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post image Microsoft v i4i, the burden of proof and the pharma sector from

If you think that shifting the burden
of proof is an uphill struggle, try
a few months of patent examination.
 In Microsoft Corp. v i4i Limited Partnership, 598 F.3d 831 (Fed. Cir. 2010) the ...

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post image Unzapped from

To limit blood loss during surgery, in a modern variant of cauterization, argon gas-enhanced electrosurgical instruments are used to zap tissue. Three competitors tried to zap each other with their patents: ConMed (4,781,175 ...

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post image Letter from AmeriKat: Uggs, The Daily fight, Bayh-Dole turns 30, & more!! from

The AmeriKat has managed to survive a week bursting with holiday work parties, lunches, dinners, and dances. Although always eager to socialize and mingle in the festive holiday cheer, by the end of last week ...

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post image What can we learn from Korean appeal statistics? from

"Trends and Prospects of Recent Trials Before the Korean Intellectual Property Tribunal", by Hyung Geun Ji and Gregory B. Kang (Kim & Chang) gives some interesting insights into how South Korea's bifurcated judicial system operates ...

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post image Progress on folklore, culture, genetic resources: 'streamlining' in sight from

Powerful folk medicine: although
no-one truly understands
the deep significance of the mantra
"Wipo Ompi", this incantation
is said to have great beneficial
powers ...
For those who enjoy acronyms and love glossaries, here's some ...

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Order to Show Cause from

A few weeks ago, I noted that Judge Dyk had commented that the improper use of ”Confidential” markings in appeal briefs was an “absolute plague.” [Link].

I ran across another oral argument from the last ...

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“right of repair” from

The JIPLP blog has a succinct online article, by Brian Whitehead and Richard Kempner, analysing Floyd J’s decision in Schütz (UK) Limited v Werit UK Limited, Protechna SA [2010] EWHC 660 on whether a ...

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Athletes and Trademarks – Oh My! from

By: Mark R. Malek As I sit here in Daniel Davidson’s house watching the Jets/Miami game on a 65” television that you can see from the space station, I started thinking about a ...

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Back to blogging from

I've had less time to devote to blogging in the past few weeks, since I've been busy with a lot of end-of-year filing deadlines. I'll start ramping up my posts this week ...

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