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post image University Logos and Low-Wage Manufacture: The Branding Challenge from

There are few topics that bring together the issues of branding and social responsibility more than that of manufacturing of branded products under what are described as sweatshop conditions. It is not my aim to ...

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post image Blackburn, Royal Albert Hall -- Hendrix, not Beatles from

The Royal Albert Hall is a cultural icon, so it's strange that it so rarely gets a mention on this most cultural of weblogs. It received a plug in Experience Hendrix LLC and another ...

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post image Old Becomes New in 2010 from

Are we starting to see some evidence of President Obama's promised Transparency?

Consider the following odd statistic: 

  • Number of patents to issue in 2010 (so far) with prosecution histories of more than 20 years ...

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post image Turn again Whittingdale -- and does Razzall Dazzle? from

To his embarrassment but, he expects, to the embarrassment of rather more people than himself, it was not until a few sunny days ago that the IPKat even knew of the existence of the United ...

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post image Federal Circuit Finds Claim Construction Arguments Waived on Appeal from

Enovsys LLC v. Nextel Communications, Inc. (Fed. Cir. Aug. 3, 2010)

In this case, a split Federal Circuit panel found that defendant had waived its right to argue claim construction on appeal.  The patents at ...

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post image Doctrine of Equivalents at the Federal Circuit from

By Dennis Crouch

When I wrote about the Doctrine of Equivalents (DOE) yesterday, I made a mental note that the Federal Circuit has not decided many DOE cases recently. To confirm this notion, I searched ...

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post image USPTO Pilot Program Announced to Accelerate Ex Parte Patent Reexamination from

Yesterday, the USPTO announced a pilot program, effective immediately, aimed at reducing the pendency of ex parte patent reexamination. The program entitled “Pilot Program for Waiver of Patent Owner’s Statement in Ex Parte reexamination ...

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post image Equivalent Spit from

Chronic excessive throat mucus is a wage of sin: bad diet, pudgy lifestyle. Drug companies make their wages off such sin. "Guaifenesin is an expectorant used to thin, loosen, and help expel mucus that causes ...

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post image Law360 Calls Lawyer-Owned Shell Company a "Public Interest Group" from

Our competitors are never afraid to call a spade... a public interest group.

Law360seems to have a pretty flexible definition of that term. Last month, it includedAmericans for Fair Patent Use. Who is ...

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post image Susan G. Komen Directing Funds To Trademark Fights from

A Charity By Any Other Name
According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office records, the Texas non-profit corporation, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc., has filed 291 federal trademark applications. This is ...

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post image Friday fantasies from

Friday, FridayMake it my dayTo check on the siteFor things that I mightNever find outAnything about.
Sidebar, SidebarBest place by far!The conference listShould never be missed.Will ...

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post image Does BePress Have a Better Subscription Model? from

Being one of those IP types who tends to straddle practice and (at least) quasi-academic endeavours, this Kat has for several years been receiving periodic notice of various publications from the Berkeley Electronic Press. For ...

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Manufacturing and services link from

Here is an interesting new paper from three economists at the International Trade Commission on the question "Can the US raise employment with more exports?" The answer is very surprising: a revival of manufacturing exports ...

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Pay-For-Delay Provision Added to Senate Appropriations Bill from

By Donald Zuhn -- Last week, the Senate Appropriations Committee managed to accomplish something that the Senate as a whole could not: pass an appropriations bill containing a pay-for delay (or reverse payment) provision. Only one ...

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How to create more junk patents from

Today's New York Times has an op-ed by former patent judge and a high-tech executive recommending that a tax credit be given for each patent received. That is an incredibly bad -- and counterproductive -- idea ...

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Inception, Ideas and Incentive - II from

Last month, Amlan had written a thought-provoking post connecting this summer’s scintillating blockbuster “Inception”.  This post is a mini-“sequel” to his post (and hence the “II”). I happened to stumble upon a video ...

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Controversial inventions and Inventing the 21st Century exhibition from

Our new exhibition on recent British inventions, due to start on the 6 September, has a couple which have been considered controversial by some. Speedo is a well-known swimwear company, based in...

(From Steve van ...

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Comments on the USPTO Strategic Plan from

In a notice published in the Federal Register last month (75 Fed. Reg. 39493), the United States Patent and Trademark Office requested comments on its 2010-2015 Strategic Plan.  The period for comments closed yesterday, August ...

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When To Add Multiple Dependent Claims? from

I had the honor of speaking at the NAPP Annual Meeting recently. 

My presentation focused on foreign filing best practices and ways to ensure that your US approach would not undermine your global patent opportunities ...

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Private: Cash up for grabs! New studies released by Article One Partners from

Recently, the Intellogist team announced that we have teamed up with Article One Partners to bring you the opportunity to earn some cash with the prior art searching skills you’re honing on ...

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Federal Circuit Holds Stauffer v. Brooks Brothers Oral Argument from

Today, the Federal Circuit held oral argument in the Stauffer v. Brooks Brothers false marking litigation.  Chief Judge Rader, Judge Lourie, and Judge Moore sat on the panel.  The oral argument itself (available as an ...

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July employment from

This morning BLS data on employment indicate a sideways movement in the labor markets -- Federal government employment fell, but private-sector payroll employment went up slightly by 71,000. As the chart below shows, the number ...

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USPTO Acts Quickly to Comply with Court Order from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has acted promptly to comply with Judge Claude Hilton's Order earlier this week that the Office accept The Medicines Company (MDCO) Patent Term ...

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Restore Patent Funding to Create Jobs from

A NY times op-ed piece suggests that a relatively minor investment of $1 billion in the US Patent Office would create 1.5 million jobs for a cost of $660 per job.  Note that the ...

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Pollution-Eating Concrete Invention. from

An article on an interesting invention was published today at CNNTech, found here.  The article discusses the use of titanium oxide coatings on concrete to remove nitrogen oxides from the environment.  Also, the article briefly ...

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The Importance of Social Networking for Business Part III: LinkedIn Chapter 3 from

Social Networking has become the most widely accepted form of networking in recent years throughout all different industries and interest groups. The reason for this is that although Social Networking can be done in some ...

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Percentage of Federal Circuit Patent Opinions Discussing "Doctrine of Equivalents" from

Dennis Crouch on August 6, 2010 provides statistics on the percentage of Federal Circuit opinions that discuss Doctrine of Equivalents (DOE) between 1985 and 2010:

I made a mental note that the Federal Circuit has ...

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Ring Plus v. Cingular Wireless from

By Jason Rantanen

Although the court ultimately reversed the determination of inequitable conduct based on a lack of intent, its discussion of materiality is significant because the misrepresentation at issue occurred in the patent itself ...

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Billion Dollar Bolus from

You probably already saw retired Chief Judge Michel’s editorial in yesterday’s New York Times (and mentioned on the Patently-O blog today).  If not, here is the link: [LINK].

The goal of the $1 ...

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30% Royalty is not Excessive Even Though it Eliminates Profits on Infringing Sales from

In denying defendant's motion for remittitur of a nearly $30 million verdict, the court rejected its argument that "it was improper to consider a royalty of thirty-four percent, which would not allow [defendant] any ...

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University Inventions – Europe Needs a Bayh-Dole Act from

Technology transfer of new ideas and innovation from universities and research institutes into society is a major source of Europe’s “knowledge economy”. However, EU firms are struggling to better exploit public-funded research (like those ...

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