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post image Inherent from

King Pharmaceuticals sued Eon Labs for infringing 6,407,128 & 6,683,102 after Eon filed an ANDA to make a generic version of the muscle relaxant claimed, metaxalone, which was first patented in 1962 ...

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post image Can Media Owners Save Themselves By Blaming Others? from


Ken Cloke in his book Mediating Dangerously asks: how can we transform conflict so other options emerge that do not require winners and losers? As mediators, we are asked to guide people through conflicts, shedding ...

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post image Green Patent Acquisitions: BP Buys Verenium’s Biofuels Business from


Last month Verenium announced that BP Biofuels North America would acquire its cellulosic biofuels business for $98.3 million.  

Verenium will retain its commercial enzyme business and maintain rights to its biofuels enzyme products.  In ...

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King Pharmaceuticals, Inc. v. Eon Labs, Inc. (Fed. Cir. 2010) from

Inherent Anticipation and Inherent Obviousness? By Andrew Williams -- Last week, in King Pharmaceuticals, Inc. v. Eon Labs, Inc., the Federal Circuit affirmed a grant of summary judgment of invalidity of U.S. Patent Nos. 6 ...

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Judge Dyk Doubts Patent-Eligibility of DNA Claims from

In a case that did not present the issue, Judge Dyk wrote a separate opinion to express his views that a claim directed to “[a]n isolated DNA molecule” “raises substantial issues of patentable subject ...

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The Tamagotchi® from

The Tamagotchi®, the handheld virtual pet, has sold well over 70 million since Bandai put it on the market in 1996. Initially it was so popular that school children were mugged in the streets....

(From ...

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CLaM: Provisions of the Copyright Amendment Bill, 2010 are up on the CLaM website from

Thanks to the untiring efforts of Sai Vinod Nayani, an enthusiatic third year student at NUJS, a few more provisions of the the Copyright Amendment Bill, 2010 are now up on the CLAM website. As ...

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Call for submissions: The Indian Journal of Law and Technology (IJLT) from

The Indian Journal of Law and Technology has put out the following 'call for submissions'.

Call for Submissions

The Indian Journal of Law and Technology (IJLT) is an annual law journal published by the Law ...

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PLI Summer 2010 Schedule Highlighted With All New Courses from

Summer is almost over, but the Practising Law Institute still has some great Intellectual Property courses that all come with CLE credits. So whether you are looking for an excuse to take a trip to ...

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News & Notes: Volume 1 from

It is great to know that settlement has been achieved, and incredibly newsworthy to learn that the victorious party was "pleased with the outcome." But really, sometimes I do stumble across rather interesting press releases ...

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A market response to Citizens United? from

Target has discovered interesting angles to making campaign donations now allowed under Citizens United.

AP reports:

Target's $150,000 donation to a business-oriented group supporting Republican Tom Emmer, an outspoken opponent of gay marriage ...

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The 1999 Arokiaswamy case and Del Castillo from

InsideTrack/NewsBreak brings up the 1999 Arokiaswamy case in the context of the current Supreme Court plagiarism case:

This is from a decision the highest court in the land made more than a decade ago ...

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Oracle takes on Google's Android over Java from

AP reports: Oracle says Google's Android system for mobile phones infringes on its patented Java technology.

The Oracle complaint, filed in ND Cal, asserts patent infringement of claims of US 6,125,447; 6 ...

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Study questions savings from patent settlement restrictions from

A recent study (funded by PhRMA) suggests that the savings from a proposed ban on "reverse payment" were "significantly overstated."  In particular, the study says both the  Congressional Budget Office (CBO)  and the Federal Trade ...

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Biopolymer Engineering and MIT Fail to Get Vacation (of Summary Judgment) from

In a nonprecidential opionion, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit dismissed an appeal by Biopolymer Engineering (Biothera) as moot after it appealed a District Court order granting summary judgment of noninfringement ...

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Case study on trade secrets from

The other day as I was sitting at breakfast eating my English Muffin, I came across a fascinating story on trade secrets featuring -- my English Muffin. The NY Times article -- A Man With Muffin Secrets ...

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Bad M&A, bad M&A from

Here is an interesting story from Bloomberg News -- M&A; Losers in $10 Trillion Deal Binge :

More than half of the 100 biggest takeovers made during the last mergers-and-acquisitions boom have something in common: By ...

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Invention – A Financial Analysis from

Jacob Schmookler, an economist and author of Invention and Economic Growth, developed a financial analysis of the invention process.[1] The main point of this mathematical modeling of the invention process was to show that ...

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Change in USPTO Procedure – Examiner Interviews Without A Power Of Attorney Now Permitted In Some Circumstances from

The USPTO recently issued a notice modifying the procedure for registered practitioners to show authorization to conduct an examiner interview.  Now, in addition to the submission of an executed power of attorney, the signing and ...

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Enter the Patent Law in Palm Springs Sweepstakes on LinkedIn from

Patent Resource Group’s “Patent Law in Palm Springs Sweepstakes” has been a great success thus far. With the help of your input we’re about to make it even better!

Is LinkedIn more your ...

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New videos posted from

Is your business taking advantage of the value of all its intellectual property? In this recent presentation from the Software Industry Conference, attorney Erik M. Pelton provides tips for creating, identifying, protecting, and leveraging intellectual ...

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“International Patenting Strategies” Program Now Available for Download from

Last week inovia had the opportunity to participate in an audioconference sponsored by Technology Transfer Tactics entitled: International Patenting Strategies – Cost-Effectively Expand Your Market and Boost Your TTO’s Revenues.

During the 90-program, Jeff Sweetman ...

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Developments in Pharmaceutical and Biotech Patent Law 2010 from

The above-titledseminar and live webcastis scheduled for September 16, 2010 in NYC and is sponsored by the Practising Law Institute.

This year’s program is totally new! Pharmaceutical and biotech patent law is ...

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What is Patent Prosecution Disclaimer? from

Introduction to the Doctrine of Prosecution Disclaimer

In the U.S., statements made by a patent applicant during the examination process at the Patent and Trademark Office (which patent lawyers refer to as prosecution), can ...

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IP Osgoode: Call for Editors (2010-2011) from

IPilogue ( is an innovative online review featuring commentary by its student editors as well as scholars and practitioners from around the world. Providing a forum for discourse on legal, commercial, and ethical ...

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Innovations of the past: the horse collar from

The horse collar is used to distribute load around a horse's neck and shoulders when pulling a device, such as a wagon or plow. The horse collar originated in China and migrated to Europe ...

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Duratech Ind. v. Bridgeview Mfg. Oral Argument from

The Federal Circuit heard oral argument in Duratech Ind. v. Bridgeview Mfg. on August 2, 2010.    I’ve commented a couple of times in recent days on the Becton Dickinson v. Tyco decision where the ...

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