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post image Fair Dealings by Television Networks: SCIL v. Hamar Television from

With all the hoopla surrounding the Copyright Act amendments, a recent decision of the Delhi High Court (Super Cassettes Industries Ltd. v. Hamar Television Network Pvt. Ltd) which throws some light on the extent of ...

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post image Mr. Bilski Goes to Washington: An Abridged Guide from

The legal, business, and scientific communities eagerly await the Supreme Court’s ruling in Bilski v. Kappos and many scholars, business leaders, and legal professionals try their best to anticipate how the Court will rule ...

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post image Copyrights: Another Example that Government is not doing its Job from

Cosmetic Ideas v. IAC is a recent case related to copyrights for necklaces.  This case raises the issue of whether a copyright owner has to have a registered copyright in order to file a lawsuit ...

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post image Designs and a matter of discretion: will Cassina go with the Flos? from

It's definitely the season for referring intellectual property questions to the Court of Justice of the European Union for preliminary rulings. Only yesterday the IPKat reported on Case C-207/10 Paranova Danmark A/S ...

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post image IP Business Congress 2010 from

The IP Market Player of the Week this week was an easy choice. The most influential gathering of IP professionals in the world takes place at the annual IP Business Congress presented by IAM, and ...

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post image Ranting: Patent Hysteria Over Amazon Patenting Facebook from

Mass hysteria seems to have been unleashed on the Internet and directed toward for patenting social networking.  Some of the Internet media have suggested that Amazon has patented Facebook, but it is apparent ...

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post image Sandwich carton patent: who takes the (w)rap? from

If you've ever had problems cutting a sandwich neatly, spare a thought for those dedicated souls who work so hard to find new and better ways of making those charming little cartons in which ...

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post image Foo Fighters Copyright Infringement In Australia from

The Foo Fighters recently sued an Australian advertising company for Copyright Infringement for using a re-recorded version of “Learn To Fly” in one of their TV commercials. The lawsuit was filed in Australian federal court ...

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post image Creating a Market for IP Rights: European Commission Takes Important Step from

The discussion of how best to create a liquid and transparent market for intellectual property rights never gets old, and every step taken to offer new and complete information to further that discussion is a ...

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post image Patent Prosecution Highway from

The USPTO is quickly moving forward with its Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) and applicants may want to consider whether it is time to jump aboard.

The PPH is based on a series of bi-lateral (and ...

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post image Stay Pending Reexamination Denied Because Defendant Did Not Raise Invalidity Defense from

When evaluating a request to stay litigation pending reexamination, district courts generally consider three factors: (1) whether a stay would unduly prejudice or present a clear tactical disadvantage to the non-moving party; (2) whether a ...

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PCT Member States Endorse Recommendations to Enhance International Patent System from

By Donald Zuhn -- On Friday, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) announced that the member states of WIPO's Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) had endorsed a series of recommendations for enhancing the international patent system ...

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IPBC (Day 1 Review) from

In short, not much really new though a hint that the mass is moving away from talking only about patents (still a strong sub-theme to everything but at least the minds are opening) to a ...

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New patent classifications for clean energy from

The European Patent Office on the 9 June added new classification areas to its ECLA scheme. ECLA is a more detailed variant of the commonly used International Patent Classification (IPC). The IPC...

(From Steve van ...

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New Impetus on EU Patent, Unified EU Patent Court and UPLS from

During the Intellectual Property Business Congress (IPBC) in Munich one of the more interesting presentations was from Margot  Fröhlinger, Director knowledge based economy of the EU Commission (DG Internal Market and Services) who handles the ...

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Patent reform 2010: selling an unsellable position? from

Snippets of the McCrystal/Rolling Stone interview are appearing [ US general McChrystal recalled amid Rolling Stone gaffe ] Of a meeting between McCrystal and Obama:

Another aide refers to a key Oval Office meeting with the ...

