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post image Contrarian Viewpoint: Patents Likely Matter Little to US Innovation and Job Creation from

My Soapbox: Patents matter little to innovation and job creation.

Many experts insist that innovation cannot succeed without patents, and that the delays in the US Patent Office stifle innovation.  This viewpoint is like to ...

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San Diego Union-Tribune speaks out on Enstrom/UCLA matter from

The Environmental Health Sciences Department at UCLA voted to fire James Enstrom, who had been saying some things about Hier Tran, diesel soot, and CARB. The San Diego Union-Tribune in an editorial on August 21 ...

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Oh, no, Congr. Dingell sued for plagiarism over campaign slogan! from

In a bit of trivia, MLive reports that Majed Moughni has sued long-serving Michigan Congressman John Dingell for plagiarism concerning the use of a campaign slogan "Make it in America." Yes, this is the same ...

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NCEs Outside the Scope of Sec. 3(d), Efficacy Data not Required - I from

Patent Circle earlier posted the issuance of Indian Patent Number 237430 to Novartis against the Application Number 3003/CHENP/2003 for anticancer drug Nilotinib, globally marketed as Tasigna. Like Imatinib and Erlotinib, Nilotinib too belongs ...

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A Beginner's Guide to Patent Litigation Before Indian Courts and the Indian Patent Office from

As the pharma patents debate stirs up once again, I anticipate that the news media is once again going to be flooded with reports of Big Pharma & OPPI groaning and moaning about the state of ...

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US 7,696,182 for CorMedix of Bridgewater, NJ from

CorMedix, one of the smaller pharmas of Bridgewater, NJ, obtained U.S. Patent No. 7,696,182, which claims cover the use of Neutrolin® for preventing infection and clotting in hemodialysis catheters. Neutrolin® is an ...

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More on Apple's 20100207721 application from

Zeropaid suggested a posting on Slashdot suggested that Apple is trying to patent (through the “Systems And Methods for Identifying Unauthorized Users of An Electronic Device” patent [application]) the ability to remotely disable jailbroken phones ...

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Trademarking Munnabhai from

Stranger than fiction this may sound but as Mint here reports, Munnabhai will soon be a trademark!
As Rasul Bailay reports in Mint, Vinod Chopra Films Pvt. Ltd, producer of the two Munna Bhai films ...

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Patent Searching 102: Using Public PAIR from

If you are really serious about doing a high quality patent search on your own I recommend doing whatever you can to find 1 or 2 patents or patent applications that closely relate to your ...

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“At Least” and the Specific Exclusion Principle as a Limit on the Doctrine of Equivalents from

The Federal Circuit addressed the doctrine of equivalents recently  in the case of Adams Respiratory Therapeutics, Inc. et al. v. Perrigo Co. et al., 2010-1246 (Fed. Cir. Aug. 5, 2010).  One issue facing the panel ...

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