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post image Shocking from

Pass & Seymour (P&S;) has patents claiming ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs): 5,594,398; 7,164,564; 7,212,386; and 7,283,340. GFCIs halt a ground fault: preventing shocking a consumer laying ...

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post image Guest Post: FAQs on India and the Madrid Protocol from

Prashant's excellent post some days ago covered in comprehensive fashion the build-up to the trademark amendment bill 2009, and the poor strategic calls that India may have made in pushing this bill through. Readers ...

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CBI Congress on Paragraph IV Disputes from

The Center for Business Intelligence (CBI) will be holding its 3rd Annual Life Sciences Congress on Paragraph IV Disputes concerning Emerging Regulatory and Pre-Litigation Strategies for Prosecuting and Defending PIV Suits on October 18-19, 2010 ...

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C5 Biotech Patenting Conference from

C5 (UK) will be holding its 19th Forum on Biotech Patenting on October 6-7, 2010 in London, England. Regulators, biotech practitioners, and experienced in-house counsel will provide information on: • The latest strategies for adapting one ...

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Special Master Issues Claims Construction Report in Hydro-Quebec v. Valence Case from

On August 24, 2010, Karl Bayer, Special Master, filed his Report and Recommendations to United States District Judge Sam Sparks regarding the construction of claims in United States Patent No.’s 6,514,640 and ...

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TM reclassification - IPO issues fresh notification from

In response to what has presumably been a never-ending series of complaints from practitioners, the Controller General of the Intellectual Property Office has issued a notice to supercede all previous notifications on the reclassification of ...

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Commercialize University Research - Sir William Wake from

Delivering a lecture titled " From University Research to Economic and Social Benefit"  at IISc, Sir William Wakeham, former Vice-Chancellor of Southampton University stressed on the need for adoption of a commercial approach to university research ...

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Bed bugs and trademarks and brands from

In the 1971 Kubrick movie "A Clockwork Orange," Catlady (played by Mirian Karlin ) refers to Alex DeLarge (played by Malcolm McDowell) as a slimy bed bug. Moments later Alex kills Catlady in rather unpleasant way ...

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Blogs and EP Oppositions from

Once a patent has been granted by the European patent office, Article 99 EPC allows for a nine month period when anyone can oppose it. Oppositions are filed on only a small fraction of patents ...

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Justice Bhat and Controller General Kurian make it to MIP's list of 50 most influential people in IP from

MIP has come out with its annual list of 50 most influential people in IP throughout the world. According to Managing IP “there are many types of influence that are brought to bear on the ...

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