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post image Wednesday whimsies from

The IPKat and Merpel thought
the ABA 'Best Blawg' badge a
bit, er, conspicuous, so they've
opted for this one instead.
Ever conscious of its beauty, wit and unparalleled singing voice, the Kat is ...

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post image Updated Patent Coverage on PatBase from

As part of their recent system update (which went final on December 1st), Minesoft’s patent search system PatBase has touted their improved country coverage. These changes are ongoing, unlike the feature changes we covered ...

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post image Columbia’s Patented Smart Grid Technology to Power FedEx’s NYC EV Fleet from

Of the 12 smart grid projects to win an award as part of the GE Ecomagination Challenge, one in particular caught my attention. 

That is GE’s collaboration with Columbia University’s School for Engineering ...

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post image Delhi High Court rules on ‘Horlicks’ v. ‘Complan’ Ad-Campaign – ‘Ad-gurus’ gone wild from

In a recent judgment Justice Ravinder Bhat of the Delhi High Court has passed interim orders in longstanding litigation between Glaxo Smithkline & Horlicks on one hand and Heinz, the manufacturers of Complan, on the other ...

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post image Breaking News: Supreme Court dismisses (Bayer) Patent Linkage Appeal from

This afternoon, a Supreme Court bench consisting of Justices Aftab Alam and RM Lodha dismissed the Special Leave Petition (SLP) filed by Bayer in the patent linkage matter.

It's a huge surprise that this ...

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EMA Publishes Guidelines for Biosimilar Antibodies - Part I from

By James DeGiulio -- On November 23, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) finally published its guidelines for biosimilar monoclonal antibodies (mAb). The two-part guidelines are now subject to public consultation until May 31, 2011, after which ...

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New case law after appeal brief from

Responding to new case law after filing an appeal brief
Takeaway: If you have a case on appeal to the BPAI and new case law comes out that affects arguments made in your Appeal Brief ...

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Defendant Seeks to Undo Stay Pending Patent Reexamination from

Change of Fortune Emboldens Defendant

When it comes to staying a district court litigation pending concurrent patent reexamination, defendants are always arguing to  halt the proceedings while plaintiffs urge the court to continue. Yet, in ...

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Justice Ravindra Bhat frames ‘issues’ in Nexavar patent infringement dispute before the Delhi High Court; from

As reported by us earlier Justice Ravindra Bhat of the Delhi High Court has managed to convince both Bayer and Cipla to expedite the Nexaver patent infringement suit directly to trial without hearing arguments on ...

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Cineplex Lends a Hand to Close Pandora’s Box of Movies from

Dan Whalen is a JD candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School. Joining the arms race of online movie services, Cineplex recently introduced its own download store as part of a multi-phase strategy to create “one ...

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Why intellectual property matters from

In the last week, there have been many stories in the news that underscore the value and importance of intellectual property to all types of business – to software companies, movie studios, publishers and authors, and ...

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Key IP-Related Personnel Changes In UN, National Agencies from

The end of the year is bringing many changes in intellectual property-related policy offices in Geneva and the capitals. Some of these changes include top offices at the World Intellectual Property Organization, the World Health ...

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Supreme Court Decision Will Influence Patent Value Across The Board from

In 2011, the Supreme Court will hear argument, and make a decision in Microsoft v. i4i about:

Whether the invalidity defense provided for in the Patent Act, 35 U.S.C. § 28[sic], must be ...

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Settlement Communications Leading to Litigation-Induced Licenses may be Discoverable to Establish Admissibility of License Agreements from

The court granted defendants' motion to compel the production of settlement communications leading to litigation-induced license agreements because the communications would help determine the admissibility of the license agreements. "Although other courts in this District ...

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A new debate on competitiveness policymaking from

As the economy has soured, interest in the notion of competitiveness, economic strategy, and industrial policy has grown. Over the past couple years, numerous reports and studies have been issued. This morning, the Center for ...

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Supreme Court to review the standard of proof for invalidity defense from

On November 29, 2010, the Supreme Court agreed to hear Microsoft v. i4i, a case that addresses the evidentiary standard required to invalidate a patent. Presently, patents that are approved by the Patent Office are ...

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Excuse Me, You’re Missing a Necessary Party to this Suit! A123 Systems, Inc. v. Hydro-Quebec from

In A123 Systems, Inc. v. Hydro-Quebec, Appeal 2010-1059 decided November 10, 2010; an accused infringer brought a declaratory action against a licensee but did not join the owner of the patents in the suit. Under ...

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