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post image Bookend from

This coming Monday, June 28, is the last day of the Supreme Court session that started in October 2009. It is also the final day that Justice Stevens sits on the high Court before retiring ...

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post image Rights Protected in Trademark Registration from

How does a trademark benefit your company? Every one knows the value of a name. I wonder what the value of the Nike name and swoosh design is versus all the inventory and assets the ...

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post image German Bundestag Meets Innovation from

Politicians love to preach on 'innovation'. Europe shall become the most innovative region on earth, and, of course, Germany requests to have a full share of the fruits of her orientation towards technological progress.

The ...

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post image An Interview with PTO Director David Kappos from

Joff Wild of IAM Magazine has posted a 40-minute video of a recent interview with USPTO Director David Kappos.

Some interesting points:

  • Allowance rate is up about 3% over last year. At the same time ...

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post image Ten Ways to Improve the USPTO Website – Number 1 from

Back in the “ReThink(IP)” days, we had a frequent meme called “Things we hate about” Sadly, most of those “things” are still issues.

I thought it might be fun to revisit that ...

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post image Bilski Decision Day: All Eyes Turn to Supreme Court on Monday from

Statue outside US Supreme Court building.

Yet another day has come and gone without the United States Supreme Court issuing a decision in Bilski v. Kappos. According to Cover It Live, via the SCOTUS Blog ...

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post image Orange Miniskirt Debacle Less Filling from

Duncan Bucknell, over at the IP ThinkTank, discusses FIFA’s response to the women arrested after wearing orange miniskirts bearing the Bavaria beer company logo to a recent match. Duncan posits that FIFA was not ...

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post image Breaking News: Google wins $1 billion summary judgment against Viacom and Premier League from

Yesterday, Judge Louis Stanton of the Southern District of New York granted summary judgment for Google in two cases brought separately by Viacom and the Premier League. Judge Stanton held that general knowledge of copyright ...

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post image Is it worth bothering, if all you get is Hungary? from

Football has been much in everyone's mind over the past few weeks, to PatLit makes no apology for alluding to it here. Thank you, Jelena Jankovic (Petosevic), for this link to your news item ...

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post image Neither democracy nor constitution: is it time to rein in EPO rule-making? from

A thoughtful and highly respected member of the patent profession in Europe has contacted the IPKat in the hope of stirring up some constructive thinking on a matter of great importance for patent attorneys and ...

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post image They Invented What? (No. 173) from

U.S. Pat. No. 4,320,756:  Fresh-air breathing device and method.

I claim:

1. A method for breathing fresh air in a room filled with toxic smoke comprising the steps of 
          inserting a breathing ...

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An Uneven Debate on "Takings" in Pharmaceutical Patent Law from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- Our opinions are always (perhaps inevitably) informed by our experience. And when our experience is limited, particularly when those limitations are coupled with passion, those limitations equally inform our opinions. These ...

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Stem cells used to create replacement cornea from

In a report titled Stem cells reverse blindness caused by burns, AP reports on an online publication in the New England Journal of Medicine by a team including Graziella Pellegrini of the University of Modena ...

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Are "patent quality" studies real, or merely voodoo science? from

One could almost hear that famous line Now there you go again directed to Joff Wild at IAM as to the text about findings from a IAM/Thomson Reuters benchmarking survey that show issued US ...

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Employee and Officer Liability for Inducing Infringement from

By Jason Rantanen, Visiting Scholar at UC Hastings School of Law

Wordtech Systems, Inc. v. Integrated Networks Solutions, Inc. (Fed. Cir. 2010)

In most patent cases, companies are the ones sued as alleged infringers. But ...

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The Supreme Court, Asian carp, and the Great Lakes from

From a story titled Single Asian carp found 6 miles from Lake Michigan :

In Michigan, officials renewed their demand to shut down two shipping locks on the Chicago waterways that could provide a path to ...

