonalds is no
stranger to bistro
cuisine, it seems
From time to time the IPKat contemplates what people do with their brands and their get-up, which do after all form a significant element of a ...

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post image The US$173.4B Global Intellectual Property Marketplace? from

In today’s world, technological innovation drives industrial growth and helps raise living standards.  Thus, the importance of intellectual property (especially patent) rights in a 21st century, global knowledge economy cannot be doubted.  This ...

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post image GenomeQuest adds Chinese patent office sequence data from

Recently the Intellogist blog discussed GenomeQuest as a source for searching patent sequence data. This month GenomeQuest announced that they are adding Chinese patent sequence data to their collection.  The company is adding sequences filed ...

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post image GI ingredients in the EU: the inside story from

Cats have yet to gain protected status
under Regulation 510/2006 ...
Today the European Commission published its Communication — Guidelines on the labelling of foodstuffs using protected designations of origin (PDOs) or protected geographical indications (PGIs ...

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post image Indirect/Joint Infringement Webcast Next Week from

Upcoming CLE Reviews the Impact of Claim Drafting Defects

Although I try to keep the shameless self promotion to a minimum (stop chuckling)….

If like me you are stuck working next week, what better way ...

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post image First Regional Patent Office to be Located in Detroit, Michigan. from

We are pleased to report that Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and USPTO Director David Kappos have announced that the first Regional Patent Office would be located in Detroit, Michigan.  Being a local patent practitioner, i ...

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post image When can a third party gain access to documents from discontinued litigation? from

In Pfizer Health AB & another v Schwarz Pharma AG & others [2010] EWHC 3236 (Pat), a Patents Court for England and Wales decision of Mr Justice Floyd, the court had to consider whether a third party ...

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post image Guest Post: U.S. Supreme Court dismisses Tiffany's Trademark Appeal from

Avni Chari, a frequent guest blogger and student of NALSAR sends in this interesting piece on contributory trademark infringement on the internet in the context of a tussle between Tiffany & Co. and E-Bay.

U.S ...

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post image United we stand, divided we fall, enhanced we ... er ... cooperate from

Dreaming of a unitary patent:
but will enhanced cooperation
be a nightmare?
Just in case some of you have not yet experienced your first bout of Unitary Patent Fatigue Syndrome, here's some more material ...

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Patent Ownership Issues Involving Your Ex-Spouse from

Problems may arise when a patent is invented by two or more parties without addressing the issues of control or ownership of the patent.  The issue is that each of the inventors can exploit the ...

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European Interoperability Framework recognizes that FOSS-compatible FRAND licensing works for open standards and open source from

The European Commission just adopted and published its communication "Towards interoperability for European public services". It consists of several documents, and the part of it that I'm going to comment on now is the ...

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USPTO to Remove Inventor's Mailing Address from Patent Docs from

The USPTO will no longer include the inventor's mailing address on unassigned patents and published applications because of privacy concerns. However, correspondence information will continue to be available in Public PAIR. Patent documents will ...

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Is Groupon’s Patent Really Worth More Than The Entire Nortel Portfolio? from

Since initially writing this post about Groupon’s use of the patent marketplace to acquire this patent to counter a lawsuit from MobGob, I’ve learned that Groupon just can’t stay out of the ...

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A Festivus Miracle from

By Philip Zies At this time of year, with half the country nearly frozen, nothing warms the heart more than a story about a holiday miracle.  Leave it to an article from the Los Angeles ...

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CPTN Holdings LLC (acquirer of 882 Novell patents): Microsoft, Apple, EMC and Oracle are the partners according to German antitrust notification from

Breaking news: Twitter user @VM_gville just pointed me to the website of the German federal antitrust authority ("Bundeskartellamt"), which discloses a merger notification filed a week ago (on 09 December 2010), according to which the ...

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Taxes and intangible - a principle for reform from

With the imminent passage of the tax deal, the focus of policy attention is shifting to the possibility of a larger tax reform package next year. Already, the idea is being teed-up of widen base ...

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Gloves Off in Dispute Over Hockey Bag from

Hockey fans will enjoy this story about two Canadian inventors suing a company for allegedly copying the design of their patented hockey equipment bag: Dropping the gloves over a hockey bag, Globe and Mail, Dec ...

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12-Month Extension Added to Provisional Patent Period from

The USPTO recently announced a Missing Parts Pilot Program commencing December 8, 2010 and set to expire in one year.  The Missing Parts Pilot Program effectively provides a 12-month extension to the 12-month provisional patent ...

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WIPO’s Gurry Says ‘Crisis In Multilateralism’ Bringing Changes To IP from

The rapid pace of technology and dramatic shifts in the global economy will bring change to the multilateral structure set up after the Second World War, and these changes will affect the intellectual property system ...

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District Court Dismisses AstraZeneca's Patent Suits Against Crestor (Rosuvastatin) ANDA Applicants Who Filed Section viii Statements, Finding No Valid Claims Under 35 USC 271(e)(2) from

AstraZeneca Pharms. et al. v. Apotex et al., No. 10-338 (D. Del. 2010)

Crestor (rosuvastatin) is FDA-approved for the treatment of various cholesterol-related conditions, including hyperlipidemia, hypertriglyceridemia, homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia (HoFH) and heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia ...

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Article One Researcher Olivia Marsh (livmarsh) Wins $20,000 from

This week’s Featured Researcher is Olivia Marsh (livmarsh). Olivia is the recent Winner of Study AL 947 for which she was rewarded $20,000! Study AL 947 relates to the communication of selected information ...

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USPTO to open Detroit regional office in 2011 from

IP Watchdog is reporting that the United States Patent and Trademark Office plans to open a regional office in Detroit, Michigan next year.   According to the report, the agency’s goal is to employ 100 ...

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*** USPTO Announces First Satellite Office In Detroit *** from

"Take him to . . . Detroit!"
- Dr. Klahn, Kentucky Fried Movie (1977)

Commerce Secretary Gary Locke announced today that the USPTO will be opening a satellite office in Detroit, Michigan.  Detroit is the first of (hopefully) a ...

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