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RPX––Reducing Patent Risks or Reaping Patent Rewards? from

On Friday, PatLit posted a blog entry reporting on RPX, a start–up company claiming (as it describes itself on its website) to mitigate the “growing problem” of patent “assertions” (read: lawsuits and demand letters ...

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Intangible values from

Joff Wild over at IAM blog has a piece on OceanTomo's new report on intangible valuation. According to OceanTomo, "In 2009, the implied intangible asset value of the S&P; 500 reached 81%, an ...

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Cyberlockers: Hollywood's next boogeyman? from

A Reuters story notes: "Cyberlockers now represent the preferred method by which consumers are enjoying pirated content," Paramount Pictures chief operating officer Fred Huntsberry said June 21, 2010.

Of some humor--> "Sometimes these sites look ...

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Bill C-32: The Rights of Photographers and Performers from

Nathan Fan is a JD candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School. Everyone wants a piece of the copyright pie. Professional photographers and performers have felt, for some time, that they have been undercut in their ...

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Medical Patents – Are They Necessary Evils? from

It’s a subject that has been debated for a while now, and yet there seems to be no real solution in sight. Why is the cost of healthcare in the USA spiraling out of ...

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High Expectations This Week For Progress On Exceptions And Limitations At WIPO from

Limitations and exceptions are once again a major topic at the UN intellectual property organisation’s meeting on copyrights and related rights. Delegations this week are discussing several draft proposals to improve access, in particular ...

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Budget, tax and IP from

So, what did the budget do for IP? Well, left it mostly alone - for now at least. The swings and roundabouts of corporate tax changes and other such matters will affect IP-related businesses in the ...

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Do you know where your patent data comes from? from

In the most recent issue of the EPO’s Patent Information News, there’s an interesting interview with Peter Paris, who is retiring this year after a long and distinguished career in the patent information ...

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Winners of Gowlings Best Blog in IP Law and Technology Prize from

IP Osgoode would like to congratulate the winners of the Gowlings Best Blog in IP Law and Technology Prize for 2009-2010.  Four prizes in total are awarded each year to Osgoode students.  In each academic ...

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CIPO Clinic Today at the IP Business Congress 2010 from

Today, the last day of the IP Business Congress 2010 in Munich, the CIPO Clinic is being held. This appears to be an interactive event with question-and-answer sessions and an opportunity for Chief Intellectual Property ...

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Profile of an Article One Patent Researcher: Yossi Shain (yshain) from

Researcher Yossi Shain (yshain) lives in Israel and has been involved in the semiconductor industry for the past fifteen years. For the bulk of that time, he was involved in R&D; commercializing parallel processing ...

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Bilski vs Kappos from

What's taking the Supreme Court so long to hand down an opinion on the Bilski vs Kappos case? Bilski was argued on Nov. 9, 2009... 225 days ago. There has been much speculation that ...

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Rader, Michel Weigh in on the Patent System and Patent Reform from

Matthew Dowd, a litigation and appellate attorney in Wiley Rein's Intellectual Property and Food & Drug practices, recently interviewed Chief Judge Randall R. Rader and former Chief Judge Paul R. Michel of the U.S ...

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Pfizer Sues Mylan Over Sutent Patent Infringement from

The following is excerpted from a Reuter's June 16, 2010articleby Bill Berkrot:

Pfizer Inc (PFE.N) has sued Mylan Inc (MYL.O), accusing the generic drugmaker of infringing patents on its cancer ...

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Pitfalls in DIY Patent Drafting from

Some inventors attempt to draft their own patent application.  However, in my opinion, doing so is not advised.  The reason is that many different legal principles must be applied when drafting the patent application.  A ...

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Wyeth Holdings Corp. v. Sebelius (Fed. Cir. 2010) from

By Andrew Williams -- Last month, in addition to Photocure ASA v. Kappos and Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, Inc. v. Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the Federal Circuit completed the hat trick of patent term extension cases with Wyeth Holdings ...

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