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IP enforcement and intangibles from

On Tuesday, the White House released its new 2010 Joint Strategic Plan on Intellectual Property Enforcement (see also the White House blog and the write up in Intellectual Property Watch). The document seeks to lay ...

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NPE Patentee Denied Permanent Injunction from

Plaintiff's motion for a permanent injunction was denied. "Because [plaintiff] is not competing with [defendant], it is more difficult for [plaintiff] to argue that it will be irreparably harmed without an injunction. This fact ...

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Another reason for close-by manufacturing from

In a number of previous posting, I've argued that in the I-Cubed Economy manufacturing it tied closely to other production activities, such as product development and services. All of that argues for keeping manufacturing ...

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False Marking Fine Commensurate with Ability to Pay from

Magistrate Judge John S. Bryant in the Middle District of Tennessee has recommended fining a False Marking defendant an amount representing just 10% of total revenue earned on sales of the falsely marked product, due ...

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Texas By The Numbers from

Last Friday, Landmark Technology, LLC filed suit in the Eastern District of Texas against eight online retailers purveying everything from electronics to jewelry, claiming that such retailers are infringing three patents owned by Landmark relating ...

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Clarifying the Myths Surrounding GWU-CII IP Summit: A Response from Dean Lawrence from

As a follow up to the GWU-CII controversy, I present to you the excerpts from the blog of Dean Fredrick Lawrence, George Washington University Law School where he shared his views surrounding the controversy and ...

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Ground Zero: Monday's the Day For Bilski from

The Court has voted unanimously to drive patent lawyers crazy.

- Tom Goldstein, SCOTUS "Live" Blog reporting, June 24, 2010 10:21 AM
No Bilski opinion today.  The Chief Justice announced that the Court will have ...

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Still no Bilski decision from the US Supreme Court from

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Everyone with any interest in patents on business methods or software has been eagerly awaiting the decision of the US Supreme Court in the Bilski case.  The Court issued ...

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Multi-Defendant Patent Litigation: Controlling Costs and Pooling Resources from

Strafford Publications is hosting the above-titledwebinar on August 3, 2010:

This CLE webinar will provide counsel to companies involved in multi-defendant patent litigation with guidance on evaluating and using joint defense groups and ...

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Errol Morris talks patent searching from

A few days ago famed documentary filmmaker Errol Morris started a great series of articles on his blog over at the New York Times.   He’s calling his series “The Anosognosic’s Dilemma,” which hooked ...

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Revisiting the Utility Requirement from

Stuart Freen is a JD candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School. It is no secret that there have been plenty of absurd patents issued over the years. The gerbil shirt, anyone? Of the three main ...

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Hindustan Times & Mint brings forth 'Innovative India' from

A large section of the populace may be unaware of the degree to which India and Indians have contributed towards shaping the skyline of the innovation scenario. Ranging from the touch-screen of an IPod that ...

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David Ortiz and Jay-Z Settle Trademark Dispute Over the 40/40 Club from

by Mark Malek If you read this blog at all, you have figured out that I am a sports fan of sorts.  I think we all know that I have a slight interest in intellectual ...

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Will The EU Patent And The European and Community Patents Court (PC) Get A Final Chance? from

In November 2007, Dr. Jens Gaster, GD Internal Market, EU Commission, Brussels, had given a presentation which was then hosted by the Bavarian chapter of Deutsche Vereinigung für gewerblichen Rechtsschutz und Urheberrecht (GRUR) on the ...

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Change At Top Of European Music Industry Group from

The head of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) is stepping down after five years in office, and his successor has been named from within the organisation. John Kennedy, chairman and CEO, said ...

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Dodgers lose but does baseball need relays? from

Juan Rivera throws behind the runner Russell Martin on second following a single and gets the last out of a 2-1 game in the top of the ninth in a game won by the Angels ...

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Mexican Congress Amends IP Law from

By Juan Serrano -- On June 18, 2010, a decree was published in the Federal Official Gazette, reforming several provisions of the Mexican IP law related to patent practice. The main amendments are the following: a ...

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