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post image Interim relief in Argentina: a useful summary from

Following the adoption of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), patent legislation in Argentina was brought into compliance with the minimum TRIPS standards.   TRIPS Art. 50, which governs the enforcement of ...

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post image Solvay cross-border injunction dispute heads for Court of Justice ruling from

Via Paul England (Simmons & Simmons) comes news of a reference to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) for a preliminary ruling on the controversial question of cross-border injunctions in cases of patent ...

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post image TPAC Quarterly Meeting Summary – November 2010 from

This week the Trademark Public Advisory Committee (“TPAC”) held its quarterly meeting at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.As with all TPAC meeting, it was both open to the public and webcast. I ...

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post image Uspto Denies Microsoft’S Second Request To Reexamine I4I Patent from

Rationale for Supreme Court Cert Gutted?

In 2009, Microsoft was found to have infringed i4i’s 5,787,449 patent (i4i Limited Partnership and Infrastructures for Information Inc v. Microsoft Corp, (E.D. Tx No ...

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post image Usability made simple from

Although we all struggle with graphical user interfaces every day, most of us will wind up blaming ourselves for our lack of success; actually, sometimes it’s just poor design that makes an application frustrating ...

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post image Obligatory Thanksgiving Day Patent Blog Post from

Based on a review of some of my colleagues, it has become apparent to me that I must help celebrate the holidays here at Gametime IP by discussing Thanksgiving-related patent issues.  So, in that spirit ...

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post image A "Special" Copyright Victory for the Disabled from

Prashant recently highlighted the key findings of a Parliamentary standing committee constituted to study the copyright amendment bill. In particular, the report comes as a huge victory to two sets of stakeholders, namely film/music ...

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post image The Royal Wedding and IP: warm up that telly, brand owners told from

"If you don't wear that silly dress", said
William, "I won't wear that silly uniform"
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the United Kingdom has a Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP).   This committee ...

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post image Parliamentary Standing Committee tables report on 'Copyright Amendment Bill 2010': Lyricists and Composers win the battle! from

The Parliamentary Standing Committee, headed by Shri. Oscar Fernandes, examining the ‘Copyright Amendment Bill, 2010’, has finally tabled its report before Parliament. The report is available over here on the website of the Rajya Sabha ...

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FTC Continues Attempts to Block Reverse Payments from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- The Federal Trade Commission is nothing if not persistent in trying to eliminate "reverse payment" settlements in ANDA litigation, even going so far as to "forum shop" to do so, according ...

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The 50 best patent blogs from

I'm pleased to say that this blog has been listed as one of the 50 Best Patent Blogs on the Guide to Online Schools site -- though sadly only as one of the "rest of ...

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Defective Oaths Plague Patent Reissue Filings from

Upward of 70% of Patent Reissue Filings Include a Defective Oath

(click to enlarge)

As most practitioners are well aware, defective oaths in patent reissue are the rule, not the exception. As the chart above ...

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The Beatles and Apple Finally Come Together from

Dan Whalen is a JD candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School Digital-age Beatlemaniacs were feeling fine when Apple Inc. recently announced that its iTunes Store would finally have the band’s catalogue available for purchase ...

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Embattled Silicon Graphics Portfolio Now On The Warpath from

Yesterday, thanks to PriorSmart‘s Daily Litigation Alerts, I noticed Dell, HP and Lenovo all targeted in the same Delaware patent lawsuit by Graphics Properties Holdings, Inc.  The titles of the two patents at issue ...

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Breaking News – Transfer Motion Granted In ED Tex False Marking Case from

Via Michael Smith’s EDTex Blog:

Motions to transfer filed by the defendant in the one of the three in which it was filed (a single-defendant case) was granted from the bench (as I write ...

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Intent to Deceive Element of False Marking Claim Cannot be Inferred from: from

Failure to Pay Maintenance Fees and Later Revision of Product Packaging

The magistrate judge recommended dismissing plaintiff's qui tam false marking action for failure to plead intent to deceive with particularity. "Plaintiff herein seeks ...

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They Invented What? (No. 189) from

U.S. Pat. No. 2,928,748: Preparation of frozen stuffed fowl.

JW Note:  Wishing our readership a safe and Happy Thanksgiving 2010!  For Thanksgiving TIW? from years past, click on this link.

We claim ...

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Thanksgiving Day Patents from

By: Mark R. Malek We have now come to the time of the year when I like to have a little fun with the Patent Office – Thanksgiving.  Coincidentally, this is my favorite holiday of them ...

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Private Research And Patent Litigation from

My new column, Patent Connections, has kicked off over at  The first entry, From Bottomlines to Headlines: How Private Research Leads To Patent Litigation dicsusses the role of private research in patent licensing ...

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Immersion Corp. v. Sony from

I ran across an old oral argument from 2006 for Immersion Corp. v. Sony Computer Enterntainment America, Inc. et al., 2005-1358 (Fed. Cir. April 4, 2007).  The oral argument is interesting mainly because it features ...

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USPTO and EPO Working Towards Joint Patent Classification System from

On October 25th the USPTO and the EPO announced a plan to develop a joint patent classification system

Currently, the USPTO patent classification system is not based on WIPO’s International Patent Classification (IPC) system ...

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Wednesday whimsies from

The IPEC: you only need to wield
a small stick if you're conductring
the whole orchestra Yesterday's meeting to discuss the role of the Intellectual Property Enforcement Coodinator (IPEC) in the United States ...

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Innovation in an "old" sector -- agriculture from

Each holiday has its own special characteristic. Christmas is about gift-giving. Halloween is about kids. Easter is about spring and renewal. Thanksgiving is about food.

So here is a thought provoking article on agriculture for ...

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