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post image Federal Circuit Rejects A123 Bid to Head Back to Boston from

In a previous post, I discussed the patent litigation between Boston area lithium ion battery maker A123 Systems Inc. (A123) and Canadian utility Hydro-Quebec (H-Q).

A123 initially brought a suit in April 2006 against H-Q ...

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post image BPAI holds that claim which includes figure is not indefinite from

Takeaway: In Ex parte Smotkin, the applicant appealed a claim to a fuel cell membrane including a coating having a thickness described in the claim as "in the range shown for Nafion 117 in Figure ...

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post image International Essay Contest from

International Essay Contest


            As a member of the Article One community, you have the opportunity to contribute to a new Quarterly Newsletter which will be co-sponsored by Article One and Peer-to-Patent.  This Newsletter will be ...

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post image SpicyIP Tidbit: Estee Lauder loses trademark case against Gufic Biosciences in the Supreme Court from

The Supreme Court on Friday rejected Estee Lauder’s appeal and upheld the judgment of the Delhi High Court allowing to Gufic to continue using the word ‘cliniq’ in its product. The Bench was headed ...

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post image Thankful for Patents from

Every year around the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, we see a rash of stories about people burning their houses down by incorrectly trying to deep fry their turkey. For every problem that exists (as ...

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post image The PCC Page no.7: Cautious first steps -- getting underway from

The PCC Pages is a series of Tuesday features on the new regime for litigation before the recently revamped Patents County Court (PCC) for England and Wales, hosted by PatLit but furnished by the Chartered ...

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post image Defendant Raises Constitutional Challenge to False Marking Statute Before Federal Circuit from

Recently, a defendant in a false marking case pending before the Western District of Pennsylvania (FLFMC v. Wham-O) has appealed that court's finding concerning the constitutionality of the false marking statute.  On appeal to ...

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post image Spicyip Tidbit: 10 Million Euro claim by Lambretta against Scooters India from

Lambretta Consortium (Italian two wheeler manufacturer) has stated that it will claim over 10 million Euros from Scooters India in relation to the unlawful licensing of Lambretta trademark in the EU. Scooters India Limited is ...

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Symposium on Role of Intellectual Property in Development from

The World Bank Legal Vice Presidency will be hosting a Symposium on "The Role of Intellectual Property in Development" on Thursday, December 16, 2010 from 12:30 to 4:15 pm at its headquarters in ...

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IPO and BIO Submit Comments on USPTO Reexamination Voucher Proposal from

By Donald Zuhn -- Earlier this fall, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office announced that it was seeking comments regarding a proposal to incentivize the creation and distribution of humanitarian technologies by offering fast-track ex ...

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Do it by the book: case management and questions for reference from

Earlier today in the Patents County Court (PCC) Judge Birss gave judgment in Westwood v Knight [2010] EWPCC 16 -- not so much a case as a case management conference (CMC), the first of its kind ...

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Whetting Your Appetite from

This week our national conversation is taking a break from contentious political concerns to focus on more enduring questions: whole cranberry sauce or jellied? pumpkin or sweet potato pie? breast or leg? I thought it ...

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Digital Economy Act Goes To Judicial Review from

Matt Lonsdale is a JD candidate at Dalhousie University In June of 2010, the UK’s Digital Economy Act came into force. The Act “includes provisions relating to the UK’s communications infrastructure, public service ...

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How long does patent and trademark prosecution take? (2010 update) from

Each year on this blog I’ve addressed a question that patent and trademark applicants commonly ask:  “how long will it take for my application to grant?”   Each year, the USPTO issues a report with ...

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Defendant's Settlement Agreements in Cases Involving Similar Patents are not Discoverable from

Plaintiff's motion to compel the production of defendant's settlement agreement in another case was denied. "Although [plaintiff] argues that the [patent] in the Texas case is 'directly relevant' to the . . . patents at issue ...

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Nobel Prize Not Enough for Patent Critics from

Thomas Hager’s book The Alchemy of Air, describes the pursuit to fix nitrogen.  A major limitation for food production is the ability to fix nitrogen.  Historically, the solution was the use of manure to ...

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Regeneron Sues for Declaratory Judgment That VEGF Trap Does Not Infringe Genentech Patents from

On November 19, Regeneron sued Genentech in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York seeking a declaration that no activities relating to the Regeneron VEGF Trap infringe any claim of US ...

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Boston Globe Editorial Acknowledges Importance of Gene Patents, and Suggests Issue Should Be Decided by Congress, Not the Courts from

In an apparent shift of position, the Boston Globe has parted company with much of the mainstream media by acknowledging the importance of gene patents to biotechnology, the potential deleterious impact if Judge Sweet's ...

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The subtle art of comparison: your chance to vote from

Don't read the ruling in which a comparison of the two signs displayed here was undertaken (the IPKat isn't even giving its jurisdiction or citation yet). Just bear in mind the fact that ...

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Google and Viacom – A Copyright Revenge Story from

By Scott Nyman Google announced their interactive television platform earlier this year, promising to bridge the gap between content sourced from traditional broadcast and up-and-coming internet streaming services.  Running an adapted version of Google’s ...

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3Q GDP revised upward from

Today's new "second estimate" of the 3Q GDP shows a significant revision upward to 2.5% (the preliminary estimate last month was 2%). This is much better than the 1.7% GDP growth in ...

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SpicyIP Tidbit: NGOs set up blog for FTA's effects on Access to Medicine from

Several NGOs have been protesting the free-trade agreements that are being negotiated due to the detrimental effect that these multilateral and bilateral agreements would have on access to medicines. We too have covered the ...

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