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post image Tuesday Tiddlywinks from

Another dreary day in Londontown, but the IPKat Team is here to wish you a very happy day filled with intellectual property goodness.

US Supreme Court to hear Standford - Roche patent fight: Yesterday the US ...

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post image Delhi High Court orders the release of seized ‘Ferrero Rocher’ lookalikes from

Justice Ravinder Bhat of the Delhi High Court in an order dated 29th October, 2010 (click here for the order) ordered the partial release & de-sealing of a consignment of confectionary which had earlier been seized ...

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post image New Patent Search System: CPA Global Discover from

Today, CPA Global launched their new patent search system: Discover. In a public webinar, CPA Global went over some of the more interesting features of this search system, which is “available exclusively to CPA Global ...

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post image Asthmatic Injunction from

AstraZeneca sought and got a preliminary injunction against Apotex, which was hankering to launch a generic version of the asthma drug Pulmicort. Apotex did manage to invalidate "kit" claims of asserted 6,598,603 and ...

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post image Regional Patent Offices from

According to David Kappos, Director of the Patent and Trademark Office, we can expect regional patent offices shortly.  He made this announcement at the AIPLA meeting in Washington DC in October.  There are a number ...

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post image IITC Invalidity Holding Reversed in Patent Reexamination from

ITC Invalidity Holding Reversed in Patent Reexamination

Funai Electric’s U.S. Patent 5,329,369 was previously asserted in the International Trade Commission (ITC) and the Central District of California against a group of ...

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AMP v. USPTO -- Briefing Update from

By Donald Zuhn -- On October 22, Defendants-Appellants Myriad Genetics, Inc. and ten Directors of the University of Utah Research Foundation filed their brief in Association of Molecular Pathology v. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ...

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Peter Diamandis's X Prize Foundation from

Peter Diamandis' X Prize Foundation offers prizes innovative solutions to problems. These consist of the topics energy and the environment, exploration, global development, and the life sciences. The...

(From Steve van Dulken's Patents Blog)

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Links to recent radio appearances from

Over the last month, I have appeared on several radio programs and podcasts to discuss intellectual property and social media issues.

You can listen to or download the audio here:

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Failure to Mitigate Damages Defense "is not Inappropriate" in Patent Infringement Case from

The court denied plaintiff's renewed motion for judgment on the pleadings as to defendants' defense of failure to mitigate. "Plaintiff argues that failure to mitigate damages is not a defense in a patent infringement ...

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Violent Video Games on Trial from

Matt Lonsdale is a JD candidate at Dalhousie University The average teenager may not pay much attention to the decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court, but they might want to make an exception for ...

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Conflicting Positions on Gene Patents in Obama Administration from

On Monday evening, November 1, 2010, David Kappos, Undersecretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, told the Dow Jones news service: "The USPTO at the present ...

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Proving a Point: It’s Not Personal, Man from

The recording industry is suffering, It also has deep pockets. It has also put Jammie Thomas-Rasset (whom I will just call Rasset, because I like the name) through some serious litigation. According to a Minnesota ...

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Federal Circuit Affirms Preliminary Injunction Against Apotex's Generic Version of Pulmicort Respules from

AstraZeneca v. Apotex, No. 2009-1381 (Fed. Cir. 2010)

by Andrew W. Williams

On Monday, the Federal Circuit affirmed a preliminary injunction granted by the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey barring ...

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What the Election Results Mean for Patent Reform from

As the evening moves forward it is increasingly apparent that the Republicans are having an excellent night, and exactly what the vast majority of pundits have predicted seems to be coming true. Not withstanding the ...

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