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post image Blawg Review #289 from

Welcome to another Autumnal Edition of Blawg Review, hosted this week by the Patent Baristas. We’re always glad to have people over to visit so grab a piping hot spiced latte and we’ll ...

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post image Monday miscellany from

The closing date for the IPKat's Anagrams competition, for which the prize was complimentary admission to next week's "Copying Without Infringing" conference on Wednesday 17 November, was 31 October. The Kat was roaming ...

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post image Lamebook sues Facebook for Trademark Non-Infringement from

Facebook, if you've been living on a deserted island, is eponymous with online social networking. Lamebook is a parody website recently created by Jonathan Standefer and Matthew Genitempo, two graphic designers from Austin, Texas ...

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post image Trade marks and brands "overlooked" from

Sharing the same vision, singing
the same tune -- ITMA and BBG
The IPKat learned today that his friends at the British Brands Group (BBG), together with the Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys (ITMA), expressed serious ...

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post image Court Labels Claims Transformed in Patent Reexamination Mere Disguise from

Substantially Identical…More than Meets the Eye!

An interesting issue raised by any post grant claim amendment (e.g., patent reissue and/or patent reexamination) is: For a given claim, what is the degree of ...

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post image Meet the Trademark Troll from

We have patent trolls and copyright trolls (especially in jurisdictions that provide for statutory damages). Now it is the turn of the trademark troll.

Consider the following situation. You file a trademark application on behalf ...

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post image The PCC Page, no.5: taking a look at the road map from

Navigating the PCC's new rules --
not a subject to take 'lightly'
The PCC Pages is a series of Tuesday features on the new regime for litigation before the recently revamped Patents County Court  (PCC ...

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post image Two En Banc Arguments at Federal Circuit this Week from

Tomorrow morning, two important cases will be argued at the Federal Circuit.

Therasense v. Becton Dickinson

This case will be heard by the 9 active judges plus Senior Judge Daniel Friedman.  Senior judges usually do ...

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Conference & CLE Calendar from

November 8, 2010 - Advanced Patent Licensing 2010: Current Developments and Best Practices (Practising Law Institute) - New York, NY (Groupcasts to be held in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Mechanicsburg, PA) November 8-9, 2010 - Patent Litigation 2010 ...

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Court Report from

By Sherri Oslick -- About Court Report: Each week we will report briefly on recently filed biotech and pharma cases. Astellas US LLC et al. v. Nycomed U.S. Inc. 1:10-cv-08274; filed November 2, 2010 ...

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Two for Tuesday: En Banc Hearings in Therasense, Tivo from

This week brings two en banc hearings at the Federal Circuit. Inequitable conduct issues will be addressed in Therasense, Inc. v. Becton, Dickinson & Co., and contempt proceedings issues will be addressed in Tivo Inc. v ...

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Top nine trademark application mistakes from

Thinking of applying for trademark registration with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office? Of course, registering a brand name, slogan, or logo is a very good idea as it enhances your protection and value ...

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Curated gobbledy-gook? from

Within a story titled The Washington Post comes to iPad :

Chloe Sladden, Twitter Director of Media Partnerships, said: "The effortless way that The Washington Post's iPad app integrates curated, meaningful Tweets into their articles ...

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Lamar Smith on patent reform from

Lamar Smith in mainjustice on 4 Nov 2010:

Patent Reform: Nearly 30 percent of American workers are found in intellectual property industries such as health care, entertainment, renewable energy and information-technology. Patents protect this intellectual ...

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"Lawyers talking about metaphysics are not an ideal situation" from

There are a number of interesting quotes within the article What U.S. Can Teach Europe About Patents.

There is mention of metaphysics:

Current English law — falling as it does under the European Patent Convention ...

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WIPO Copyright Committee Tackles Visually Impaired Access, Other Exceptions from

The World Intellectual Property Organization Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR) is meeting this week in an attempt to advance proposals to improve global access to copyrighted works, following a disappointing summer meeting ...

