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post image Card Activation Technologies Tripped Up in Patent Reexamination? from

Unwary Practitioners Often Inadvertently Surrender Claim Scope in Patent Reexamination

With so much patent reexamination going on at the USPTO these days, my inbox is always full of the latest press releases and news stories ...

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post image Novartis AG & Cibavision AG v. Johnson & Johnson [2010] EWCA Civ 1039 from

The Court of Appeal roared back into action yesterday with its first patent decision of the new term: Novartis AG & Cibavision AG v. Johnson & Johnson [2010] EWCA Civ 1039.Novartis and Cibavision appealed against the ...

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post image Friday Foghorn from

In addition to marking the 42nd anniversary of the foundation of NASA, today is also the day that the EPO gains its 38th Member State as Serbia accedes to the European Patent Convention. An extension ...

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post image Senator Charles Grassley Is No Friend To The Internet from

Senator Charles Grassley has repeatedly failed to sponsor Net Neutrality legislation that would guarantee you, not your internet service provider, decide which websites you can visit. His latest stunning move however, makes you long for ...

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post image The Disconnect Between IP Business Value and IP Legal Services and How Business Leaders Can Do a Better Job Choosing Their IP Counsel from

Fancy law firm offices rarely create business value for clients.

Last week, I did what I these days rarely ever do:  live in the world of corporate and law firm IP lawyers.   I traveled to ...

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post image Jimmie Reyna Nominated to Federal Circuit from

President Obama has announced the nomination of Jimmie Reyna to the Federal Circuit to fill the seat of Judge Mayer who took senior status on June 30.

Mr. Reyna is a partner in the Washington ...

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post image Update on the Indo-E.U. trade dispute before the WTO from

The BS reports today that India may formally approach the WTO Dispute Panel over the issue of 'in-transit' drug seizures by the E.U. As reported earlier on this blog India had file a complaint ...

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Biotech/Pharma Docket from

By James DeGiulio -- Genzyme Dismisses One Inequitable Conduct Count in Hectorol Suit Genzyme has won the dismissal of one of the three inequitable conduct counts raised by Cobrek Pharmaceuticals in a patent infringement suit between ...

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BIO Weighs in with Amicus Brief in Sun Pharmaceuticals v. Eli Lilly from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) has joined the chorus of amici urging the Federal Circuit to rehear en banc (and overturn) a panel decision affirming an invalidity finding of Eli Lilly ...

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Intersections: Negotiating the Spaces of Intellectual Property Under the Conditions of Neoliberalism from

Nicole Aylwin is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Communication and Culture Graduate Programme at York University On September 23, 2010, the York Centre for Public Policy and Law brought together one anthropologist, one political ...

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Next on the Agenda: Fixing the McKesson IDS Problem? from

David Kappos has wrapped up his first year as Director of the USPTO. As noted in his blog, he has implemented a number of new programs and rolled out several new initiatives. Perhaps most importantly ...

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Restored patents and licences to exploit from

Mr Law has a patent, Australian Patent No. 784051 titled “Conveyor Belt Cleaner”. For some reason, the renewal fees were not paid and the patent became a “ceased patent” (presumably). Almost 2 years later, he ...

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10% Ain’t Bad – Most Litigated Patents Tend to Lose 90% of the Time from

By Aaron B. Thalwitzer A new study is out concerning patent trolls and software patents.  The study found that the most litigated patents tend to lose nearly 90% of the time. When broken down into ...

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The danger of a “descriptive” brand name from

“5 Hour Energy” drinks are fairly well known and have spawned a slew of competition in small 2 oz. bottles. What is “5 hour energy” drink? It provides energy. Guess for how long? According to ...

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Plymouth Public Library is helping innovation from

We recently had a visit from several staff at Plymouth Public Library in Devon. They deal with business and innovation enquiries, and are the local centre in the Patlib UK network.  They wanted to...

(From ...

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Patents | Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ from

Patent FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions Answered

To help provide a resource which answers many frequently asked questions regarding patents, a “Patent FAQ” page has been added to the PresumptionofValidity blog.   As indicated on said ...

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Sun Mountain waterproofs prove problematic at Ryder Cup from

A Yahoo Sports clip about the current Ryder Cup series included the following:

A U.S. team source told Yahoo! Sports that the standard waterproofs, provided by Montana-based company Sun Mountain, were holding too much ...

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Senate candidate Glassman: "I would never intentionally steal anyone's work" from

In a Poshard-revisited moment, Arizona Senate candidate Rodney Glassman responded to evidence that he had copied, without attribution, text within his Ph.D. thesis at the University of Arizona: "I would never intentionally steal anyone ...

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Inventionland from

Pittsburgh-based inventionland claims over 2000 inventions per year. The working areas are "sets": ranging from pirate ships, race tracks, and faux caves, to red carpet walkways, a castle, and a giant robot.

Hmmm, need an ...

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Unmanned Office in Eastern District of Texas does not Impact Venue Analysis from

In denying defendants' motions to transfer venue, the court gave no weight to plaintiff's office in the local venue. "While [plaintiff] does have an office in Tyler, Texas where its documents are kept, the ...

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Using R&D Tax Credits to Fund Patent Portfolio Development from

The Research and Development (R&D;) Tax Credit was created by Congress as part of the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981 to encourage U.S. industries to invest in R&D; activities, and to ...

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WIPO launches WIPO Lex and IPAdvantage database from

The news from WIPO never stops coming!  Recently, we highlighted WIPO’s new ASPI search initiative,  and the new IPC Green inventory. As a quick Friday afternoon post, it’s worth mentioning two more resources ...

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Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione Appoints Vander Schaaf to Lead Washington D.C. Office from

Congratulations to clientLyle Vander Schaaf:

Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione, one of the largest intellectual property law firms in the U.S., announced the appointment of Lyle Vander Schaaf as managing partner of the firm ...

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Reducing Pendency through Worksharing and Acceleration Programs from

Increased globalization has taken its toll on IP Offices throughout the world. We see the phenomenon of increased filings and workload in many countries, including the United States and others, particularly in Europe and Asia ...

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Red Hat argues against software patents in response to USPTO's request for guidelines after Bilski from

After the Supreme Court handed down its long-awaited decision in Bilski v. Kappos, the United States Patent and Trademark Office had established an Interim Guidance regarding examination subject matter eligibility for process claims in light ...

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Study Shows Climate Change Innovation Concentrated In Few Nations from

The adoption of 1997 landmark environmental agreement the Kyoto Protocol caused a surge in environmental innovation, but the countries which are innovating and the licensees of this technology are limited, finds a newly released study ...

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Federal Circuit Nominee Mr. Jimmie V. Reyna from

As you may know, President Obama has nominated Mr. Jimmie V. Reyna to fill the last remaining vacancy on the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. [Press Release]  I could not find ...

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An Eventful Week For IP Policymaking In The United States from

The United States’ search for ways to spark its job growth has led to a focus on intellectual property rights, and this week several significant developments boiled over. Related Articles:

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