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post image Joint Ownership of a Trade Mark: The Tribulations of Termination from

"Joint ownership of IP" -- no words strike more terror into the heart of an IP practitioner than the task of having to provide appropriate contractual provisions in such a situation. Truth be told, while I ...

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post image Super Casette Industries vs Board of Film Certification: Certifications Galore from

The court has clubbed thirty six writ petitions together and the petitioners are mostly producers, manufacturers, sellers, and also replicators for music companies holding copyrights in audio-visual materials recorded on VCDs and DVDs (discs). The ...

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post image No Charge from

A123 System filed a declaratory judgment action in Massachusetts against Hydro-Quebec (HQ), who had a license for two lithium battery patents owned by the University of Texas (UT). The district court dismissed the suit because ...

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post image Recent publications from

Patent Law in India, by M. B. Rao and Manjula Guru, is a bit of a curiosity.  Just out this September, this book is part of Wolters Kluwer's Law & Business series (web page here ...

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post image Europe burns with impatience, while heat is turned up on Pizza from

Like the EU patent, the perfect pizza
requires the subjugation of each
individual ingredient for the good
of the whole
Many of the readers of this blog also avidly follow developments as they unfold on ...

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post image That Wedding ... and That Conference from

In the olden days, before paparazzi were invented,
the popular press had a dreadful time getting wedding pics ...
A royal wedding is an exciting event – and not just for the friends and family of the ...

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post image Friday fantasies from

It's Friday again, time to reflect not on what might have been but on what hasn't yet been.  The best way to do this is by checking the IPKat's Forthcoming Events list ...

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Study Of Public Domain, Copyright At WIPO Offers Recommendations from

A better definition of the public domain is needed, but copyright and public domain are not antagonistic, said a study commissioned by the World Intellectual Property Organization presented this week. Also this week, a book ...

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To amend Your Copyright Claim, Better hurry lest You miss the Game: Delhi High Court rejects Application for Amendment of Plaint from

Among the followers of Spicy IP, those who are musically inclined must be familiar with the name of Shubha Mudgal, a renowned artist by any standard in the world of music and theatre. The present ...

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Smart Patents at War from

The mobile communications industries is encountered by a so far unexampled burst of patent infringement claims. Almost all big market players are either faced with infringement claims driven by competitors or self taking court action ...

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Disappointing Results At ICAP Ocean Tomo Auction from

So, after my original report and post about the ICAP November patent auction, Joff over at the IAM Blog predicted that “things should be sizzling,”  while also recommending caution.  It seems caution was the recommendation ...

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US DOJ weighs in on battle over gene patents from

Ivy Tsui is a JD candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School The U.S. Department of Justice (“DOJ”) filed an amicus brief to support the ACLU and the PUBPAT in a lawsuit challenging Myriad Genetics ...

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Group Purchasing Power – An Interesting Use Of The Patent Marketplace from

There’s nothing quite like a patent war over group, pre-purchase discounts to get people excited, is there?  A couple of different news outlets have picked up on a lawsuit by Groupon against apparent competitor ...

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Facebook Is On the Receiving End Of A Trademark Battle – Lamebook sues Facebook from

By: Mark R. Malek As you may have already heard, Facebook has been in the process of vigorously enforcing its intellectual property.  Some commentators, such as, for example, ME, have likened their tactics to bullying ...

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