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post image Wednesday whimsies from

The IPKat's poll on background music at IP social events closes tonight at one minute to midnight, British Summer Time. Please, PLEASE vote if you wish to make your voice heard (literally!). For those ...

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post image Spun from

Haemonetics sued Fenwal for infringing centrifuge patent 6,705,983. Litigation whirled away all but claim 16 as asserted. District court claim construction defined a "centrifugal unit" as a vessel, even, though the claim preamble ...

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post image Can Inequitable Conduct be Cured Via Patent Reexamination? from

Last Friday two decisions of the Federal Circuit touched upon patent reexamination practices.  In this post we will examine the first decision, Leviton Manufacturing Company, Inc. v. Universal Security Instruments, Inc./Shanghai Meihao Electric Inc ...

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post image CAFC Judges Should Be Require to Examine Patent Applications from

On Friday, May 28, 2010, USPTO Director David Kappos gave five suggestions for practitioners on the Director’s Forum (i.e., the Kappos blog). The first two suggestions caught my attention because they are things ...

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post image An IP Tax Haven Amidst Cool Beaches from

A couple of weeks ago IP Finance team blogger Jeremy posted this request from a reader seeking information on which countries are good tax havens for intellectual property portfolios. Reader comments and responses pinpointed Luxembourg ...

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post image Please Don't Squeeze the "Cushelle"? from

I have returned from my annual total immersion in the world of trademarks, also known as the International Trademark Association Annual Meeting. Flush with a plethora of memories, new professional insights, and even a new ...

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post image USPTO Making Bulk Data Available To The Public Via Google -- Hello, EPO, Are You Listening? from

I just stumbled on an article on by Ms Juliana Gruenwald titled PTO Teams With Google On Trademark, Patent Database:

"The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Wednesday announced it has reached ...

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post image Patently-O Bits and Bytes from

  • Bilski Watch: Dissenting & Concurring Opinions: In discussing the timing of Bilski v. Kappos, several commentators suggested that the delay might indicate (1) that the court will issue multiple opinions (concurrences or dissents); or (2) that ...

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post image Put those vuvuzelas away, here comes FIFA from

The IPKat has been reading with concern of the latest developments in South Africa, drawn to his attention by Dan Guildford. In "Scramble for sponsorship in 2010", popular football magazine When Saturday Comes (a.k ...

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post image Measuring the Plague of Inequitable Conduct from

In Therasense, the en banc Federal Circuit is poised to consider fundamental questions of the law of inequitable conduct.  Some members of the court have called the doctrine’s current state a “scourge” and a ...

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post image Kappos: US Economic Security Depends on National IP Strategy from

Kappos delivers speech at Center for American Progress, 6/2/2010

Earlier today the Center for American Progress hosted a speech given by David Kappos, Undersecretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and the Director of ...

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Patent backlogs and mutual recognition study from

Rather behind the times, I know, I've just noticed a 10 March press release by the UK Intellectual Property Office titled UK and US announce action plan to reduce global patent backlogs. The idea ...

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APJ Abdul Kalam Speaks from

One of the finest scientists India ever produced – APJ Abdul Kalam urges Indian scientists to become pioneers in innovation and technology in his recent speech at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. He categorically stressed ...

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Chinese patent searching on a budget from

Following news that Dialog is now offering SciPat’s full text database of English machine translations for Chinese patent documents, I’ve been taking a look at some free sources of Chinese patent information on ...

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In-house ACCess Blog Launches from

In-house ACCess, "Connecting you to the news & views impacting the in-house counsel community throughout the world" with six authors is planning to ramp up its blog beginning this month. The Association of Coporate Counsel (ACC ...

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More really interesting IP news- F1 team Force India sues Lotus from

Here is an interesting news item from Twitter today.$21378971.htm

Intriguing. Isn’t it. In a market where IP comes and goes fast, season by ...

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OECD Innovation Strategy from

Last week, the OECD held its 2010 Ministerial meeting and policy forum. The focus of the meetings was on economic recovery and sustained growth. One of the highlights was the release of OECD's Innovation ...

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Love it or Leave it: BP logo from

With its oil catastrophe now more than a month old, BP will clearly face major issues in the future as it presumably attempts to restore its image, brand and consumer trust.  Of course, the primary ...

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US To Monitor Federal Science Investment Impact from

The United States government has launched a new initiative it claims will monitor the impact of US federal science investments on employment, knowledge generation and health outcomes. The initiative is led by the National Institutes ...

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Claim Construction from

Haemonetics, Corp. v. Baxter Healthcare Corp.
  • “Patent claims function to de-lineate the precise scope of a claimed invention and to give notice to the public, including potential competitors, of the patentee’s right to exclude ...

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EPO Sees Double (Patenting) from

If an authority grants two patents for the same invention to the same applicant, that is double patenting. In most European states the law requires that one of the patents must cease. Since it started ...

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WIPO To Open Its Doors To Public For First Time Ever from

The World Intellectual Property Organization is opening its doors to the public on Saturday for a glimpse at the organisation’s activities, during its first-ever “open day.” Related Articles:

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Rising Allowance Rate at the PTO from

The allowance rate is significantly on the rise.  PatentlyO recently discussed this trend and cited an increase from under 50% to around 65% over the past few months.

While it is unclear what the actual ...

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Double-Barrelled Databases: WIPO GOLD And USPTO-Google from

Today two separate search engines for intellectual property rights were announced in Geneva and Washington, DC, both of which have the potential to significantly ease searches for patents, trademarks and other IP. The World Intellectual ...

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United States is not an Indispensible Party to False Marking Action from

The court sua sponte struck defendant's affirmative defense to plaintiff's false marking claim. "[Defendant] states that the United States is an indispensable party to this action. But that is at odds with 35 ...

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New NPE on the Block: From Corporate Defender to Business-Savvy Aggressor from

In a report yesterday, Bloomberg shed light on what PatentFreedom is calling the 2nd largest NPE in the country. Second, of course, to Intellectual Ventures. John Desmarais, a former big-firm lawyer and defender of large ...

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USPTO + Google = Bulk patent/trademark data from

Via this press release, the USPTO and Google have teamed up to distribute bulk USPTO data via a Google page:

The good news:  easier access to USPTO data ...

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Wednesday Shorts: New Tools and References from

WIPO Gold - yesterday, WIPO launched "WIPO Gold", a free, on-line global IP reference resource that provides simplified access to a broad collection of searchable IP data and tools relating to, for example, technology, brands, designs ...

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Obvious to try number options from

Takeaway: In deciding obviousness, it matters a lot how you frame the number of possible options. Choosing between two options is probably obvious. Choosing between an infinite number is almost certainly not. In the recent ...

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It’s a copyright summer sizzler again! from

Professor Giuseppina D’Agostino is the Founder and Director of IP Osgoode.  At long last, the Canadian Federal Government today introduced the Copyright Modernization Act (or Bill C-32), the much-awaited copyright reform bill. The bill ...

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