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post image Music and IP conference report: 2 from

Florian: what is he doing
with his right hand?
Opening the second morning session, Florian Koempel (UK Music) spoke on the topic "Copyright Societies and Organisations", explaining how the collective groupings within the music industry ...

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post image Wednesday whimsies from

A thousand thanks to the IPKat's friends at the London office of Latham & Watkins LLP for hosting this year's IP Publishers and Editors Lunch on behalf of this weblog.  A crowd of over ...

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post image “Dance Your Ass Off” TV Show Copyright Infringement & Breach of Contract Lawsuit Filed from

Los Angeles, CA – Writers Jonas Larsen and Anthony Ross are suing Lisa Ann Walter and NBC Universal over the “Dance Your Ass Off” television show. Plaintiffs claim their agents introduced them to Walter, who was ...

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post image Custom Fields in Patent Search Systems from

It can be a big struggle for corporate IP departments to sort and label all of their patent data. Between granted patent holdings, applications in-process, and pre-application invention disclosures, there’s a lot of internal ...

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post image Commissioner Stoll Speaks at GRIPLA Holiday Party from

I am currently the president of the Greater Richmond Intellectual Property Law Association (GRIPLA).  Last night, we held our annual Holiday Party.  Robert Stoll, Commissioner for Patents at the PTO, was our keynote speaker.

Commissioner ...

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post image Making Patents Incontestable from

This is one the best ideas I have heard for improving our patent system.  It was proposed by Gene Quinn of IPWatchdog.  The idea is that after a certain period of time a patent becomes ...

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post image Music and IP conference report: 3 from

The music industry:
an exotic form of pond life?
Occupying the post-lunch graveyard slot, but far from grave, was Nick Kounoupias (DMH Stallard), who spoke on the myth and reality of music copyright enforcement litigation ...

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post image Uncle Sam's Missive to Mother India: "Fair" Patent Consideration at the IPAB? from

In a hard hitting front page story, CH Unnikrishnan, a leading IP journalist with the Mint, exposes a questionable letter from the US Commerce Secretary, Gary Locke to his Indian counterpart, Anand Sharma, the Hon ...

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post image Music and IP conference report: 4 from

The final session of today's Music and IP conference started with a dash of bravado as barrister and Rechtsanwaldin Brigitte Lindner (Serle Court) took us on a guided tour of Europe, in search of ...

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post image USPTO Perspectives on Patent Reexamination Petition Practice from

Registration remains open for PLI’s Reissue & Reexamination Strategies and Tactics with Concurrent Litigation 2011. The program is offered in San Francisco January 10, 2011 and in New York  February 11, 2011. The web cast ...

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post image Music and IP conference report: 1 from

Opening today's Music and Intellectual Property conference in one of London's most elegant follies, the Prudential Building [if it's a folly, it's hardly prudential, says Merpel], Gwilym Harbottle (Hogarth Chambers) gave ...

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Academic Amici Refute ACLU Falsehoods in Gene Patenting Debate from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- Two academic amici -- Robert Cook-Deegan (at right), Research Professor and Director, Center for Public Genomics at Duke University, and Christopher Holman, Ph.D. (Molecular Biology) (below left), Associate Professor of Law ...

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Microsoft's XBox 360® Kinect from

Microsoft's XBox 360® Kinect looks like it will be a popular present this Christmas. It's a game controller that doesn't need the user to hold or wear anything. I saw it demonstrated ...

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5 Free Ways to Monitor Your Brand from

Just about everyone has their own brand these days, from Paris Hilton to the manager down the hallway. Controlling the message of your brand is key to its success. And to maintain protection of a ...

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Arguments guaranteed to lose: "but look at these similar claims in other issued patents" from

Takeaway: Occasionally Applicants make an argument which amounts to "the rejected claims are similar to claims that appear in these issued patents, so the Board should reverse the rejection." The BPAI ignores these arguments, relying ...

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Revisions to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26 - New Untested Protections for Testifying Experts from

On December 1, 2010, the latest version of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure went into effect. As part of the new rules, significant changes were made to Rule 26 regarding the discovery of information ...

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State and local actions to transform the economy from

Quick take -- here are two new papers/events from the Brookings Institution's Metropolitan Policy Program on the "Next Economy."

Delivering the Next Economy: The States Step Up.
Some highlights:
• Create state jobs councils and ...

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The tax deal - and the transformation of the US economy from

In yesterday's posting, I sidestepped the issue of the tax deal announced on Monday to focus on a speech by the President on innovation and economic growth. I wanted to highlight that speech -- as ...

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High Tech Hydrocarbons: Neste Biodiesel Branches Out from


Neste Oil (Neste) is a Finnish oil refining company that focuses on advanced, low-emission transportation fuels. 

Neste has the distinction of starting up the world’s largest biodiesel plant, which began production last month in ...

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Hasbro Soaks Competition For Patent Infringement from

By Daniel Davidson Time to get nostalgic and think back to those blistering hot summers (this part is for our Florida readers) when the air was mixed with the fragrances of “Bullfrog” sunscreen sticks, I ...

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*** Intellectual Ventures Launches Massive Litigation Across 3 Industries*** from

"Gentlemen, you can't fight in here - This is the War Room!
         -- President Merkin Muffley (Dr. Strangelove, 1964)
For some, this was a surprise.  For most everyone else, it was a matter of "what took ...

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All 3G "Licenses-Out and Cross-Licenses" Deemed Discoverable as Potentially Relevant to Industry Practice and Valuation from

Plaintiff's motion to compel "Nokia to produce all licensing agreements covering wireless products that comply with third generation ('3G') telecommunication standards known as CDMA and WCDMA" was granted. "[Defendant's] licenses-out and cross-licenses provide ...

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PTO Implements 24 Month Provisional Program from

The PTO is implementing an “Extended Missing Parts Pilot Program” that will permit applicants to effectively extend the duration of a provisional application to 24 months.  The deails of the program were discussed earlier.

This ...

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The EU patent: countries break ranks in search of unity from

Via the IPKat's friend Stephanie Bodoni (Bloomberg) comes news, fresh from the very heart of Europe, that the political will to sort out a new European Union-driven patent system is being taken a step ...

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Extended Missing Parts Pilot Program Starts. Procrastinators Rejoice. from

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is implementing a pilot program (Extended Missing Parts Pilot Program) in which an applicant can request a twelve-month time period to pay certain fees and to reply ...

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AusPat beta Launched from

IP Australia recently released a new version of its patent database, AusPat beta. The new version allows users to retrieve patent specifications from 1904 to the present. Approximately half of the 1.4 million AU ...

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Research Corp. Technologies, Inc. v. Microsoft Corp. from

The Federal Circuit issued an important decision concerning ”abstract ideas” and 35 USC §101 today in Research Corp. Technologies, Inc. v. Microsoft Corp., 2010-1037 (Fed. Cir. Dec. 8, 2010).

If you are interested in listening ...

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SpicyIP Jobs: Associate (Patents) for Delhi IP firm from

An IP boutique firm is looking for an Associate (Patents) with excellent communication skills and a technology background in Mechanical Engg/Electronics/Computer Science. The candidate should have some experience in their technology domain or ...

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