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post image Protecting product by patents? What will they think of next! from

The college took care to ensure an adequate
supply of refreshments for the thirsty participants
The IPKat is always pleased to learn what his valued colleagues are thinking, so he is particularly pleased when he ...

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post image Downloading from unlawful sources: the Dutch approach from

The message may sound paradoxical, but "Copyright owners better off in a regime that allows downloading from illegal sources" was the striking title of a recent post on The 1709 Blog which reported on the ...

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post image PCC Page 9: The time has come to issue proceedings from

The PCC Pages is a series of Tuesday features on the new regime for litigation before the recently revamped Patents County Court (PCC) for England and Wales, hosted by PatLit but furnished by the Chartered ...

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post image Hanukah trademarks from

We are in the midst of the 8 night celebration of Hanukah. Here are some fun Hanukah themed trademark registrations:

  • MENORAHMATE (no, its not a dating service!)
  • Green Menorah for public ...

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post image Hedging Against a Willfulness Finding in Litigation Parallel to Patent Reexamination from

Demonstrating Objectively Reasonable Conduct

The admissibility of evidence relating to an ongoing patent reexamination in a parallel patent litigation is often times a question of both purpose and timing. Last January, we presented a four ...

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post image Chestnuts, hyperlinks and a happy ending from

The Kat heaves a sigh of relief.
Now he'll never lose his cool
when searching for Regulations
on the latest Protected
Geographical Indications
Who says it never pays to complain? Only a few short ...

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Biotech/Pharma Docket from

By James DeGiulio -- Amgen's Bid for Summary Judgment in Neupogen Suit with Teva Falls Short Amgen has been unsuccessful in its attempt to secure partial summary judgment of infringement against Teva with regard to ...

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WHO Members Again Attempt Global Plan Against Pandemics from

The most recent outbreak of pandemic influenza was mild, but the World Health Organization is still working on a plan of what to do should another, more severe outbreak ever occur. States will come together ...

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Court ruling shows risk of “naked license” from

When licensing your trademarks to others, it’s important to carefully draft the license agreement or you could end up giving away — or even losing — your trademark rights.  “Naked licensing” occurs when a trademark holder ...

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The Schrijver System® from

There has suddenly been a lot of advertising for The Schrijver System®, a method that claims to deal with the problems of damp in houses. The company website states that the system was thought of ...

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Groupon, Mergers And Patent Litigation (Oh My!) from

Previously, I mentioned how Groupon acquired this patent and used it to retaliate against MobGob’s patent infringement claims against it.  Meanwhile, news of the potential $ 6 B acquisition by Google abounds (including proclamations that ...

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Officials Work This Week To Advance WIPO Treaty To Protect Biological, Traditional Resources from

Delegates this week at the World Intellectual Property Organization are continuing text-based discussions on a legal instrument for traditional knowledge, genetic resources and traditional cultural expressions. This week’s meeting is expected to be a ...

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More on the fusion of manufacturing/services - and the important of knowledge from

One of the hallmarks of the I-Cubed Economy is the fusion of manufacturing and services. A couple of stories in a recent issue of the Economist highlight this factor. First, there is this insightful comment ...

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Myriad and the ACLU Disagree over Claim Scope, But Apparently Not over Patent Eligibility of Genetic Diagnostic Methods from

After reading the briefs submitted by Myriad and the ACLU/PubPat in AMP v. PTO (the challenge to Myriad’s gene patents, described in previous posts to this blog), one thing that struck me was ...

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Monday miscellany from

New name.  The IPKat's friend Ákos Süle (attorney at law, Budapest) tells him that the name of the Hungarian Patent Office (Magyar Szabadalmi HIvatal) will be amended -- probably early next year -- to "Szellemi Tulajdon ...

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Acts of Inducement may be Inferred from Defendant's Pre-Issuance Conduct from

Defendants' motion for summary judgment of noninfringement was granted as to direct infringement, but denied as to induced infringement. "While pre-issuance conduct alone cannot be grounds for induced infringement of the [patent-in-suit], pre-issuance activity may ...

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Enhancing Electronic Communications for Trademarks from

This past Friday, December 3, the USPTO welcomed members of AIPLAIPO, INTA and members of the public in a roundtable discussion to highlight best practices for trademark prosecution in the current electronic environment and ...

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New USPTO Guidelines and the Obviousness Standard for Patents from

Strafford Publications is hosting the above-titled livewebinar/teleconferenceon January 12, 2011:

The Supreme Court’s 2007 decision in KSR v. Teleflex established a new standard for obviousness. In Sept. 2010, the USPTO published ...

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WTO Session On GIs, Part Of Doha “Final Countdown” from

This week the World Trade Organization is convening informal consultations on an international register for geographical indications on wines and spirits, as part of a "final countdown" intensification process for the Doha round of trade ...

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‘Final final’ ACTA Text Published; More Discussion Ahead For EU from

Negotiating partners today released the final text of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) after another week of what they called “legal scrubbing” which in fitting form was once again was performed behind closed doors, this ...

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Hocus Pocus from

Back in September 2009 in the case of Nystrom v. TREX, Chief Judge Rader wrote an opinion (or “additonal views” at the end of an opinion that he authored for the panel) that addressed claim ...

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Tactical IP from

By Scott Nyman There’s no secret that the Motion Picture Association of America has been targeting infringing individuals, many of which are college students. Now, the MPAA is taking one step up the ladder ...

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