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post image Wednesday whimsies from

Are you thinking of becoming a patent or trade mark attorney ...? If so, your starting point might just be this link to some relevant information on the UK Intellectual Property Office website. Sadly, adds the ...

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post image Patently eligible for $130,000 from

PatLit does not often repeat material found on other weblogs, but it notes an attractive proposition which it has just spotted on the excellent Patently-O under the title "Stanford and Samsung offer $130,000 in ...

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post image Bollywood Piracy: Fighting Technology with Technology from

We are all aware of the rampant piracy affecting Bollywood but the scene of crime seems to have shifted to cyberspace in the recent past. Mybangalore directs us to news of how Bollywood has decided ...

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post image Patent Reform – The Big Lie from

Supporters of the present Patent Reform Bill often argue:

Congress has not substantively altered patent law for more than 50 years. The patent system is simply not up to the challenges of the 21st century ...

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post image Bavaria PGI v trade mark battle shifts in favour of the Dutch from

You won't catch
the Advocate
General dressed
like this in court ...
The battle for BAVARIA as a beer trade mark continues. Today Advocate General Mazak gave his Opinion in Case C‑120/08 Bayerischer ...

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post image Patent Reform Not Dead Yet from

Just when it appeared that there would be no patent reform for yet another Congress, 25 senators have sent a letter to majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) asking him to bring the Manager’s Amendment ...

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Senators Seek Vote on Patent Reform Bill from

By Donald Zuhn -- With fall fast approaching, it appears that patent reform legislation has returned from a lengthy summer vacation and once again is a topic of conversation, at least in the Senate. In the ...

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Invention Analysis and Claiming Seminar Adds Dates from

Ronald Slusky is adding two cities to his two-day “Invention Analysis and Claiming” seminar offering it this fall in Dallas, TX on Oct. 25-26 and in New Brunswick, NJ on Nov. 15-16.  The program is ...

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Scaling in root beer floats from

An entry on by one David Zinczenko includes the text:

A&W; Root Beer Freeze (large, 32 oz)
820 calories
18 g fat (11 g saturated, 1 g trans)
400 g sodium
136 ...

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Examiner Drought and Letter to Government from

Subsequent to my post highlighting the lamentable shortage of examiners at the Indian Patent Office, I wrote the following letter addressed to both Mr PH Kurian, Controller General of Patents and Mr V Bhaskar, Joint ...

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Fuzzy definitions of intellectual property? from

In an article that started off with plagiarism by chemistry students, one finds the text:

Welcome to the sometimes confounding topic of plagiarism in the cut-and-paste Internet era. While most seem to agree with the ...

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Ashoka Seeks Entrepreneurial Leader for Law from

Ashoka, global association of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs, seeks an entrepreneurial leader for its Law for All Initiative.

About Ashoka

Since 1980, Ashoka has pioneered the field of social entrepreneurship, investing in more ...

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The Medicinal Chemist from

The Federal Circuit's recent decision in Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd. v. Matrix Labs., Ltd. is a nice example of a thorough analysis of the patentability of a new chemical entity by the "lead compound ...

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Brett Trout Selected For Inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America® 2011 from

Brett J. Trout has been selected by his peers for inclusion in the 2011 edition of The Best Lawyers in America® in the specialties of both Information Technology Law and Intellectual Property Law. The Best ...

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A fairly close look at ACTA from

Terry Hart embarks on a fairly detailed comparison of (what was known about the draft) ACTA and US copyright law to see how much would need to change “ACTA: Thought for FUD” in 4 parts ...

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Hop on IHOP, or Does IHOP Have a Prayer of Defending Its Acronym? from

By: Philip Zies An article published by The Kansas City Star reports that IHOP, the International House of Pancakes, recently sued IHOP, the International House of Prayer, for trademark infringement and trademark dilution.  The 52-year ...

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OAPI and PCT national stage entry from

On a recent telephone call, a company inquired as to whether inovia offers patent filing services for the Organisation Africaine de la Propriété Intellectuelle or African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI).  Although inovia currently only offers ...

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Facebook: Trials & Tribulations from

Vincent Doré is a JD/MBA Candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School and Schulich School of Business Facebook, whose 500 million users make it the world’s largest social network, is engaged in several intellectual ...

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High Copyright Transaction Costs Cause “Friction,” Google Economist Tells WIPO from

The combined forces of strengthening copyright law and the explosion of information has led to huge transaction costs in managing legitimate transactions of copyright material, the top economist from Google said yesterday at the World ...

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The coming manufacturing revolution from

I have long argued that manufacturing has become a knowledge intensive activity. Part of that transformation is a techniques of 3-D printing. Up until now, much of the technology was used for rapid-prototyping. A company ...

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And the manufacturing transformation elsewhere from

Just a note to reinforce the importance of transforming manufacturing (see earlier posting), there is this story as well in the New York Times - China Shifts Away From Low-Cost Factories:

Companies here in China's ...

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Biotechnology Industry Announces New Initiative to Improve U.S. Science Education from

Biotechnology industry leaders announced today a major new program to improve the quality of U.S. life science education. The Biotechnology Institute’s new “Scientists in the Classroom” initiative is the life science industry’s ...

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Todd Dickinson Interview Part 3: Fee Diversion, Kappos, 3 Track from

My interview with Q. Todd Dickinson, the current Executive Director of the AIPLA and former Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the Patent and Trademark Office, took place on August 19 ...

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Defendant Appeals Denial of Motion to Dismiss False Marking Complaint for Failure to Adequately Plead Intent to Deceive from

Tuesday, a petition for writ of mandamus was filed by a false marking defendant who asks the Federal Circuit to consider the following issue:

"Did the district court clearly err when it denied [defendant's ...

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Economists Report Empirical Evidence Of TRIPS Impact On Developing Countries from

The World Trade Organization Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) agreement has sparked decades of international debate over whether exporting stronger intellectual property norms to developing countries is beneficial or harmful. Related Articles:

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Consultations On WTO Drug Transit Case Continue from

The second round of World Trade Organization dispute settlement consultations between the European Union and the Netherlands and India and Brazil over the seizure of generic medicines in transit were held this week. Related Articles ...

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IPC Green Inventory from

On September 16, 2010 WIPO launched the “IPC Green Inventory,” a new reference page dedicated to highlighting environmentally sound technologies within the IPC Classification. WIPO had this to say:

The tool, “IPC Green Inventory”, contains ...

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Community Square: The AOP Community Webinar - Success! from

Thank you to all who were able to attend the AOP Community Webinar! 

We feel the Webinar was a huge success and we are looking forward to continued Community Calls in the near future.


A ...

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Guest Post: A Defence of Non-Conventional Trademarks from

We bring to you an excellent piece covering a portion of trademark law that is not often discussed in India - non-visual trademarks. This post is brought to us by Vatsala Sahay, an enterprising 4th year ...

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Announcing: Buchanan Nipper LLC from

Sorry for the light posting…I’ve been a little busy. 

I can now announce here that I will be forming a new law firm on October 1, 2010:  Buchanan Nipper LLC, working for the ...

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