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post image Delhi High Court refuses to give the interim nod to Noddy. from

The Delhi High Court was recently called upon to decide what seems like a fairly straightforward case of trademark infringement and passing off, for an extremely well known mark "NODDY"- the same having been made ...

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Roche's Valcyte Patent: Flawed Obviousness Analysis? from

An anonymous commentator wrote in to suggest that the Indian patent office was wrong in its "obviousness" analysis of Roche's claim covering Valgancyclovir. I had blogged on this case earlier, suggesting that the Indian ...

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Pacman Celebrates its 30th Anniversary – Google Style from

If you have gone to Google today, you have probably noticed that Google’s newest Doodle is a Pacman board. Doodles are known as the decorative changes that are made to the Google logo to ...

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Bpai reference teach silent silence from

Takeaway: Case law from the BPAI suggests that when a POSITA could draw two different inferences from the implicit teachings of a reference, this is not enough for anticipation. However, case law also suggests that ...

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