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post image Will There Ever Be Unanimity On An EU Patent? from

Interpreter in the EU Parliament (Strasbourg)

Earlier this month I reported on an epic failure of the EU Council to reach a political agreement on the question of languages and translations for the planned EU ...

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post image IP Enforcement Report: some real data for SME patent enforcement from

For some SMEs, budgeting for
patent litigation takes up all their
time and resources
The IPKat has already reported the publication of "Intellectual Property Enforcement in Smaller UK Firms", commissioned by the Strategic Advisory Board ...

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post image Muffin from

This weblog regrets to inform readers of the sad death yesterday of Muffin, who had been unwell for some months. An elderly cat even when she joined the Phillips family in June 2003 from an ...

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post image A Lidl bit pricier? Can consumers verify Vierzon? The CJEU rules from

It's a big day for comparative advertising today, with the long-awaited ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in Case C-159/09 Lidl SNC v Vierzon Distribution SA, a reference ...

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post image Innography: a source for international litigation data from

A few months ago I was asked to recommend sources for searching patent litigation in various European jurisdictions. I was able to scrape some country-specific sources together, but for the most part patent litigation data ...

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post image one seriously contested nostalgic domain name from

A VéloSolex is a simple motorized bike manufactured in France from 1946 to 1988; production by a licenseee in Hungary ended in 2002. About six million VéloSolex were produced, and they were loved for their ...

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USPTO Releases 2010 Performance and Accountability Report from

By Donald Zuhn -- On Tuesday, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office released its Performance and Accountability Report for FY 2010. With respect to the Office's performance goals, the report indicates that 64% of ...

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The Vortex hand dryer from

Last night I was at a gathering in London by SA Vortex, to launch a revolutionary new hand dryer. I gave a brief presentation about what our Business & IP Centre does for innovators and business ...

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Court ruling opens possibility of using new evidence in Section 145 patent appeal proceedings from

On November 8, 2010, the Federal Circuit issued an opinion in Hyatt v. Kappos that opens the door for patent applicants to introduce new evidence when appealing a Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences (BPAI ...

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Damages for damaging a brand: Tullis Russell v Inveresk from

Thanks are due to Susan Sneddon (an IP & IT Associate with the leading Scottish firm of Maclay Murray & Spens LLP) for sending IP Finance this note on the very recent Scottish decision in
Tullis Russell ...

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Plaintiff's Control of Ex Parte Reexamination Schedule Negates Prejudice from Stay from

In granting defendant's motion to stay pending reexamination, the court rejected plaintiff's argument that a stay would prejudice plaintiff's rights in that it would delay resolution of the litigation. "[T]his is ...

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E-Book Readers Hope To Come Home For The Holidays from

Matt Lonsdale is a JD candidate at Dalhousie University The New York Times is predicting that this holiday season could be the time that electronic book readers, or e-readers, finally break into the mainstream. As ...

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Chilean Miner Registers Copyright In Note from

Leslie Chong is a J.D. Candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School When Jose Ojeda Vidal penned the note “Estamos bien en el refugio los 33” (“We are okay in the refuge, the 33 of ...

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Iowa Hawkeyes trademark victory soon to be offset by football loss from

By Scott Nyman In the interest of full disclosure, I am an alumnus of The Ohio State University. A Buckeye through and through, I eagerly await the Ohio State – Iowa matchup this weekend. Despite their ...

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Taking control of outside legal spending from

A recent article from The Lawyers Weekly highlighted a topic very near and dear to our hearts: doing and/or getting more for less.  According to a survey released by the Association of Corporate Counsel ...

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The state of patent auctions from

Over at IAM Blog, they have posted a recap of the most recent ICAP-OceanTomo patent auction. The headline of posting says it all: No big bids at ICAP OT auction as most lots go unsold ...

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Citation of Material After Payment of Issue Fee from

One of the issues that came up in the appeal of Flexiteek Americas, Inc. et al. v. Plasdeck, Inc. et al., 2009-1501 (Fed. Cir. Nov. 2, 2010)   was whether it was inequitable conduct for failure ...

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