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post image Manual Labours: Manual of Patent Practice Updated from

Those that are fans of the IPO’s Manual of Patent Practice (and let’s fact it, who isn’t?), will be delighted to learn (admittedly slightly later than this Kat was originally intending) that ...

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post image Food Stamps’ Multiplier Effect: Economic Voodoo from

The insidious multiplier effect raises its ugly head again in the form of Nancy Pelosi.

At a press conference in her home town of San Francisco, Pelosi explained that the program’s multiplier effect –the ...

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“Patent Agent Examination” Book Released from

After a successful journey of the 1st edition, Sheetal Chopra and Akash Taneja have released the 2nd edition of their book "Patent Agent Examination,” which aims at providing an overview of the challenging new framework ...

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The disconnect between the Patent Office and job creation from

Way back in Spring 2009, USPTO Director Kappos asserted before BIO that the application backlog at the US Patent Office was stifling job creation. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel covered the story with the following text ...

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