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post image Letter from AmeriKat II - American Needle v NFL (Part 2 of 2) from

The Court continued to state that the teams not only competed against each other on the playing field and for the attraction of fans, but they competed in the market for intellectual property:
"To ...

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post image Letter from AmeriKat I - American Needle v NFL (Part 1 of 2) from

This week the AmeriKat has yet again been battling further biblical drama at home. A few weeks ago she was swimming through her flat after a neighbor's pipe burst (flood). This week she is ...

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post image Scattered from

Leviton, rather fond of patent litigation, got into a patent battle with Shanghai Meihao, asserting a patent that was a real stinker. Not content to find intent, CAFC majority missed the boat on an easy ...

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post image Welcoming the India Law Journal from

Just came across a wonderful initiative by two enterprising students, Vikrant and Naina Pachnanda of GNLU and NUJS respectively.

They have put together an online law journal called the "India Law Journal" that boasts a ...

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post image Laawaris and Poetic Justice from

Sumathi blogged extensively and eruditely on the Laawaris controversy. The appellate judgment (albeit an interim one) by Justice Shah and Justice Sengupta of the Kolkata High Court is out now and Shayonee will bring you ...

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US Advisory Group Looks At FCC Net Neutrality Principles As Decision Looms from

A technical advisory group is working to drill down on key issues surrounding the US Federal Communications Commission’s proposed internet neutrality principles, but the agency is prepared to make a final decision in the ...

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Fishwrap and Bobo kill Ablaise '737 patent claims from

One of the more interesting aspects of Dow Jones v. Ablaise
resides in the nature of the prior art documents used in the case,
going under such names as Fishwrap and Bobo. Ablaise
countered with ...

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Blake/Lilly rubber match and unintentional plagiarism from

In a baseball-related post Over the line! Dodgers' Casey Blake says Ted Lilly was 'cheating', David Brown criticizes Casey Blake for labeling pitcher Ted Lilly a cheater for the manner of his delivery [ Of starting ...

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Still waiting - 10 expectations for Bilski and patent eligibility from

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Sorry for my long absence from this blog. This past month was the busiest that Modern Times Legal has seen since opening shop almost three years ago; and the ...

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Non-Covnentional Trademarks in India by Dev Gangjee from

Those of you looking for that extra spicy bite in law of trademarks,here is a treat.
Dev Gangjee of London School of Economics has recently penned his thoughts on Non-Conventional Trade Marks in India ...

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