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post image "Freedom to Copy" and the Fashion Industry from

One of the more interesting undercurrents of IP thinking during the past decade has been on "social norms" as a basis for protection of IP rights. While this approach goes by various names, the common ...

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post image Crushed from

A "bundle breaker" is a machine that separates stacked sheets of corrugated cardboard. 6,655,566 claimed an improvement that allowed a bundle breaker to simultaneously separate stacks of different heights. George M. Martin is ...

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post image Letter from AmeriKat: August Bits 'n Bobs from

The AmeriKat will be taking advantage of the quiet August month in litigation to have a break for the next two weeks. Save for a massively important IP event to occur in the meantime, she ...

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post image Food Network Sued For Stealing Idea For Private Chefs Of Beverly Hills & Trademark Infringement from

Los Angeles, CA – Private Chefs, Inc. is suing Food Network for stealing the recipe for the successful show “Private Chefs of Beverly Hills” in an idea submission, trademark infringement, and unfair competition case. Plaintiff is ...

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Apple's US 20100207721, unauthorized users out. from

To protect a device user, Apple's application -- “by identifying particular activities that may indicate suspicious behavior” that is, by comparing the photograph (identity), voice recording, or heartbeat of the person accessing the phone with ...

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FTC and DOJ Issue Revised Horizontal Merger Guidelines from

Sculpture: Man wrestle horse, outside FTC. Signifies taming of the markets. The Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice on Friday, August 19, 2010, issued revised Horizontal Merger Guidelines that outline how the federal antitrust ...

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CBS Sunday Morning on 22 August 2010 recycles 23 May 2010 episode from

CBS Sunday Morning on August 22, with Charles Osgood at San Simeon, went through homes, refrigerators, and chairs (industrial design is so good it's lasting).

Think back to CBS Sunday Morning on May 23 ...

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Frandly Fire from

The patent battle between Nokia  and German IP asset management firm IPCom illustrates well the lack of practical understanding as to what fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (or FRAND) licensing terms practically means in Europe. IPEG ...

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Post-Bilski Guidelines for USPTO Patent Examiners from

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has prepared further interim guidance for the patent examining corps to use when determining subject matter eligibility of a  business method patent application under 35 U.S ...

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BPA informative claim construction from

The BPAI recently marked the 2009 opinion Ex parte Givens as "informative." As I noted in an earlier post (here), the BPAI marks certain opinions are informative in order to "explain best practices ... [and] address ...

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Patent Docs from

August 25-26, 2010 - FDA Boot Camp*** (American Conference Institute) - San Francisco, CA August 26, 2010 - "The Future of Patenting in Biomedicine" (Technology Transfer Tactics) - 1:00 - 2:30 PM (EDT) September 1-2, 2010 - 7th Annual ...

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Lack of "Engineering Details" in Claim Hampers NonObviousness Argument from

Martin v. Alliance Machine (Fed. Cir. 2010)

In considering secondary indicia of nonobviousness, Chief Judge Rader tends to focus on whether a nexus exists between the presented objective evidence and the invention as claimed. Here ...

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