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post image "When to sue" training for university TTOs: is it US-only? from

No longer havens of rustic reflection,
universities now have to develop
patent litigation savviness
Earlier this week PatLit commented on the availability of Boot Camp training for expert witnesses in patent litigation in the United ...

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post image Expiration of a US patent 32 years after application from

Merck v Teva: Prosecution laches and inequitable conduct

Last week, Merck reported a victory on appeal in the TEMODAR Patent Infringement Lawsuit here.

The claim (initial pleadings here - pdf alert) was dismissed on January 26 ...

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post image B.Braun and Patent Irregularity: What Lies Beneath? from

The ET reported on the suspension of a patent official for alleged "irregularities", in the context of the famed B.Braun patent litigation case. I excerpt the critical portions below:

"The government has suspended a ...

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post image Friday fantasies from

Conferences, seminars, talks -- there's so much coming up in the next few months, so be sure to check out the IPKat's Forthcoming Events page. Just click here to indulge your wildest fantasies ...

People ...

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post image Intervening Rights Created by Claim Cancellation in Patent Reexamination from

Cancellation of Dependent Claim Deemed “Amendment in Effect”

If claims, as amended in a post grant proceeding, are not substantially identical in scope relative to the previously issued claims, potential infringers of the amended claims ...

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Biotech/Pharma Docket from

By James DeGiulio -- Otsuka Abilify Patent Found Valid and Enforceable Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. won a key court ruling that upheld its patent covering Abilify, thereby preventing Teva, Apotex, and Sandoz from releasing generic versions of ...

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Is Pre-Appeal Brief Review Worth The Effort? from

The USPTO provided outcome statistics from the Pre-Appeal Brief Review program in the notice of proposed rulemaking for the proposed changes to ex parte appeal practice before the USPTO Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences ...

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Patents from Asia: conclusion from

This is the sixth (and last) in a series on Asian patenting (see my initial survey, Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan posts). I have omitted India as at present relatively little patenting occurs from...

(From ...

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Tips for implementing a social media policy from

Issues continue to arise regarding the use of social media and the legal and practical issues that can arise.  Here are few stories demonstrating the need for common sense by users and social media usage ...

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Are Patent Fees Tax Deductible? What does a patent attorney need to know about the Internal Revenue Code? from

By Antonio Tapia Tax season is quickly approaching. I can tell because I’ve noticed an almost mantra-like drone seeping into my calls and consultations as a patent attorney.  As if  conspiring between themselves, clients ...

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Making The Case For Responsible Science For A Safe Environment from

Innovation or “jugaad” has always driven the Indian economy. However, the last decade has been witness to an emerging paradigm shift to high-quality value-added innovation, writes industry lawyer Sunita K. Sreedharan. Related Articles:

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No Willful Infringement as to Patents Issued After Filing of Infringement Suit from

The court granted defendant's motion for judgment as a matter of law of no willful infringement of plaintiff's aircraft data transmission patents as to four of the seven patents-at-issue despite the jury's ...

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"Making available" only happens where it happens from

On Wednesday Mr Justice Floyd handed down his keenly-awaited ruling in Football Dataco Ltd, The Scottish Premier League Limited, The Scottish Football League Limited and PA Sport UK Limited v Sportradar GmbH & and Sportradar AG ...

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More on experimenting with health care and competitveness from

Last week, I posted a piece on the role of the states in administering the health care reform efforts. As I argued, health care (both availability and cost) is a key factor in economic competitiveness ...

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