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post image Chinese Junk from

China, historically notorious for intellectual property theft, didn't have any law on patents until 1985. The dragon has turned: the Chinese government is now anxious to promote domestic innovation. The way things are going ...

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post image Google Launches Legal Music Search for India to Fight Piracy from

In a spectacular move, Google announced yesterday, the launch of a music service in India to help users search for legal online music streams and downloads.

Our readers might remember a post from a week ...

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There is No Prior Art for My Invention from

I frequently am told by inventors that they have searched the marketplace and cannot find anything like their invention. I am also frequently told that they have done a patent search and cannot find anything ...

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Self-plagiarism in journals from

From a comment at the Scientist on 9/24/2010:

Came across an identical review article in 2 diff journals, both from the same publisher (Elsevier) ...

Clin Lab Med. 2010 Dec;30(4):815-27. Genetics ...

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Hal Lewis: "The giants no longer walk the earth" from

Many in patent law are familiar with text attributed to Isaac Newton: If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants.

For example
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants ...

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Early Bird Catches the Worm : Hurry and Register for the Workshop on Innovation,Creativity and IP Policy from

For those of you who haven't registered for the fabulous forthcoming workshop on Innovation,Creativity and IP Policy as announced by Mathews here,  HURRY!!!
This year the NUJS IP Chair is collaborating  with the ...

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New Draft Biodiversity Treaty Text Shows Much Work Remains; Co-Chairs Hopeful from

NAGOYA, JAPAN - In weekend attire, delegates in charge of negotiating an international binding instrument protecting countries against misappropriation of their genetic resources arrived at Nagoya Congress Center on Saturday afternoon to take up a new ...

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