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post image Proposals for CFCs: how will they affect IP? from

The IP Finance blog thanks Andrew Clay (Head of IP, Hammonds LLP) for drawing his attention to Proposals for controlled foreign companies (CFC) reform: discussion document, a document published by Her Majesty's Treasury and ...

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post image Ricoh undercuts NPE profit potential from

If other U.S. courts follow the lead of Wisconsin District Court Judge Barbara Crabb, NPEs (non-practicing entities, or "patent trolls") may soon see an end to their massive settlement winnings. Last month, office equipment ...

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post image USPTO Expands Application Exchange to Reduce Backlog from

The United States Patent and Trademark Office today announced the expansion to all applicants a “Project Exchange” program. Under the expanded Project Exchange, which will take effect with the publication of the Federal Register notice ...

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post image Roche-Natco update: "Public interest" again? from

The arguments in Roche vs Natco, which we have told you previously about here, continue in the Delhi High Court before Justice VK Shali. Today, the SpicyIP team brings you a brief overview of Roche ...

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post image Another Day Without Bilski Decision, What Does it Mean? from

Today the United States Supreme Court issued four decisions, and none of them were Bilski v. Kappos.  The four decisions issued by the Court were:

  1. Sullivan v. Florida
  2. United States v. Comstock
  3. Graham v. Florida ...

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post image Learning From the Mistakes of Star Scientific from

The Importance of Interview Summaries in ex parte Patent Reexamination

Last Friday, Star Scientific (hereinafter “Star”) released an update on their ongoing ex parte patent reexaminations of U.S. Patents 6,425,401 & 6,202 ...

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post image Fear and Trembling: The MBA Slide on "Why Do People Patent?" from

Few slides in my MBA course arouse as much interest as the slide--"Why do people invent and seek patent protection for their inventions?"--accompanied by a purposed list of reasons. More than once, but ...

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post image Chien: Recent History Suggests that Supreme Court will Rule Bilski's Claim Unpatentable from

Professor Colleen Chien (Santa Clara) has written an interesting new article on the importance of amicus briefs in patent cases. Her article is titled Patent Amicus Briefs: What the Courts' Friends Can Teach Us About ...

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post image Monday miscellany from

The IPKat has heard from his friend Kay Chapman, from the Central Advisory Service on Intellectual Property (home page here, blog here). This service assists the agricultural research centres of the Consultative Group on International ...

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Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, Inc. v. Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Fed. Cir. 2010) from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- In Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, Inc. v. Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the Federal Circuit has rendered a decision on the question of whether separate enantiomers can have "first commercial marketing or use" status for ...

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Nouveau projet de l’Equateur : le logiciel libre pour lutter contre le piratage from

Le logiciel libre est actuellement utilisé comme une alternative légale au piratage de logiciels, dans le cadre d’un projet conjoint lancé par un groupe régional à but non lucratif et par l'office de ...

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Recorded music royalties at the gym from

The Copyright Tribunal has ordered a very significant increase in the licence fees payable by fitness clubs for the use of recorded music.

At this stage, there seems to be press reports only:

The old ...

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"Providing Free Credits to Induce Gambling" Does Not Constitute Direction or Control Over Player for Purposes of Joint Direct Infringement from

The court granted defendants' motion for summary judgment of noninfringement as to one of plaintiff's electronic gaming patents. "Because the parties agree that at least some of the remaining steps in the method claim ...

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All Things Pros from

Takeaway: Is there ever a good reason to use claim terms inconsistently in the spec? For example, to say "power" when you mean "voltage"? I'm not sure the drafter/prosecutor of the patent in ...

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Spicy IP Tidbit: FICCI-IP Facilitation Centre opens in Delhi from

Recently Delhi has seen the launching of the FICCI-IP facilitation centre under the scheme “Building Awareness on Intellectual Property Rights” for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) of the National Manufacturing Competitiveness Program (NMCP) of ...

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Design your own -- the shirt on your back from

One of the changes happening in manufacturing is the shift to what used to be called mass customization. Sunday's New York Times had an article Putting Customers in Charge of Designing Shirts describing one ...

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Open innovation and economic development from

Here is an interesting new article published in Economic Development Quarterly (subscription required) - Catching Up: The Role of State Science and Technology Policy in Open Innovation:This article examines the impact of the emerging model ...

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"The Five Law Professors" and Tivo v. EchoStar from

On 14 May 2010, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit [CAFC] issued an order in Tivo v. Echostar, which included the following text:

(1) The petition of Defendants-Appellants EchoStar ...

