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post image A Thought for Thursday: Crowdsourcing from

Late September marks the start of a new academic year, and so idle moments are currently something of a rarity for this particular Kat. However, in a ‘slightly less busy than other moments’ moment, he ...

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post image Who Stole IP Rights in a Pencil Eraser? Not Faber-Castell from

It has to be one of the oddest comments that I have encountered in quite a while. The setting is the September 18th issue of The Economist. In the Business section, the magazine presented the ...

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post image IPO opens access to Indian TM database from

In continuance of its efforts to bring transparency to its functioning and sevices, the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks (CG) has announced that the trademarks database will soon become openly accessible and freely ...

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post image Monetizing Social Media from

These days, nearly every major brand and celebrity personality has some presence in the world of social media, whether a page (or multiple pages) on Facebook, a Twitter feed, blog or interactive section of their ...

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post image Patent Reform for Tax Professionals Only? from

Tax Group Seeks Special Legislation Banning Tax Strategy Patents

As if the prospects of any meaningful patent reform this year weren’t dim enough, another special interest group has joined the fray. Yesterday, the AICPA ...

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FDA Planning to Hold Public Hearings on Biosimilar Approval Pathway from

By Donald Zuhn -- Last week, the congressional daily The Hill reported on a draft notice from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that was being circulated among healthcare lobbyists on Capitol Hill. The notice, which ...

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Guest Post on Suit involving Daler Mehndi's Trademark from

Spicy IP brings to the readers an insightful piece of work on the issue of celebrity merchandising and the matter involving the singer Daler Mehndi in the case of D. M. Entertainment v. Baby Gift ...

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Patents from Japan from

This is the second in a series on Asian patenting (see my first post). In 2000 Japan made up 12,122, or 10% of the total, of published WO “World” patent applications. By 2009 this ...

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Appeal of Prison Sentence for Founders of The Pirate Bay Set to Begin from

by Mark Malek Many of our readers are familiar with The Pirate Bay and that it is, or at least it was, a site where piracy of intellectual property ran rampant.  The Pirate Bay is ...

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WIPO Launches WIPO Lex from

September 20, 2010 marked WIPO’s launch of WIPO Lex, a comprehensive online global IP reference resource which provides up-to-date information on national IP laws and treaties.  WIPO Lex compiles IP data for over 60 ...

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ANDAs for Generic Yasmin® do not Infringe Bayer Patent from

The court granted defendant generic drug manufacturers' motion for judgment on the pleadings that their ANDAs did not infringe the patent-in-suit because the patent did not "claim a use for [plaintiff's name-brand oral contraceptive ...

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Privacy Commissioner’s Term Coming to an End from

Matt Lonsdale is a JD Candidate at Dalhousie University This November, Jennifer Stoddart’s term as Canada’s Privacy Commissioner will come to an end. The Conservative government may choose to re-appoint her and Stoddart ...

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It's EP divisional crunch time from

The IPKat should not need to be reminding his patent attorney readers about this, but tomorrow 1 October 2010 is the final day in many cases for filing divisional applications at the EPO (see the ...

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WIPO Assembly Considers Paths For Possible New Treaties from

Member governments of the World Intellectual Property Organization this week set in motion negotiations that could lead to international treaties or other instruments on exceptions and limitations to copyright, the protection of traditional knowledge and ...

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Private: Green Patents in Derwent World Patents Index from

Last week, we touched on green patent classification listings in our post about WIPO’s IPC Green Inventory. This week, we’ll look at a similar green patent classification listing: Derwent World Patents Index’s ...

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First Patent Holder Grants Licences To UNITAID from

The United States National Institutes of Health has become the first patent holder to join the newly created Medicines Patent Pool, a project of drug purchasing mechanism UNITAID. Public health organisations hailed the move as ...

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Anti-Piracy Coordination Cell To Be Launched By FICCI from

In an effort to curb the menace of piracy which has increased manifolds owing to the technological developments, FICCI is launching an Anti-Piracy Coordination Cell on October 15,2010 at FICCI,Federation House,New Delhi ...

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Access to Legal Education: Old is Not Gold! from

Kshitij's well written post raised issues that are very close to my heart. Particularly since I think its a great idea to open up the 5 year programs at the premier NLU's (national ...

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CAFC finds a "digest" can be information from

The meaning of the word "digest" was at issue.

In Extreme Networks v. Enterasys, the CAFC vacated
a district court's summary judgment:

Because the district court erroneously construed the
contested limitation “digest of information ...

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IHOP v. IHOP: House of Pancakes Sues House of Prayer from

On September 3, 2010, IHOP IP, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, the owner of various IHOP registered trademarks in the United States, sued the International House of Prayer alleging various trademark infringement theories. The ...

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Intersections: Negotiating the Spaces of Intellectual Property Under the Conditions of Neoliberalism from

Nicole Aylwin is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Communication and Culture Graduate Programme at York University On September 23, 2010, the York Centre for Public Policy and Law brought together one anthropologist, one political ...

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