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post image Friday Fantasy from

A tasty tidbit for a Friday afternoon’s delectation:
Always a fan of facts and figures, this Kat has just learned that the World Economic Forum has recently published its "Global Competitiveness Report" for 2010-11 ...

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post image Jedi Mind Trademark Dispute with George Lucas from

Really good trademarks often become so ingrained in the public mind that they start to take on a life of their own, distinct from the original source. Take the mega-lucrative Star Wars universe, for example ...

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post image Eve-Teasers Knocked Out, Beer-bellied or Otherwise! Trademark Battle between Skol Breweries and Unisafe Technologies from

(Image taken from here)
A recent trademark judgment pronounced by the Delhi High Court has come to the attention of the Spicy IP team, which has referred to several key precedents and factors involved in ...

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post image Upcoming Patent Reexamination/Litigation Tactics CLE from

For those looking to add CLE in the coming months, or to just keep abreast of the changing post grant landscape, registration has now opened for PLI’s Reissue & Reexamination Strategies and Tactics with Concurrent ...

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Biotech/Pharma Docket from

By James DeGiulio -- Eisai's Motion to Dismiss Granted in Aricept Suit with Apotex Apotex's Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) to market a generic version of Aricept remains unapproved following the dismissal of the ...

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Inventing the 21st Century, the exhibitors from

There is a short video about our Inventing the 21st Century exhibition at its home page which includes footage of what our Business & IP Centre looks like and features Samuel Houghton, the boy...

(From Steve ...

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"We must unleash…innovation…and nurture the ideas the spring from our entrepreneurs.” from

The text -- We must unleash…innovation…and nurture the ideas the spring from our entrepreneurs.” -- comes to us from President Obama via a post titled Who will champion entrepreneurship in Washington?

Within the post, patent ...

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Written Description: When Too Much Is Not Enough from

In Goeddel v. Sugano, the Federal Circuit determined that a priority application that disclosed the gene encoding a full-length “precursor” protein did not constitute constructive reduction to practice of interference counts that focused on the ...

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Patent Competence? from

We've had some very provocative posts on the qualifications necessary for patent practice in India. While some thought that a science/technical degree was an absolute must, others disagreed. A lot of these different ...

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Whitserve goes after law firms from

Following its victory over CPI [ WhitServe LLC v. Computer Packages Inc., 3:06-cv-01935-AVC, U.S. District Court, District of Connecticut (New Haven). ], Whitserve has now sued law firms [Chicago’s Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione; Cincinnati ...

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The long struggle to revive manufacturing from

Daniel Gros on reviving manufacturing in the US -- The Skills Deficit:

The key point is not that manufacturing jobs are somehow better, but rather that we must consider the asymmetry in the structural-adjustment process. It ...

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Gordon Murray Design and its little motor wonders from

I read an article in the Daily Telegraph the other day about Gordon Murray Design and their T25 and T27 car designs. They are redesigns of the concept of the tiny city car by Gordon ...

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Patent Eligibility and the Logic of Law and Science from

Prashant raised very pertinent point in response to my last post on "patent competence" stating that:

"As is obvious from the procedural and evidentiary mistakes that are happening before the Patent Office, the law component ...

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USPTO Launches Patent Data Visualization Center from

by Mark Malek The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recently launched the Patent Data Visualization Center.  Take a look here.  In short, the Patent Data Visualization Center allows users to view various statistics ...

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Plagiarism flap at Univ. of Windsor School of Law? from

The full story is too voluminous to present, but the first paragraph of a post at the National Post gives the flavor:

A law professor [ Emily Carasco ] is asking the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario ...

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History extracted from the movies? from

The 2006 movie "The Queen" contained the line -- You are my 10th prime minister, Mr Blair. My first was Winston Churchill." -- which in slightly altered form shows up in Blair's book, "A Journey."

An ...

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New Home for Eyes on IP from

"Eyes on IP" has recently undergone a facelift, and can now be found - rebranded and relocated - as "IP Wise." Same authors, and same great content, just a new home.

We encourage our readers to check ...

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NGOs Warn On IP In Trans Pacific Trade Agreement from

A coalition of some two dozen nongovernmental organisations yesterday sent a letter to the United States Trade Representative raising concern about the impact on access to medicines of intellectual property provisions in a regional, Asia-Pacific ...

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Is it worth recording changes to PCT application information during the international phase? from

It's a few weeks before the 30 month deadline for national stage entry of one of your client's PCT applications.  The client calls you and tells you one (or more) of the following ...

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Martha Stewart "green" detergent strikes out from

There's the brand name, and, then, there's the product.


• Martha's Stewart's new Martha Stewart Clean Laundry Detergent (21 cents per load in conventional washers, 28 cents in high-efficiency ...

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Delay Attributable to Withdrawn Challenge to Jurisdiction does not Warrant Extension of 30-Month Stay of FDA Approval from

The court denied plaintiff's motion to extend the statutory 30-month stay of FDA approval, rejecting plaintiff's suggestion that defendant's unsuccessful and later withdrawn motion to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction "unreasonably ...

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Failure to Mark Not Attributed to Licensor Where Licensee's Rights Arise From "License That Contains an Apparently Unlimited Covenant not to Sue" from

Defendants' motion for summary judgment to limit damages for plaintiff's licensee's failure to comply with the marking requirement was denied. "Defendants’ argument on marking requires the court to determine the scope to be ...

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Absurd WSJ Article Suggests Argues for Slower Patent Process from

Those who don't believe innovation leads to job creation have their heads firmly implanted in the sand and simply must choose to ignore history, which proves otherwise. It is flat out irresponsible to suggest ...

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Confusion over the Younger Dryas climate episode? from

Wikipedia notes of conflict in the explanation of the Younger Dryas catastrophe:

Skeptics of the theory have asserted that the carbon spherules originated as fungal structures and/or insect fecal pellets, and that the claimed ...

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