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Contempt Proceedings or New Infringement Trial? from

You’ve just been through a multi-year patent infringement lawsuit that cost you several million dollars in attorneys’ and experts’ fees, you’ve defended your patent on appeal to the Federal Circuit, and now you ...

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New Jersey employers who monitor employees’ computer usage should consider recent court decision from

The New Jersey Supreme Court recently issued a decision that caught the interest of companies across the country who are considering whether similar rulings may spread to other jurisdictions. In Stengart v. Loving Care Agency ...

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TPAC Quarterly Meeting Summary from

Earlier this month on May 7th, I attended the quarterly meeting of TPAC (Trademark Public Advisory Committee) hosted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. TPAC’s mission is to “advise the Under Secretary ...

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Another issue headed for en banc review by the Federal Circuit: How to assess redesigned products from

In an order Friday, the Federal Circuit granted en banc review of its second case in the past three weeks and its third over the past three months.  This time it's a case involving ...

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Digital Locks and the Fate of Fair Dealing in Canada: In Pursuit of ‘Prescriptive Parallelism’ from

Professor Carys Craig (Osgoode Hall Law School) has a new paper available on SSRN. Her article is described below. The enactment of anti-circumvention laws in Canada appears imminent and all but inevitable. This article considers ...

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EPO’s Enlarged Board of Appeal on Patentability Computer Programs from

On May 12, the Enlarged Board of Appeal of the EPO handed down its opinion on referral G 3/08, taking the opportunity to set out and confirm the approach of the EPO regarding the ...

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Expert Calls Business in China Risky from

The following is excerpted from a May 4, 2010articleby Laurie Whalen, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, published by AllBusiness:

The protection of U.S. intellectual property rights in China remains a challenge even though improvements in ...

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Comprehensive Patent Reform Stalled; USPTO Fee -Setting Provisions to be Passed Tomorrow from

Patent reform has stalled yet again in Congress; House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers Jr. recently remarked “we’re intransigent now. We seem to be stuck.”  Accordingly, The House is scheduled to vote on a bill ...

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厄瓜多尔的新举措:用自由软件打击盗版 from

一家地区性非盈利团体与厄瓜多尔知识产权局共同发起一个项目,用自由软件作为打击软件盗版的法律替代方案。该项目使用公共图书馆来传播自由软件。 Related Articles:

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Nueva iniciativa ecuatoriana: combatir la piratería con programas informáticos libres from

Los programas informáticos libres se están utilizando como una alternativa legal para combatir la piratería de programas informáticos en un proyecto conjunto impulsado por una organización sin fines de lucro regional, en coordinación con el ...

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I4i v. Microsoft: Affirming a $200 Million Infringement Award from

By Yuri Mikulka and Laura D. Castner || The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit affirmed a $200 million-plus patent infringement damages award, as well as an accompanying injunction, against Microsoft. In i4i ...

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Bits and Bytes: Cybaris from

William Mitchell’s new IP Journal “Cybaris” recently published its first issue. Each article is accopmanied by a videotaped interview and discussion with the author(s). Readers may also leave comments on the site.  The ...

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Details of AIPLA Electronics and Computer Law Road Show from

The AIPLA has posted its list of speakers for the Electronics and Computer Law Road Show in Denver, CO on June 24th.  Judge Linn will be speaking along with some of my favorite speakers in ...

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Chan Urges Innovation; Defends WHO Flu Response As New Group Approved from

World Health Organization Director General Margaret Chan opened the annual World Health Assembly today with a welcome of the transparency in the “most closely watched pandemic in history,” and how the drive to meet the ...

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Don’t Mess With GS: GreenShift’s Ethanol Patent Enforcement Roadshow from


In previous posts (here and here) I discussed GreenShift Corporation’s (GreenShift) patent suits against New Jersey-based separator and decanter maker  GEA Westfalia Separator, Inc. (Westfalia) and ethanol maker Cardinal Ethanol (”Cardinal”).

In both suits ...

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Discussion on Student Legal Cells at NLSIU from

The Legal Services Clinic (LSC) of the National Law School of India University is releasing a module on criminal law, aimed at persons who do not have a legal background but who know English. This ...

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Search Results : found from

For all of you who are looking for a free,fast and comprehensive legal research tool to supplement your analysis,here is a good news.  is an innovative initiative of Arjun Sheoran an ...

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