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post image Nanofutures – the future of Nanotechnology IP? from

It’s been a couple of interesting days in Oviedo, Spain, at the first Nanofutures conference launching the European Technology Integration and Innovation Platform (ETIP) in Nanotechnology. The ETIP is designed to be Europe’s ...

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post image Rambus shares nosedive on court news from

It's been rather interesting to follow Rambus stock market fortunes over the past few months (a chart is available over at Yahoo Finance here). Much of the movement over the past few weeks has ...

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post image Overheated dairy warriors back in court from

Last year the IPKat reported on a fiercely-contested preliminary skirmish in the battle of the dairies in JN Dairies Ltd v Johal Dairies Ltd, Gurbir Singh, where a scheduled four-day hearing took twice as long ...

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post image The Innovation Olympics from

It's time for another set of company rankings. This time the purveyor is Bloomberg Business Week (April 29th issue) and the ranking is "The 50 Most Innovative Companies." At a macro level, innovation can ...

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post image Time up for qui tam trolls? from

Recent 'false marking' cases in the United States have drawn attention to what seems to be a productive little cottage industry in the field of patent litigation, where anyone -- regardless of their commercial interest -- can ...

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post image Wednesday whimsies from

If you want to know why there have been so many empty seats in this year's World Cup matches, perhaps the answer lies here. According to the BBC, world football supremos Fifa are considering ...

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post image Paparazzi Photo Kills Ford Design in Patent Reexamination from

In a strange twist of fate, a Ford design patent was recently invalidiated in patent reexamination based upon a spy photo. In an appeal before the BPAI,  (ex parte Ford Global Technologies, 90/007,640 ...

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post image Unreleased from

Database monolith Oracle tried to put a DJ hurt on 5,894,554 as invalid and/or unenforceable. Patent owner epicRealm counterclaimed infringement, then passed the torch to Parallel Networks to carry on. '554 goes ...

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post image Replication Error from

Wordtech sued a school district in California, and Integrated Networks Solutions (INSC), along with four INSC employees, for infringing CD copier patents 6,141,298; 6,532,198; and 6,822,932. The school district ...

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post image June 16, 2010: 30th Anniversary of Diamond v. Chakrabarty from

Ananda M. Chakrabarty

On June 16, 1980, 30 years ago today, the United States Supreme Court issued its landmark patentable subject matter decision in the case of Diamond v. Chakrabarty, which held that living matter ...

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post image Emotion and Anecdotes Should Not Drive Patent Policy Debate from

President Theodore Roosevelt, the Trust Buster

Emotion and anecdotes unfortunately drive the debate on IP policy, particularly patent policy, because most people are suspicious and predisposed against monopolies. That is certainly understandable, at least in ...

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post image USPTO Seeks Change Patent Examiner Performance Standards from

Changes will mark the first updates to standards in nearly 25 years

WASHINGTON – Management at the United States Patent and Trademark Office has been working with representatives of the patent examiners union, the Patent Office ...

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post image First the ethics, now the misconduct ... from

First it's patent litigation ethics, now it's plain misconduct -- is this the hand of coincidence at work or is there someone at Oxford University Press who is out to stir the consciences of ...

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Photocure ASA v. Kappos (Fed. Cir. 2010) from

By Andrew Williams -- Last month, in Photocure ASA v. Kappos, the Federal Circuit affirmed the decision by the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia that methyl aminolevulinate hydrochloride ("MAL hydrochloride"), brand ...

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Apple's Touch sensor and solar assembly patent application from

Apple keeps on coming out with interesting patent applications. I am indebted to the free newspaper Metro on the 14 June for an item titled "Apple eyes the power of the sun" (a title which ...

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Intangible Capital in print from

A month ago, in "Reputations and Bottom Lines", I mentioned the publication of Mary Adams' and Michael Oleksak's new book Intangible Capital: Putting Knowledge to Work in the 21st-Century Organization. A copy of this ...

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SGI v. AMD: Chief Judge Rader on Claim Construction from

Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI) v. ATI Technologies, Inc. and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) (Fed. Cir. 2010)

In his first opinion as Chief, Judge Rader provided the parties with a lesson in claim construction. This decision ...

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Taking genuine steps to resolve before going to court from

The Commonwealth Attorney-General introduced the Civil Dispute Resolution Bill 2010 into Parliament today which, if enacted, will require:

  1. applicants in civil proceedings in the Federal Court and the Federal Magistrates Court to file a genuine ...

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On student plagiarism in the UK from

From the Independent:

In one case, an international student who had been at a Chinese university for two years submitted a final year project which, after being run through a computer program, showed matches to ...

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Difficulty Calculating Damages and Harm to Brand Goodwill Create Irreparable Harm Warranting Preliminary Injunction from

In granting plaintiffs' emergency application for a preliminary injunction, the court found irreparable harm. "Though many of the damages alleged will 'boil down to money,' the calculation of these damages will be very difficult. Also ...

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More on the humanities and the I-Cubed Economy from

Last week, I posted a piece on Why humanities matter in the I-Cubed Economy. My point was that we need much more than scientific and technical knowledge (the point that Daniel Bell missed in The ...

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Abundance of Qui Tam Suits to End Without Legislation? from

According to an article on IPWatchdog, Solo Cup "successfully rebutted the presumption of deceptive intent" in Pequignot v. Solo Cup Co. by seeking advice of counsel and taking the "good faith step of replacing worn ...

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Is It Worth Patenting? from

Gene Quinn's discussion of hitch-mounted toilets at leads to a valuable point: just because something is patentable does not mean it should be patented.

Inventors often fail to recognize that companies and ...

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PatSnap Thumbnail Magnification from

Today I’d like to shine the patent search spotlight on a neat touch in PatSnap that may otherwise go unnoticed: thumbnail magnification.

In a recent refresh, the patent search system PatSnap was updated with ...

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USPTO Close to Agreement With POPA to Overhaul Performance Review for Examiners from

USPTO management has worked with representatives of the patent examiners union (POPA) to establish a proposal to "better align the performance standards for patent examiners with the USPTO’s goals for increasing quality in patent ...

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The lady vanishes: the case of the disappearing debutante from

He couldn't be there himself, but the IPKat is indebted to Anton van Dellen for this information about the disappearing debutante, IP Minister Baroness Wilcox. He writes:
"As part of the British Black Music ...

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Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing for Judge Moore from

I got curious and was able to locate another source of recorded Senate Judiciary Committee hearings. Here is the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for Judge Moore of the Federal Circuit from back in 2006 (you ...

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Myriad Appeals AMP v. USPTO Decision from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- Myriad Genetics, for itself as well as the named defendant Directors of the University of Utah Research Foundation, filed a Notice of Appeal today in Association for Molecular Pathology v. U ...

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They Invented What? (No. 172) from

U.S. Pat. No. 5,966,743:  Substance dispensing headgear.

What is claimed is:

1. A transportable dispensing receptacle for a substance comprising 

          a container enclosing a chamber to carry the substance, the container including ...

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Bilski Decision Tomorrow (Thursday, June 17th)? Maybe? from

In mid-May until the end of June, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) releases orders and opinions.  SCOTUS has yet to issue a number of decisions this term, however, and it is rapidly ...

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