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post image Ten Questions about Confirmatory Assignments from

There are certain recurring forms of agreement in the IP world that remain a bit of a mystery to me. Perhaps none is more puzzling than the so-called "confirmatory assignment." For my sins, perhaps, after ...

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post image Through the Fuzzy Bilski Looking Glass: The Meaning of Patent-Eligible under 35 U.S.C. § 101 from

Alice enters another world through the looking glass

In Chapter 6 of Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass, Humpty Dumpty tells Alice scornfully “when I use a word, it means just what I choose ...

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post image Sources of growth - Part 3 from

(This is part 3 of a 4-part series. If you want to view the series from the start, click here.)

Part 2 of this series dealt with maintaining and growing business from existing licensees. The ...

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post image Aunt Joy’s Cakes Sued For Infringing See’s Candy Trademark from

Los Angeles, CA – Columbia Insurance Company owns the See’s Candy trademarks and exclusively licenses the marks back to See’s Candy Shops, Inc. The See’s Candy trademarks were first used in 1921 and ...

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post image Lock on Obzilla from

Wyers sued Master Lock for infringing 6,672,115, 7,165,426, and 7,225,649, applicable to hitch pin locks for trailer towing. A jury found the patents nonobvious. Wyers secured an injunction along ...

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post image 'Inception' and Ideas: Lessons for the Copyright Hungry from

“An idea can transform the world and re-write all the rules.
Which is why I have to steal it”
- Dom Cobb (from the film 'Inception')

It's not often we quote lines from Hollywood movies ...

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post image The Rational Optimist: Excellent Book, Disfigured by Open Source Utopianism from

The author, Matt Ridley, has written an excellent book that is epic in the scope of issues he tackles.  The book covers why homo sapiens thrived while other members of the homo genus fail.  He ...

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post image BioPatent Design Conference 2010: Munich, Germany from

BioPatent Design2010

Building a Robust, Secure Biological Patent to Ensure First Time Approval, Protect Product Revenue and Prevent Incoming Attack

The area of BioPatent Design is rapidly evolving, with new developments sparking the Gene debate ...

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post image Intellectual property standards: how do YOU behave? from

Above: once a standard is accepted, it can be difficult to break out ...
Do we love industrial standards, which enable entire industries to come together and set the technical specifications that all must adopt -- and ...

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post image Senate Holds Hearing on Rare and Neglected Pediatric Diseases from

It is becoming popular in some circles to beat up on companies that employ people, make a profit and actually have the audacity to patent their innovations. In this bizarro world the logic, what little ...

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USPTO to Streamline Review of Ex Parte Reexamination Appeal Briefs from

By Sarah Fendrick -- The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently published a notice in the Federal Register (75 Fed. Reg. 29321) announcing that the Office will streamline procedures for the review of appeal briefs ...

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USPTO Tips to Streamline Patent Prosecution. from

As many of our readers are likely aware, Director David Kappos has been publishing to a blog at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the past several months.  The blog is entitled “Director ...

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Patents: IP Litigation in the Pharma Industry talk and Patenting by Entrepreneurs survey from

Prof. Joel Bernstein from UWA and Ben Gurion University and Todd Shand, a partner at Wrays, will be giving a free seminar for IPRIA, IPTA and Knowledge Commercialisation Australia on:

The Importance of Patents:

IP ...

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China, Canada, Japan, Turkey, Ecuador seek to join consultations in the Indo-E.U. Trade Dispute over Seizure of 'In-transit' Generic Drugs from

The Indo-E.U. Trade dispute over the seizure of 'in-transit' Indian generic drug consignments at various ports in the Netherlands is heating up with several other countries filing requests to join the consultations on ...

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Entitlement to a design from

The Federal Court, Spender J, has allowed Courier Pete’s appeal from the Registrar’s ruling that, while Courier Pete owned ARD 310528, ARD 312217 and 312218 were owned by Metroll.

Section 13 of the ...

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Building a trampoline from

In yesterday's posting, I discussed the need to revamp our unemployment insurance system. But much more needs to be done. A decade ago, I wrote a paper for the Progressive Policy Institute outlining how ...

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Rebalancing the economy -- the UK case from

Today's FT has an interesting article on how the UK is approaching the question of rebalancing its economy. The article implies that most people believe the UK economy veered too much to the financial ...

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Svalbard’s Tale (Norway or No-Way) from

Svalbard (of Svalbard and Jan Mayen fame) is an arctic archipelago portion of the Kingdom of Norway and home to around 2,500 miners, tourism workers, and researchers. Svalbard is also the home of the ...

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Crowdsourcing a Movie: Life in a Day from

One of our founding principles at Article One Partners is the belief that the wisdom of a crowd can often outweigh the performance of individuals or small teams.  A crowd helps you reach the right ...

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Asking for a Script Rewrite from

You may have noticed that we talk about attorney fee awards in patent cases a fair amount. It’s not just that we’re lawyers who like to get paid—we are that. Fee awards ...

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Guest Post: USPTO Must Amend Examiner Guidelines On Bilski from

by Paul Craane of Marshall Gerstein & Borun

In the wake of Bilski, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has provided unclear, and potentially incorrect, guidance to the Examining Corps regarding the application of 35 ...

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WHO Working Documents On R&D Financing Now Online from

World Health Organization working documents are now available online here. The documents for the first time reveal details of the working process of an expert working group (EWG) tasked with finding innovative solutions to finance ...

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CAFC in Master Lock: obviousness boils down to common sense from

In Wyers v. Master Lock, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit made a strong statement about the role of common sense in obviousness determinations in a post-KSR world:

Before the Supreme Court’s ...

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Kappos' Top 10 List: Tips for Practioners from

                In June, we commented on a post on David Kappos' Director's Forum blog titled, "Five Tips for Practitioners."  Kappos has recently updated that post to include new tips and has expanded the "five tips ...

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USPTO faux pas on marijuana from

In a WSJ story titled Patent Office Raises High Hopes, Then Snuffs Them Out, one learns that the USPTO created a trademark category "Processed plant matter for medicinal purposes, namely medical marijuana" on the date ...

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