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Biotech grants announced from

One section of the heath care legislation passed last spring was a programs of grants and tax credits to biotech firms for high-risk research -- the Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project Program. In an interesting arrangement, the ...

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Plaintiff's "Recent, Ephemeral" Presence in EDTX did not Warrant Retention of Venue Where the Public and Private Convenience Factors Favored Transfer from

Defendants' motion to transfer venue was granted where the private and public factors favored transfer. "[Plaintiff] allegedly moved its office to a residential apartment complex in Frisco less than three weeks before this suit was ...

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USPTO plans to extend "Green Technology Pilot Program" from

Note from page 64692 of the Federal Register/Vol. 75, No. 202/Wednesday, October 20, 2010/Notices on the Green Technology Pilot Program :

The program is designed to promote the development
of green technologies. Participation ...

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Event Reminder : IP Conclave 2010 by CCH India and Fidus Law Chambers from

Just a quick reminder : CCH India is organizing a one-day Intellectual Property Conclave in collaboration with Fidus Law Chambers on November 12, 2010 in Mumbai. It is for the first time that an IP event ...

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Preparing for the patent agent exam from

In a previous post, we had written about the release of a revised draft revised patent manual (hereafter 'draft manual') at the IPO. This post will discuss how one preparing for the patent agent exam ...

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Bayh-Dole Patent Ownership Dispute to be heard by Supreme Court from

Last week, the Supreme Court announced it will review the Federal Circuit decision in Stanford v. Roche, addressing patent ownership under the Bayh-Dole Act, after granting Stanford's petition for a writ of certiorari. The ...

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Supreme Court hears arguments today regarding first sale doctrine and international purchases from

This morning the Supreme Court will hear oral argument in Costco Wholesale Corp. v. Omega S.A., a case regarding the potential international scope of the first sale doctrine.  Costco lawfully purchased authentic Omega watches ...

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European Officials Eye Pan-European Passport For Collective Copyright Licencing from

The European Commission is considering a proposal in the coming months to create a pan-European passport for collective music licensing intended to overcome stifling difficulties of 27 national collecting societies, a top official has told ...

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How do we Improve IP and Patent Education at Universities? from

On Wednesday, November 17th, Article One will be hosting a discussion around Intellectual Property and Patent Research Education at universities.  We will be looking for feedback from current students, professors or recent graduates, including ...

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No doubt: China is a World Power in Patents from

I saw it reported in the Economix blog of the New York Times that China is about to take the global lead in patent application filings.

There is nothing surprising about this. Indeed it is ...

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Being Green Isn’t Easy – Green Technology Pilot Program Extended for Free Accelerated Patent Examination from

By: Aaron B. Thalwitzer It’s never been easy being green, and it still isn’t, but it did just get a little bit faster.  The  World Intellectual  Property Organization (WIPO) recently issued a Notice ...

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Trademark Collective Marks: Trademarking the Tea Party? from

While Tea Partiers generally oppose federal government intervention, a U.S. judge has agreed to referee a dispute among Florida political activists that questions whether anyone has a trademark or any other intellectual property rights ...

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PTO Inventors Conference: Patent Claim Drafting for Inventors from

Similarly, inventors shouldn't be rushing out to write their own patent applications and represent themselves pro se. In fact, representing yourself in a patent application is the patent equivalent of taking out your own ...

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US Trademark Commissioner Beresford To Retire from

United States Trademark Commissioner Lynne Beresford has announced she will retire on 30 December, according to the US Patent and Trademark Office. Deputy Commissioner for Trademark Operations Deborah Cohn will succeed Beresford and assume her ...

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Bpai obvious reverse benefit different feature claimed from

Takeaway: The BPAI reversed an obviousness rejection because the benefit relied on by the Examiner as a motivation to combine (improved performance) was not related to the feature claimed, but was instead a benefit of ...

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Walgreens sues Wegmans over Trademark from

Recently I wrote a blog post regarding the alleged infringement of the trademark IHOP. Now the national drugstore chain Walgreens believes that the Wegmans logo looks too much like the Walgreens registered trademark (PDF).

So ...

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