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post image Letter from AmeriKat: James Bond's gun, pre-1972 recordings, ITC patent fun, and Walgreens' "Flying W" from

For the past couple of week's the AmeriKat has been balancing a pretty hefty schedule of deadlines and late nights. Her early morning starts and late night returns were beginning to grate on her ...

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post image Next lap in Force India vs Ethiad dispute from

After watching the Brazilian GP today, this Kat feels just in the right mood for the following case on Formula One, sponsorship agreements and rebranding.

Almost one year ago, the IPKat reported on Force India ...

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post image Sustainability Isn’t Sustainable from

Sustainability is all the rage today.  What do we mean by sustainability?  There are numerous and conflicting definitions of what sustainability means.  However, most sources point to the World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED ...

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Dawn Of WIPO Industrial Design Treaty Talks; Internet As Trademark Danger Zone from

World Intellectual Property Organization members this week took early steps toward the possibility of a treaty to facilitate the registration of industrial designs, and urged WIPO to continue addressing potential new challenges to trademarks from ...

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Apple's US application 20100279768 on interactive gaming from

First claim:

A computer-implemented method performed by a first interactive game device operating in a real world, interactive game environment with a second interactive game device, comprising:

receiving state information from the second interactive game ...

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CBS Sunday Morning on November 7, 2010 from

Charles Osgood started with an age of instant communication and customer service agents laying ground for the cover story by Martha Teichner on --sitting on hold--, your call is not important to us. The second ...

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Patents related to striped toothpaste from

from wikipedia:

Striped toothpaste was invented by a New Yorker named Leonard Lawrence Marraffino in 1955. The patent (US patent 2,789,731, issued 1957) was subsequently sold to Unilever, who marketed the novelty under ...

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Rolls-Royce - patent suit follows engine failure from

There was mild interest in the engineering press in August on the news that aero engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce had launched a patent infringement action in the Eastern District of Virginia against US rival Pratt & Whitney ...

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US FDA’s Tough Road Ahead In Creating Pathway For Life-Saving Biologics from

The US Food and Drug Administration heard from myriad pharmaceutical companies, patient groups, and other stakeholders last week as the agency considers how to create an abbreviated pathway to bring more biologic drugs to market ...

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The demise of Townsend and Townsend and Crew from

from Joff Wild at IAM:

So, Townsend and Townsend and Crew is soon to join that long list of once independent US IP firms that are now no longer with us. Off the top of ...

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The rise of tribalism from

Discussing the plagiarism matter related to Del Castillo and the Philippine Supreme Court, Raul V. Fabella writes:

When the Supreme Court voted in October to dismiss the plagiarism complaint against one of its own on ...

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New Budget Crisis: PTO Collects $1 Million Per Day it Can’t Use from

Director Kappos was also asked whether there were any plans to allow the community to access the patent search platform that is available to patent examiners. Kappos explained that it was simply not possible for ...

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Exclusive Interview: Senator Birch Bayh on Bayh-Dole at 30 from

At we will spend the next month celebrating Bayh-Dole. We kick off our month long celebration of Bayh-Dole with an exclusive interview with the chief architect of the legislation --- The Honorable Birch Bayh ...

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Walter GmbH overcomes Dr. No at patent office from

Walter GmbH sought a trademark on the James Bond Walter PPK:

The mark consists of the three-dimensional
configuration of a pistol. The mark includes the
overall size and shape of the pistol and the
external ...

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Obama on "60 Minutes" on 7 Nov 2010 from

Late on Thursday afternoon, Steve Kroft interviewed President Obama. Obama acknowledged the election was a referendum on the economy. Obama noted his actions were "painted" as a big government philosophy. Folks are concerned about debt ...

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Anticipation Rejections from

Anticipation Rejections

This article provides a framework for traversing an anticipation rejection(s) included in an Office Action during patent prosecution.

Prior Art Determination

In analyzing an anticipation rejection, the practitioner should confirm that ...

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The Ugly Side of Intellectual Property – Infringement! from

by Mark Malek A downturn in the economy has resulted in a significant rise in the development of new technologies and new business models.  Many of these new technologies and business models are born of ...

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All Things Pros from

A few weeks ago the Reexamination Alert blog ran a story (here) about a Tivo patent which survived an ex parte reexamination. Though a great many reexams go to appeal, that wasn't needed here ...

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