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IV officially not in touble, ish! from

That didn’t take tool long. IV’s VP of Finance responded to Joff Wild at IAM Blog with what looks like a sensible explanation of the valuation given whilst at the same time, as ...

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Chief Judge Michel to Congress: Invest $1 Billion to Revive PTO from

In this third installment things get interesting, perhaps even a bit explosive. The former Chief of the Federal Circuit pulls no punches and talks openly and honestly about Congress, laying the blame for the decline ...

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IP Taxation: Know-how, Consultancy and Service Tax from

A few days ago, out of sheer interest I was searching for some literature on a topic (taxation) which I wouldn’t exactly call my comfort zone, not because I don’t have an aptitude ...

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Telegraph Online endorses the IP Crusade from

A good spot from Heather Lycett of Blue Concept  on Twitter with a link to a Telegraph Online article.

Of course we agree, 100 ...

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Losing arguments old references age from

Arguments guaranteed to lose: not obvious because references are old

Takeaway: The BPAI has held in a number of decisions that the mere fact that the references used in an obviousness rejection are old does ...

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Court impossible to infringe also invalid from

Takeaway: A district court found a nonsensical claim to be not only not infringed, but invalid under written description, enablement, inoperable and even the rarely invoked § 112 Second "not what the patentee regarded as his ...

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