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post image BPAI Seeks New Chief Judge from

USPTO Seeks Chief Administrative Patent Judge

As discussed here daily, many important patents will, at one time or another, be the subject of a patent reexamination or patent reissue proceeding. In such post grant proceedings ...

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post image IP law and business .. or is it economics? from

Intellectual Property And Business, edited by Stephen E. Margolis, Professor of Economics and Craig M. Newmark, Associate Professor of Economics, North Carolina State University, is another attractive and star-studded two-volume compendium of "greatest hits" covering ...

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post image Monday miscellany from

Nobody reminded you last Friday to check the IPKat's Forthcoming Events page, which currently contains over 30 upcoming attractions.  It's updated on an almost daily basis, for your interest and your delectation.

Around ...

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post image Facebook Success Dissected in “Social Network” Movie from

Flash of Anus

The Social Network is currently the top grossing movie in the land. It’s the story of how Facebook, now with 500 million users, was founded, built and fought over.

The New ...

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post image Why BBC stalled in race with The Stig from

The BBC's next great idea, "Junior Top Gear"
 -- but will little Tommy overtake The Stig in popularity?
Readers with a mild interest in the parameters of commercial privacy/publicity, or with an obsession with ...

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USPTO Forges Ahead With International Worksharing from

During his first year as Director of the USPTO, David Kappos has championed international worksharing as a key mechanism for addressing the growing workload—and backlog—facing patent offices around the world. Patent Prosecution Highway ...

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Book reading from "Inventing the 21st Century" from

I am doing an evening book reading from my new book Inventing the 21st Century on the 18 October at the British Library's Conference Centre. You can book at this site. Besides reading extracts ...

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"Mind your syntax!" -- some basic questions for Europe's finest from

"If you think software patents are a pain", said the IPKat this July, "try software copyrights". The event which prompted this comment was the decision of Mr Justice Arnold (Chancery Division, England and Wales) in ...

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In Saskatoon, "Plagiarism Isn't So Bad, Sorta." from

NAOMI LAKRITZ of THE CALGARY HERALD satirizes a decision of Saskatoon school officials not to punish student plagiarists.
IPBiz notes Joe Biden was given an F at Syracuse Law School when caught plagiarizing.

Naomi's ...

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Jason Paylor and patents from

from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

Jason Paylor, 17, had been working on a patent to keep police officers cool under their bulletproof vests before he was gunned down outside his Wilkinsburg home 2 October 2010.

The ...

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What every employer should know about intellectual property from

Who owns social media posts created by employees? Who owns materials developed by contractors? Do you have written agreements and policies covering these issues? Have you taken steps to use proper usage of trademark and ...

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Best Practices in Valuing IP: an eye-witness account from

IP Finance is pleased to welcome as a guest contributor Jackie Maguire (CEO, Coller IP Management), who writes:
"I attended the recent Summit on Best Practices in Valuing Intellectual Property. Challenged with making IP ...

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2010 Ig Nobel Prize Winners. from

The 2010 Ig Nobel Prize winners were announced September 30. 2010 at Harvard’s Sanders Theatre.  Per this Wikipedia entry, the Ig Nobel Prizes are a parody of the Nobel Prizes and are given each ...

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Judge Davis Questions Whether Litigating Venue Disputes is in Clients' Best Interest from

In granting defendants' motion to transfer venue, the court questioned whether the expense of litigating venue is generally in the clients' best interests. "Motions to transfer in patent cases have become almost common place. Often ...

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On invention vs. innovation from

From TechDirt, on the difference between invention and innovation:

Again, this highlights the difference between invention (believing that you alone have come up with the perfect idea for a great product) and innovation (the ongoing ...

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Celebrating New & Old Faces at IP Osgoode from

Samantha Schreiber is a JD Candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School Kicking off a “year filled with all things intellectual property,” IP Osgoode and the IP Club held a Meet & Greet, on Tuesday, September 28 ...

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ACTA: No More Negotiating Rounds Planned; Latest Text To Be Released from

The round of negotiations in Tokyo last week on the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) will be the last in the several-year long process to come to a final agreement, negotiators have said. The latest ...

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Eliminating "Interim" IP Injunctions? from

In an earlier post, I bemoaned the mechanical grant of ex parte injunctions in patent matters and went on to note that:
"In fact, I would go to the extent of arguing (as I do ...

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Former US Solicitors General Arguing at the Federal Circuit from

I thought it was interesting that September featured Federal Circuit opinions that had been argued by two former US Solicitors General, Seth Waxman and Paul Clement. In addition, former US Solicitor General Ted Olson just ...

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All Things Pros from

Takeaway: The BPAI affirmed an indefiniteness rejection for a dependent claim which required the structures in the independent claim -- a container, an oscillator and electrodes -- to be "constructed in CMOS technology." The Board found that ...

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Kappos Reorganizes Operational Structure at Patent Office from

The first "new" Office within the USPTO is the Office of the Chief Communications Officer, which is formerly the Office of Public Affairs within the Under Secretary’s Office. The second "new" Office is the ...

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