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Why Adam Wheeler wanted in at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc. from

A post by Eve Tahmincioglu titled Ivy League degree no surefire path to success includes the text

What’s the allure? Statistics show you’ll make more money. “The typical Ivy League bachelor’s graduate ...

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Waiting for Godot? from

On June 17, IPWatchDog talked about the wait for a Supreme Court decision in Bilski.

Which is going to happen first:

--> Supreme Court Bilski decision
--> Passage of S.515, or any patent reform package in ...

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"Business is a tough sport. Business Change is even tougher." from

An article on NPE's at answerguy ends with:

Business is a tough sport. Business Change is even tougher. This is how the game is played.

One could also say, invention is hard, and innovation ...

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Parrots running amok in Idaho? from

A piece by KTVB titled Failed congressional candidate dogged by new allegation of plagiarism provides an unintentionally humorous look at plagiarism in politics, and yes it does contain the line Ward parrots what Democrat John ...

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IP issues at San Francisco CIRM meeting? from

Two items caught the eye of IPBiz in the californiastemcell post:
Incident at the Marriott: Stem Cell Agency Bars Public From Meeting . [IPBiz: is this a 21st century Ox-Box incident?]

Prop. 71, approved by 59 ...

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Revisiting the Constitutionality of the Copyright Board in light of the SC judgement in the NCLT case from

Some months ago Shamnad had a run a post on the legality of the appointment of Dr. Raghbir Singh as the Chairperson of the Copyright Board and also the constitutionality of the Copyright Board as ...

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